Ohio Animal Control Officer Shoots Litter of Kittens in Front of Family

Maybe they made aggressive movements?


NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio—A humane officer shot a family of five kittens outside a North Ridgeville house on Monday and the homeowner says her young children saw the whole thing happen.

North Ridgeville humane officer Barry Accorti was dispatched to a house on Vista Lake Way after a resident complained about a family of cats living in her wood pile, police said.

The homeowner said the feral cats were causing a flea problem in her house and that she wanted them removed for the health of her family.

The homeowner and mother of four said Accorti told her the shelters were full and the cats would go to "kitty heaven." That's when he shot the five, 8 to 10-week-old kittens, with the woman standing nearby and her children watching from inside the house.

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  1. What? Are hat tips only for H&R posts?

  2. Ran out of puppies, did they?

  3. What a guy. Check out this gem from the local paper when he was still a lieutenant on the police force:

    “Later, Lieutenant Barry Accorti, a man who admitted to us he’d maybe pushed the envelope a little too far with a subject’s rights at one point in his career, outlined citizens’ rights so thoroughly that his presentation was akin to an American Civil Liberties documentary.

    “Do you mind if I search your trunk?” Accorti asked. “That’s when people waive their right to privacy,” he explained. “

  4. Interesting alternative to “Trap, Neuter, Release”…

    1. I think he got “Tap, Rack, Bang” confused with that…

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