Nanny State

Washington Redskins' Name May Be Illegal, Say Lawmakers



A Minnesota Democrat is among 10 members of Congress urging the National Football League and the Washington Redskins to change the team's name.

The Redskins got their name in 1932 and haven't changed it. But the bi-partisan Native American Caucus in the US House — co-chaired by Minnesota's U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum — says the name is not only racist, it might violate the law.

For Washington Redskins fan Patrick Wilson, the name of his favorite football team reflects history, not race.

"When I hear that name, it means nothing but positive things for me personally," said Wilson, a lifetime Redskins fan and east coast transplant to Minnesota. "Only from the football perspective. That's the only way I think of it. I don't look at it outside that perspective."

McCollum disagrees.

"That is a racist comment," said McCollum.