Shikha Dalmia In The Daily Beast On India's Feminist Disconnect


The Indian government yesterday arrested three suspects in connection with the rape of an American hitchhiker. Feminists believe the answer to India's rape epidemic is tearing down patriarchy. "Eliminate the advantages and privileges that such violence gives to males," one feminist suggested. Others recommend: sensitivity training for men, affirmative action programs and even a special Bill of Rights for women. But the Indian government has been following the feminist script for decades. University of Chicago feminist Martha Nussbaum, even holds India's constitution as an example for America.

India doesn't need more feminism, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia, it needs more law and order:

The very lack of public safety that allows rape also strengthens patriarchy. For starters, it limits women's employment options. It is too dangerous for them to take jobs that require evening shifts or long commutes. Some companies offer women who work late rides home, but this makes women more expensive to hire. Single rural women rarely move to cities, where the bulk of job growth is occurring, as men can. All of this undermines women's ability to maximize their earning potential and gain financial independence.

Above all, it forces women to rely on their patriarchal families for protection, opening them up to all kinds of restrictions.

Go here to read the whole thing.

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  1. Somehow I’m thinking that allowing women to arm themselves is not an option.

    1. Don’t be silly, what government would go for practical solutions which don’t increase it’s budget and/or authoratay?

  2. Amazing how even the liberty minded can fall into statist mindsets.

    More law and order would be a good thing for sure but it would do nothing to halt rape because most rapists either …

    do not believe they are doing anything wrong at the moment of the rape (they rationalize their actions as being acceptable)

    are not considering the future ramifications of their actions because they are acting completely in the moment (this is especially true of gang rapes where they get caught up on mob mentality

    are in an altered state of consciousness (drunk, stoned, etc.)

    do not believe they will be caught or punished for their actions

    or some combination of the above. A person who is both moral and deliberative enough that the presence of a law would prevent him from committing a rape would have also been prevented by his conscience.

    No what India needs is a concentrated public information and media campaign that changes the national consciousness such that rape is unthinkable to the overwhelming majority and committing rape is socially unforgivable. That plus as Sarcasmic noted allowing women to be armed and then finally increased (and more importantly honest and effective) law and order enforcement of sexual crimes and they will make rapid progress towards reducing rapes.

    1. No, what India needs is to not become an oversexualized Western culture.

      1. I thought that was where we got it from, India before the Mughals.

        1. I don’t know where we got it. I don’t agree that Western culture is oversexualized. But that was Dalmia’s suggestion to solve India’s rape problem in her last column.

      2. Except that rape is far less common and socially acceptable in those “oversexualized” western cultures than it ever has been in history.

        1. Forgot the link. Last paragraph of Dalmia’s last Reason piece.


  3. Don’t go to India.

    Caste system seeded hatred and rolled-out sadists/savages in India for the past 3000 years. You’re are naive if you think streets are safe for your women in India. It’s only going to get worse in the future.

    Google “2012 Delhi Gang Rape”

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