California School Holds Toy Gun Buy Back

Hoplophobia in full effect


A different-kind of gun buyback was held in Hayward on Saturday as some school children were given the chance to trade in their toy guns for a prize.

The buyback, held at Strobridge Elementary School, offered books to kids who turned in their fake weapons. Principal Charles Hill held the buyback as a lesson for children who may see guns as part of everyday life.

"As they get older, it becomes just a natural thing," Hill told KPIX 5. "If they have a real gun in their hand, they'll pull the trigger just as quick. I mean, they don't fear it."

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  1. Maybe the kids will get enough dough to buy a real one!

  2. From the article:

    There are dozens of reports of people being killed because of a fake gun, such as a 2011 incident in Oakland where police shot a man wielding a replica rifle. The man died at the scene.

    The only example in the article of a person being harmed by a toy gun is when a person was shot and killed by the police. Seems to me the problem isn’t with toy guns, but instead it’s cops with bad judgement and a general hostility toward the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

  3. If the buyback leads to even one child being prevented from having fun, then the principal will doubtless decide it was worth it.

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