Social Security

Social Security Cuts Loom Within a Few Years, Says Trustees Report

Now is it a crisis?


Disability beneficiaries face steep cuts in just three years under current law and today's new retirees are expected to outlive the Social Security Trust Fund by two years.

Yet the annual report from the Social Security and Medicare Trustees was taken in stride in D.C., as a full-fledged effort at entitlement reform remains far from the agenda.

When asked about how the administration would avoid scheduled disability benefit cuts of 20%, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew alluded to "the 1990s and policy choices made in time" to avert a similar set of cuts.

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  2. I thought that we could just print the money? Or sell some of the land the Government owns (and it owns ALL the land, it just lets us sharecrop on it). Or mint a trillion dollar coin? Or selectively default?

    Progressives may be out of other people’s money, but they aren’t out of ideas as to how to make up for the difference!

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