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Jacob Sullum Slams Long Island Prostitution Sting in the Daily News


New York Daily News

This week Nassau County, New York, District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced the arrest of 104 men as a result of "Operation Flush the Johns," a month-long prostitution sting. Writing in the New York Daily News, Senior Editor Jacob Sullum calls the operation an unjust and counterproductive use of law enforcement resources. While Rice claims to be protecting prostitutes from their risky occupation, Sullum says, she is enforcing a policy that makes them vulnerable to abuse.

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  1. That picture looks like something out of 1642.

  2. The Louisiana State Police came to Alexandria a couple of years ago and pulled one of these operations. They got well over 100 guys. Turns out that when going after Johns they are much less discriminating than when busting the girls. They got a couple of city cops and one state legislator plus gobs of respectable middle class guys.

    One of them propositioned me while I was sitting at a red light. She tapped on my window, I looked at her, rolled the window down and said ” I am happily married”. She just laughed.

  3. The day they arrest some political like Spitzer for hiring hookers, they can come talk to me about their commitment to saving hookers from themselves. Until then, this is nothing but a show and a way to ruin people’s lives.

  4. Did they do middle of the night home invasion raids featuring ultra-destructive searches, once they had names and addresses?

    If those guys will pay five bucks for a blowjob, they’re obviously capable of anything.

    1. No silly. They seized and auctioned their cars and computers and cell phones as criminal contraband. This is a cash business.

      1. They also shot their dogs.

  5. The description on radio of this story said the police advertised this service. So who was soliciting whom?

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