Shikha Dalmia In The Daily Beast On India's Feminist Disconnect


The Indian government yesterday arrested three suspects in connection with the rape of an American hitchhiker. Feminists believe the answer to India's rape epidemic is tearing down patriarchy. "Eliminate the advantages and privileges that such violence gives to males," one feminist suggested. Others recommend: sensitivity training for men, affirmative action programs and even a special Bill of Rights for women. But the Indian government has been following the feminist script for decades. University of Chicago feminist Martha Nussbaum, even holds India's constitution as an example for America.

India doesn't need more feminism, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia, it needs more law and order:

The very lack of public safety that allows rape also strengthens patriarchy. For starters, it limits women's employment options. It is too dangerous for them to take jobs that require evening shifts or long commutes. Some companies offer women who work late rides home, but this makes women more expensive to hire. Single rural women rarely move to cities, where the bulk of job growth is occurring, as men can. All of this undermines women's ability to maximize their earning potential and gain financial independence.

Above all, it forces women to rely on their patriarchal families for protection, opening them up to all kinds of restrictions.

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