Brickbat: Policing Their Own



An internal investigation found that Clearwater, Florida, police Lt. Richard Crean improperly accessed the Florida Driver and Vehicle Information Database 100 times over a two-year period. Crean's searches focused largely on women between the ages of 24 and 33 and included a local television reporter and the wives and daughters of fellow officers. The department has recommended the city demote him to sergeant and suspend him for five days.

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  1. A demotion? He’ll need years of publicly funded therapy in order to deal with the blow to his self-esteem. I hope he doesn’t traumatize himself further by beating up on the mundanes. It hurts him more than it hurts us.

    I’m here if you ever need to talk, Sgt. Crean. Enjoy that five day R&R.

  2. “I’ve never seen anything like it. At my agency, that just would never, never fly,” Felts said. “All they did was demote him? That’s incredible.”

  3. But Bryan Felts, a Tampa Police Department officer whom Crean looked up twice, said he was stunned that Crean could keep his job, given the revelations in the internal investigation. Felts is the boyfriend of Crean’s ex-wife, Christie Crean ? who was herself looked up six times in the database by her ex-husband.

    See, that was his problem right there. He would’ve been okay if he’d just stuck with violating the little people.

    1. violate the little people? midget fucking?

      1. Dwarves need loving too. Ask Tyrion.

  4. (In Captain Kirk voice)

    Must…… Abuse……. Harder…..
    Can’t…….. Get……..Fired……….

    1. Fired? Paid administrative leave was what he was going for.

  5. Look’n love in all the wrong places.

  6. What good is a government database if state agents can’t use it? I mean, come on!

  7. I pretty sure there is not a law about looking up and divulging people’s personal information in healthcare. At least if there is it would not carry severe financial or criminal penalties.

    (Cough, HIPPA, Cough)

    1. Kindly turn your head when you cough.

  8. I can tell he’s a pervert just by looking at him. The uniform just enhances the effect. He looks like a fascist, a Blackshirt if you will.

    1. Blue is the new Brown.

      1. Kay sucks cop cock. That comment was meant as sarcasm.

  9. If ever there was a firing offense, this is it. I mean, I can kind of understand an under-trained LEO making a bad decision during a tense encounter with a potentially violent stranger. But this was deliberate, repeated abuse of power. You don’t rehabilitate that. You fire it. Then you take all its benefits as a lesson to the others. Then you let the victims sue it in civil court for damages.

  10. Now if a peasant improperly used a database like that they’d be facing multiple felonies and decades in prison.

    This guy gets a vacation and a pay cut.

    1. I worked at a hospital that had a minor celebrity come through. 10 nurses looked at his record that did not have a need to. 10 nurses were fired. Like you say, they were little people.

    2. they’d be facing multiple felonies and decades in prison

      Have you ever considered changing your handle to hyperbole?

      1. Have you ever met a cop whose dick you didn’t suck?

        1. Yes! Several!
          And thanks for that witty and original rejoinder.
          I’m definitely stealing that one!

      2. What you like a list of cases where multiple felonies were filed against someone for improperly using a database?

        And in some cases “improperly”?

        Hell, one of them was a big story on reason not that long ago.

        1. Didn’t some peasant recently kill himself after facing prison for improperly accessing a database?

          Or is that just hyperbole?

          1. That was the one I was referring to.

          2. Somebody is butthurt.
            Cheer up, hyperbole. The others here think you’re a genius.

            1. Dunphy’s got a new handle.

      3. How is personal experience with a dual standard hyperbole?

  11. Sounds like a cop so horny and lonely that the appropriate assignment is “undercover” vice squad work.

    1. Why would this be necessary? Dunphy assures me that all the hawt wimmenz go for cops.

  12. I saw a Boston butt roast at Walmart this morning and it looks just like this thug porker.

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