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Conditions at EPA Warehouse: Mold, Rot, Vermin Feces

Environmental protection begins at home. Or maybe not.


Environmental protection begins at home. Or maybe not: The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General has released a report [pdf] on the state of one of the EPA's storage warehouses. Among other "deplorable conditions," the investigators found that

Sing this corrosion to me.

Door jambs were corroded; dirt, dust and vermin feces were pervasive; and several items were rotting and potentially hazardous. We observed refrigerators with mold, and old computer bags molding and rotting.

The inspectors also discovered "unauthorized and hidden personal spaces created by and for the workers," which "included televisions, refrigerators, radios, microwaves, chairs and couches" and "were arranged so that they were out of sight of security cameras through the use of screens, partitions and piled-up boxes." There was even a secret DIY gym whose "weights, machines, exercise equipment, and overall exercise area appeared to be well maintained":

See? We can maintain a part of the property when we feel like it.

It's all quite ingenious, really. I just wonder if there was a way that ingenuity could have been channeled into, say, removing mold and feces. Just a thought.

The EPA has issued a stop-work order to Apex Logistics, the company contracted to run the warehouse. Apex has received $5.3 million from the agency over the last six years.

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  1. In the 1990s, EPA headquarters in Southwest DC was a sick building and totally unsafe for the people who worked there.

    1. Conditions at EPA Headquarters: Fraud, Waste, Abuse, False E-Mail Accounts, and Vermin Feces

      1. If they could just get their employees to stop shitting on the floors then at least one of those problems would be solved.

        1. They work for the EPA… they’re lucky they’re smart enough to not shit in their pants.

          1. You think they wear pants?

            1. The only people I’ve known to leave the house without pants are the blindingly brilliant. Most mentally disabled people I have met have no problem remembering to put pants on in the morning.

  2. Vermin feces? Has our friend WI been about?

  3. pervasive vermin feces and mold, and working out seem like less than optimal combination.

    1. That’s exactly why I never work out.

  4. This sounds like a union contract.

  5. Somebody will blame this on private enterprise because it was a contractor.

    1. If it hadn’t been a contractor, private enterprise would have been blamed for not providing a better solution.

  6. wait, are we sure they didn’t accidentally stumble on Warty’s secret lair?

  7. What exactly does the EPA need a warehouse for? It’s not like they produce anything that needs storage.

    1. This was my question as well.

      Beyond that though….who gives a shit about vermin and mold, unless you’re storing food, or something else that would be harmed by that sort of contamination, like paper. If the EPA has stuff to warehouse, it would be barrels of toxic waste, or canisters of compressed CO2, nes-pas?

      1. “This is our warehouse, where we store…the environment. To protect it.”

        1. “In other news, the government plans to build a dysonsphreresque structure around the earth’s surface, displacing the human population to it’s barren outer surface. Access to air and water will be strictly rationed. Provisions for supplying food will be established within 3 years of completion of construction. An unidentified source within the EPA claims that it’s the only solution left to prevent the mass deaths preordained by the fouling of Mother Gaia, praise be her name. More at 11.”

      2. *… It’s not as if it’s a living space, and workers shouldn’t really be hanging out the shelves unless they’re storing or retrieving something. As long as exposures are within OSHA limits…

    2. What exactly does the EPA need a warehouse for?

      Their share of the DHS weaponry / ammo?

    3. Jackboots take up space. Duh.

    4. What exactly does the EPA need a warehouse for?

      To keep all of EPA’s laws written on stone tablets and placed in arks?

    5. Gotta spend your budget on something or you might get less next year.

      1. “Man, you really think they’ll approve that new warehouse?”

        “They gave us a tank, didn’t they? Cmon”

    6. It’s to keep their vast collection of feces and mold. Didn’t you read the article?

    7. Stockpiling ammunition and armored personnel carriers.

  8. In other Tales of Hypocrisy, Tio Hardiman the director of CeaseFire Illinois, an anti-gun violence group based out of Chicago, is arrested for beating up his wife.


    Who needs to use their hands, and their feet to commit domestic violence. We need to enact sensible measures against feet!

    1. an anti-gun violence group based out of Chicago, is arrested for beating up his wife.

      You’ll note that he didn’t shoot her.


      1. “You’ll note that he didn’t shoot her. she didn’t shoot him.



    2. We need to ban guns because if he’d had one he would have killed her. So Chicago gun laws saved the woman’s life.

      Then again if she’d had a gun she may have killed him, and the world would be a better place.

      1. No, no. Keep them banned so he doesn’t have to worry bout being shot for being a violent asshole.

      2. We don’t want anyone to play the hero.

    3. If I planned to assault someone, then I too would advocate laws restricting my target’s self-defense capability.

      1. To the credit of CeaseFire/Cure Violence, I did not see anything on their website that advocated banning guns/gun control. They seem to frame violence as a “community health” issue, and treat it as a disease epidemic.

    4. Dude is ragey, knows he can’t handle a gun. He assumes that’s everyone’s experience and so he thinks nobody should have a gun. It’s perfectly consistent 4th grader logic.

      1. Just like all the people who did drugs and couldn’t handle it, so they are now certain that no one can.

    5. What’s that word? Projrocksion?

      1. What is this? The Flintstones?

        1. Warty is more like Captain Caveman.

    6. I don’t find it surprising at all that the director of a violence group would beat up his wife. Since the violence group is anti-gun, I wouldn’t expect him to shoot her.

    7. At least now, he’ll fall under the Lautenberg Amendment and be barred from owning a firearm.

      The law works!

  9. I am curious if this was discovered because sequestration forced some useless government bureaucrats to go searching the spending records for things to cut that didn’t affect their precious job security.

  10. Also, is that a dentist’s chair in that pitiful little weight room?

    1. What, you don’t like Smith machines?


  11. “Conditions at EPA Warehouse: Mold, Rot, Vermin Feces”

    But enough about the EPA staff.

  12. Hippies are filthy! Details at 9

    1. News at 9? Where do you live, Montana?

  13. Christie could pardon Charles Cullen then appoint him to the Senate.

    1. Oops, wrong thread.

      1. Seomtimes you just have to roll with it dude.

      2. No, we were discussing mold, rot, and vermin feces. I’m pretty sure your comment is on topic.

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