Couple Wants to Spend First 90 Days of Marriage Using Only Bitcoin, Film Documentary About Experience

Is it possible?


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Life on Bitcoin

A soon-to-be-married couple in Utah launched a Kickstarter to fund a documentary about spending the first ninety days of their marriage on Bitcoin. An update on the Kickstarter page explains "This is NOT some stunt to provide for our living. All of the Kickstarter funds are going to be used to produce a beautiful feature length film that will be entered into film festivals and possibly even in theaters."

The couple's set three objectives, to live on Bitcoin at home, to get paid in Bitcoin, and to take a road trip to get  "away from supportive friends and family" and see whether Bitcoin will keep them "from starving or being stranded," and two additional goals, travelling to another country and crossing an ocean. In a write up of the project, Memeburner notes the similarity with projects at the turn of the century to live only on products bought online. Today, that's a pretty easy task. Will Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency, see the same progress?

The Kickstarter launched Monday and the couple is about 21 percent of the way toward their goal with 4 weeks left.

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