Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Republican Party Needs To Become More Libertarian To Win Blue States

Sounds like a good start


A more libertarian Republican Party could win in the blue states. That's the argument Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has been road-testing, most recently in his visit last week to California.

"[T]he way we're going to compete is by running people for office who can appreciate some issues that attract young people and independents: civil liberties, as well as a less aggressive foreign policy, not putting people in jail for marijuana, a much more tolerant type of point of view," Paul told Wired during his trip to Silicon Valley.

"If you have Republican candidates like that," Paul continued, "then I think all of a sudden you'd find California back in play."

Paul repeated some of these themes to a more familiar GOP audience at Ronald Reagan's presidential library in Simi Valley. "I think to win in California we need to tell people that we're the party that wants to do nation-building at home, not always overseas," he said to applause.

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  1. Well I agree with the former but I’m not sure if the latter is true.

  2. Blue states have to turn libertarian first for this to happen.

    On a completely unrelated note, did you guys hear that liberals in California aren’t down with the Koch brothers buying the LA Times. They’re right wingers, you know. And they give a lot of money to Reason magazine, which is a propaganda arm of the Republican party. Totally.

    1. Libertarians can turn blue if they hold their breath for a really long time. Maybe they can get elected just as they pass out.

    2. Except, this isn’t about convincing Team Blue. I think Paul understands you’ll never win them. What it is about is not scaring the living bejeezus out of the swing voters in swing states who either stay home or vote for Team Blue because they think the Republicans are some sort of religious cult.

  3. I think a lot of swing voters are very moderate on social issues and get scared off by the Bible-thumpingness of many Republican candidates. A sensible person on social issues would be much more attractive to swing voters I think.

    1. How do the existing “moderate on social issues” GOP candidates do in Blue States?

      1. How did that ding bat “moderate republican” senator in Boston do? Seems like he beat a Dem back around ObamaCare time.

        But, then there’s Romney….

        But neither of those two is like Rand Paul. I don’t think there’s anything out there to really compare Rand Paul to, as far as potential POTUS class politicians.

      2. Except the “moderate on social issues” GOP candidates in Blue states also tend to be not very fiscally conservative, either. They’re too often not libertarians, but simply squishes.

    2. Do you have any evidence to support what you think?

      1. Can’t you come up with an opinion to support your lack of evidence?


  4. Freedom can sell – or at least it should sell. Yet too many people think that not only should they be free to do as they believe, but others should be forced to follow their beliefs. But where’s the freedom in being forced?

    Rather eschew all beliefs and make the effort to know the truth instead. Believers may think they know the truth but they confuse believing with real knowing. see http://www.lifestrategies.net/belief

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