Illinois GOP Chooses Lobbyist as New Leader

Last leader quit after his support of gay marriage drew ire from the party faithful


After months of public infighting and constant bickering over issues that also continue to divide the national party, Illinois Republicans selected a new leader Saturday who they hope is the best option to bring factions of the party together after its poor showing in last November's elections.

The party's central committee chose committeeman and lobbyist Jack Dorgan of Rosemont as the party's chair for the next year. He replaces outgoing chairman Pat Brady, who resigned last month after conservatives complained about his public support for gay marriage and other leadership issues.

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  1. Hey, the IL dems chose a ‘community activist’ as a pres contender! If that ain’t a ‘lobbyist’ I’m not sure what qualifies.

  2. If the GOP was interested in a strong showing in the next election they’d base their platform on the promotion, and protection, of Liberty rather than their “Lite” version of the anti-Liberty Democratic Party that they’ve been using.

    The opportunity to excel, and dominate, is wide open, and they’re just way to dumb to grab it. So, we can most certainly just expect more of the same. The government takes, and we give.

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