Brickbat: It Never Ends


Lional Campell wants to know why Wayne County, Michigan, courts are forcing him to pay child support to his wife for a son that died 25 years ago. Campbell said he didn't question the payments sooner because he assumed they were for the boy's older brother. When he finally got around to checking, he was told they were for his younger son, who died at age 3. Court officials told he he was still paying because of surcharges for missed payments. But he has asked several times for audits to show exactly how much he still owes, and each audit has produced a different amount.

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  1. Yes this is outrageous, but he also made it pretty easy to rip him off by not checking what he owed for a quarter of a century.

    1. Yeah, at this point everyone should know that the family court is going to screw you pretty hard so just assuming anything family court related is insane.

      1. If he didn’t want it, he shouldn’t have been dressed like that.

    2. Yeah, not a real sympathetic character.

      1. But this is exactly the type of person who gets screwed hardest under our current system.

  2. Melissa Harris-Perry should be footing part of this bill.

    1. I can’t stand that woman or her show. I can’t leave it on for more than 2 minutes without having to puke.

      Inb4 RACIST!!!!

      1. No, her puke-iness crosses all races, creeds, and colors.

  3. Doesn’t really surprise me this is the same court that tried to make my dad continue paying for a kid that wasn’t his simply because he had already been paying for so long.

    This was after a DNA test proved that the kid wasn’t his.

    1. I’m sorry you learned the man you thought all along was your father turned out not to be. :-p

    2. That is one of the more bizarre aspects of the law. Basically, if you didn’t contest the paternity of the child at birth, the court can (and is supposed to) deem you to be financially responsible. Even if discovering the cuckoldry results in termination of your parental rights, you are still on the hook financially.

      I first heard about this when a guy at work found out his wife was cheating. He ordered a paternity test and found out his 3 year old wasn’t his son. He not only had to pay her child support, he had no visitation rights and he had to pay alimony – even though she moved in with the baby-daddy. Wow, did he get the shaft. The phrase “best interests of the child” have a whole new meaning after hearing his story. I couldn’t help ask, “If it is ‘the best interest of the child’ that controls the court’s findings, then why don’t they just garnish the judge’s salary to pay for the kid. That would be in the child’s best interest – judges make pretty good pay, after all.

  4. Lional Campell wants to know why Wayne County, Michigan, courts are forcing him to pay child support to his wife for a son that died 25 years ago.

    Why do you hate children? 🙂

    1. they make pisspoor bartenders, for a start

      1. You need to train them better.

      2. My dad never complained about the drinks I made.

  5. Fuck Michigan child support!

  6. A has no right to take B’s money in order to finance a child support collection racket.

    Put another way, whether little Johnny’s daddy pays child support is not a matter for the state.

    1. I’d rather Johnny’s daddy pay for him than me.

    2. The courts disagree. And their main goal is to keep the state from having to support the child because the mother won’t/can’t. Justice is irrelevant.

      I had my own “funny” incident with California. They had my Federal tax refund withheld because they claimed that I was in arrears for child support. They also reported this to the Big 3 credit agencies. This was… surprising because I paid on time (or early) every month.

      I sent them copies of canceled checks with my ex’s signature and signed and dated delivery receipts for every payment. After getting a lot of runaround and people hanging up on my because of persistence (I never cursed or raised my voice, I was just insistent that they fix the problem and was not going to get off the phone until someone gave me an answer or an assurance), I was informed that UNDER LAW my evidence was irrelevant, the ONLY thing that counted was my psycho ex-wife verifying that the payments had been made.

      Not that I’m bitter or anything…

      1. If only we had some sort of right to due process. Like you had to be proven guilty, not just assumed to be.

  7. he has asked several times for audits to show exactly how much he still owes, and each audit has produced a different amount.

    Not surprising. Those surcharges, interest, and penalties just keep piling up.

    1. I’m sure it takes 25 years to pay off (at most) 3 years of missed payments. It’s compound interest!

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