Rand Paul Calls For Sustainable Government, Environment at Reagan Library Speech



Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) made a visit to Silicon Valley this week. And last night, he stopped by the Reagan library for a speech. Here are a couple of snippets from this morning's reports. 

On the size of government, via The Washington Times:

"Sometimes conservatives get tagged as being against all government," Mr. Paul told an audience packed with supporters as well as skeptics at the Reagan Library here, an hour northeast of Los Angeles.

"I'm not against all government. I'm actually for $2.6 trillion dollars worth," he said.  "I'm for spending what comes in, but nothing in excess of what comes in."

On the environment, via Politico:

"I am a libertarian-conservative who spends most of my free time outdoors," Paul said during his 30-minute speech in Simi Valley, Calif. "I bike and hike and kayak. I compost. I plant trees. In fact, I have a giant Sequoia I'm trying to grow in Kentucky.

"Republicans care just as deeply about the environment as Democrats but we also care about jobs," he added. "We want common sense regulations to be balanced with economic growth and jobs."

To be sure, Paul also offered strong support for fracking in his speech. He said California's economy would be in much better shape if it did not restrict the controversial practice.

"So while California languishes, economies in states like North Dakota and Texas are booming," he said.

On the Republican party coalition, also via Politico:

"When the Republican Party looks like the rest of America, we will win again," the Kentucky senator told a crowd in Simi Valley, Calif. "When we have people with tattoos and without tattoos, with ties and without ties, with suits and in blue jeans, then we win nationally."

…"If we want to win nationally again, we will have to reach out to a diverse nation and welcome African Americans, Asians, Latinos into our party," he said. "Latinos will come to the GOP when we treat them with dignity, when we embrace immigrants as hard workers who are an asset to our country."

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