There's No Such Thing as a Temporary Security Measure: TSA Abandons Plan to Allow Small Knives Back on Planes


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The Swiss Army will have to keep checking their bags. In response to panicked shrieking by Congress and airline employees, the Transportation Security Administration is backing down from its plan to allow small knives and certain types of sports equipment onto planes. The Associated Press reports:

The Transportation Security Administration is abandoning a plan to allow passengers to carry small knives, souvenir bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes in the face of fierce congressional and industry opposition, the head of the agency said Wednesday.

By scuttling the plan to drop the knives and sports equipment from TSA's list of prohibited items, the agency can focus its attention on other priorities, including expanding its Pre-Check program to identify ahead of time travelers who don't pose a security risk, TSA Administrator John Pistole told The Associated Press.

Pistole had unveiled the proposal to loosen the rules for carry-ons in March, saying the knives and other items can't enable terrorists to cause a plane to crash. He said intercepting them takes time that would be better used searching for explosives and other more serious threats. TSA screeners confiscate over 2,000 of the small folding knives a day from passengers.

Well, it's good to know that free birthday presents for the children and relatives of TSA employees will continue to roll in. On the other hand, perhaps we should be grateful that we won't have that sports equipment competing for the overhead baggage space.

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  1. The interesting thing here, to me, is that the TSA did it not because They Want To Pretend It’ll Save Us, but because Congress and the [presumably airline?] Industry were freaking out about it.

    1. I suspect a large overlap with the set of people who freak out over gun shaped Pop-Tarts?

    2. The airline unions were freaking out it.

  2. Shrug. I guess I’m never going to set foot on an airliner ever again. No skin off my nose.

    1. John Madden is commenting on Reason?

    2. I know I will not. If some TSA bitch laid her gloved hands on my wife or daughter I’d go straight to prison for assault and battery of a federal employee. Better to just avoid the situation entirely.

    3. Shrug. I guess I’m never going to set foot on an airliner ever again. No skin off my nose.

      Ditto. Any significant travel will be in my Corsair F-27. (I got it at a bankruptcy sale and was the only bid.)

      1. Really? Holy shit.

  3. “Why would anyone need a pocketknife on a plane?” This from a conservative talk show host back when this was a hot issue.
    I’ve found them quite handy over the years – once used a knife to tighten up a tray table that kept falling in my lap. Have also used one to open those little packets of things that are practically impossible, especially with arthritis, to open except by breaking one’s teeth on the plastic. And even if there is no use on the plane,
    how about at one’s destination? If you have no checked bags, you
    can’t carry one to use at your destination. With locked cockpit doors, having a pocket knife isn’t going to allow one to crash a plane
    or stab more than a couple passengers before being pummeled to death.
    Let’s roll!

    1. “Why would anyone need a pocketknife on a plane?” This from a conservative talk show host back when this was a hot issue.

      Sure would come in handy when two Jihadis are swinging a box cutter at you.

    2. “Why would anyone need a pocketknife on a plane?” This from a conservative talk show host back when this was a hot issue.

      From a presumption of liberty that question is backwards.

      The question should be “Why should anyone be prohibited from carrying a pocketknife on a plane?”

      I heard this conservatard bitch fill-in for Howie Carr say that she was genuinely afraid that someone like me would decide to stab her in the leg.


      Then again she’s an authority cocksucker of the first order, so it’s not a surprise.

      Michele McPhee. Look her up. She’s a raging cunt.

  4. I fucking knew this would happen.

  5. For a while there, I thought the TSA might actually be capable of doing something that’s somewhat decent, but they just can’t fucking help themselves.

  6. I remember flying somewhere with my parents about a year or so after 9/11. I tend to accumulate sharp things in my shaving kit, which I tossed into my carry on for this trip. TSA found 3 pocket knives, 2 pairs of scissors, a straight razor and a couple of lighters. I think it’s still the most action the TSA at my local airport has ever had.

    1. My dad had the nasty, crustiest nail file in his travel kit. I mean, he probably got that thing as a present in 1968 and had never used the nail file. Shortly after 9-11 the security guy told him it wasn’t allowed through security. He just gave the guy a giant grin and said, “You probably want some of those rubber gloves before you touch it.” It was fun to see the guy blanch.

  7. LOL, the TSA is a JOKE. Period. Wow.


  8. Jesus this country is just a bunch of goddamn pussies. We are so fucked

  9. Next up, a ban on pop tarts shaped like boxcutters.

    1. +1 for the win!!!

  10. The last time I flew was a few years ago. This was before they changed the policy to make groping mandatory, but still had to take the shoes off, take the laptop out of its bag, etc. That one I never understood. Wouldn’t a bomb inside a laptop be almost undetectable by TSA agents? Anyway, they missed the fact that I was high “like a rock star” wink wink, and totally missed the bag of different recreational substance (nature’s “kindest” plant) that was in my front pants pocket. But yeah, they made sure I took off my shoes and belt.

  11. The entire purpose of this head-fake was to deflect attention from the porno scanners. The TSA will never voluntarily reduce any of its stupid and arbitrary impositions on the traveling public.


  12. Western civilization will die, whimpering, once everything comes in plastic packaging and people aren’t allowed to possess anything sharp enough to get them open.

  13. The TSA hasn’t forgotten its true purpose: a taxpayer subsidy to the airlines so they don’t have face liability due to their own lax security.

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