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Chris Christie Has to Make Senate Appointment, Set Election Date, Schedules Press Conference For 1:30PM

Could choose Republican, Democrat, hold election this year, next


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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faces re-election this year. He's expected to face Democrat Barbara Buono, a state senator, in November. New Jersey holds its primaries today but neither the Republican Christie nor Buono face any high-profile challengers to their nomination. Senator Frank Lautenberg's death yesterday raised the possibility of a special election also being held in November to fill out the remainder of the term, which expires in 2015. New Jersey Democrats are insisting on it but, according to PolitickerNJ, the bipartisan Office of Legislative Services issued an opinion today that the governor's appointment would not have to run in a special election, but could serve until replaced by the winner of the scheduled 2014 election, who would take office a few months early. The Washington Post explains how state laws are apparently contradictory; one statute calls for an election in the next general election (November 2013) if the vacancy occurs more than 70 days before the election date (it has), another delays the election to the next cycle (2014) if the vacancy occurs less than 70 days before the current election cycle's primaries (it has).

Democrats also suggest Christie choose one of their own. Fox News explains:

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat, said Christie should appoint a Democrat, because the seat was held by an elected one, and then hold a special election this November. But he said he thinks Christie may be reluctant to appoint a Democrat and hesitant to give up his place at the top of this fall's ballot. 

Despite the risks, Christie could consider appointing Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a Democrat who announced earlier this year plans to run for Lautenberg's seat in 2014, said Brigid Harrison, a political scientist at Montclair State University. The move could backfire, she said, but it would help Christie's image with New Jersey Democrats and African-Americans across the country—especially since history shows it's hard for a Republican to win a Senate seat in New Jersey.

Christie is holding a news conference at 1:30pm to talk about the Senate vacancy and could announce a decision (or two).

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  1. He’s lost quite a bit of weight since he went on the Obama semen diet.

    1. He’s become more gutless since the lap band surgery. (buh-dum, crash!)

  2. Who among us lives in New Jersey? I suggest him or her.

    1. I say we make Episiarch do it.

      1. Well, I was born there. I accept the job. I start taking bribes…now.

        1. Galt, Master Thrall of Triskelion, says the Providers will give you 300 Quatloos.

          1. I only accept gold pressed latinum, diamonds, or female slaves. Attractive female slaves. So no pawning your mom off on me.

            1. “Blood diamonds” only, right?

              1. I’m not particular. Any quality diamonds will do. I’ve also decided to accept Bitcoin. For the novelty.

                1. The wise among us will make you an offer of pizza you can’t refuse. I mean it lasts about as long as a female slave anyway, right?

                  1. I do have a high burn rate, both in pizza and female slaves. But hey, that’s what slaves are for, right?

                    ProL offered me an open-faced calzone once. I laughed in his face.

              2. That’s the filthiest euphemism for menstrual sex that I’ve ever heard. You disgust me John.

                1. Filthiest? But it’s so sparkly…

        2. not bribes. contributions. you’ll need to learn the lingo. this might help, senator.

          /slides a sack with $ sign on it across desk

          1. Sacks lend themselves more to dropping with a clunk than sliding, in my experience.

          2. (takes sack)

            So what section of town were you saying was “blighted”? I bet your development company could build some great…something…there.

    2. ME! ME!

      I promise to do almost nothing.

    3. If you want to do right by the state, it should be no one in any way, shape or form associated with New Jersey.

    4. Pick me! I’ll do less than Drake!

  3. I kind of hope he does appoint a Democrat to the seat; my guess is the Democrats will demonstrate their gratitude by voting against him anyway.

  4. OT: school teacher makes idiotic comments to Reason.TV at Occupy Los Angeles rally, gets fired, and the courts uphold it.…..244759.PDF

    1. I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which are not run by the federal government, they need to be run out of this country.

      That’s gold standard (!) paranoiac conspiracy ranting.

      However, she has a right to be an idiot, and it seems LAUSD fired her for exercising her FA rights.

      FWIW, she was a substitute teacher, so wasn’t doing this on employer time.

      1. Would you want someone who hates Jews interacting with your customers, some of whom are Jewish?

        *I* wouldn’t.

        1. No, I wouldn’t. But Los Angeles Unified School District is not a private employer.

          1. Yes, but they get to choose who works for them, particularly people employed under an at-will contract.

    2. Wow that was one crazy math teacher.

      1. Perhaps the crazy was why she was a substitute.

  5. Yeah, Cory Booker…cause Newark is such a Garden of Eden.

    1. It’s certainly improved under his stewardship, though any real gentrification was short circuited by the recession. As far as NJ urban Democrats go, he’s one of the few decent ones.

      1. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that about this or that urban Democrat. And I have to admit sometimes I have believed it. And every single time, said Democrat has turned out to be the same kind of shit weasal the rest of them are.

        1. hey Vincent Gray is … oh

        2. Oh, I don’t have any faith that whatever positive things about him will survive his first brush with the federal swamp. But credit where it’s due, it hasn’t happened yet.

      2. Getting rid of Sharpe James was the best thing to happen to Newark.

      3. Booker succeeded Sharpe James who was as openly corrupt, greedy, and venal as any politician anywhere.

  6. Steve Forbes is the obvious choice. I wish he had run for the Senate decades ago.

  7. Your senators are elected?

  8. “Democrats also suggest Christie choose one of their own.”

    Since Chris Christie chose a Democrat to fill the vacancy in the White House, I don’t see why he wouldn’t do the same thing in the Senate.

  9. Booker is actually about the best person he could tap for the position.

    1. He is the best choice but Christie can kiss any presidential ambitions adios if he nominates a Dem to the post.

      1. His presidential ambitions are tied to being selected as a vice presidential running mate and then winning the nomination after his boss’ term is over.

        He’s actually pretty appealing as a running mate, too, since he’d give anybody that wins the Republican primaries a much needed, non-bible thumper veneer.

        But kissing Obama’s ass on national television a few days before the presidential election should have already sunk him with the Republican faithful. I don’t think he can win the Republican primaries unless he seeks the nomination as a sitting vice president.

    2. Booker is acting non-douchey for a Democrat right now — wait til the power of being in the Senate goes to his head, though.

    3. He should probably appoint Doug Forrester since he’s the one that got screwed by Torch and Ol’ Frank’s shenanigans in 2002. It’s just like appointing a Democrat anyway so why would they care?

  10. I think Big Boy is feathering his nest in anticipation of switching teams.

  11. OT: Michael Lind is being a dick again. Probably more PM-linksy but I may be working then. So there.

    1. That’s really stupid, because libertarians can totally answer that question. “Because there are billions of statist fucksticks trying to enslave their neighbors.”

      1. And certainly the United States has no foundation in personal liberty so that doesn’t count.

      2. No, the better answer is “because of the mass of people like you, asshole. That’s why.”

    2. Wow. He really thinks he is some kind of intellectual giant for making that argument, doesn’t he?

      Here is the thing: If people think murder and theft are bad, why do they keep doing it? ANSWER ME THAT you libertarians with your so-called “FREEDOM”. Huh, stumped ya, didn’t I. Now shut up and submit to your betters.

  12. He should choose Barbara Buono. Make her decide between senator and governor.

    1. You think she has a chance? Comes across as a joke candidate.

  13. Maybe Christie could pardon Chris Cullen and then appoint him to the Senate.

    The New Joisy Dems are likely to give Christie the same treatment either way.

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