Flurry of Anti-Abortion Restrictions Denounced by ACLU

"One of the most the most regressive years yet."


NEW YORK – The American Civil Liberties Union labeled 2013 as one of the most the most regressive years yet when it comes to taking away access to safe, legal abortion services. Some bills would actually ban abortions; others, although thinly-veiled as administrative or technical restrictions, would actually shut down women's health centers. Many bills are virtually identical, showing a nationally-coordinated effort to intrude in the most private and personal of health decisions.

"The restrictions we've seen this year are part of a cumulative set of restrictions. They are layered on top of those from last year and the year before that," said Louise Melling, ACLU deputy legal director. "These restrictions add up to a national picture of fewer clinics, more obstacles for health care and women being told that we are too stupid to make decisions for ourselves. It's high time for extremist politicians to withdraw their troops from the war on women because we are paying attention and we will continue to resist their efforts."

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  1. Until such time as they are willing to police abortion clinics and make damn sure no more abbattoirs like the one Kermit Gosnell ran slip through the cracks, Pro-Choice groups would do well to excise the words ” safe, legal abortion services” from their vocabularies. I favor legal abortion, and I am outraged that MY SIDE tolerated the existence of a Gosnell’s house of horrors.

    People; if the Pro-Lifers and the undecided cannot trust us to obey the laws that exist to restrict abortion, and to keep ghouls like Gosnell from preying on poor women, they will outlaw it entirely. We were supposed to be doing away with abortions in pestilential and unsafe conditions. That was an awful lot of the argument for legalization. If we can’t keep legal clinics at least as clean and safe as a freeway gas stop washroom, we are going to lose.

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