Toronto Mayor: Everything's Going Fine

Amid allegations of crack cocaine use


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says "everything's going fine," even as his office reels from the departures of two more staff members, raising the total number to five since allegations arose that he was caught on video smoking crack cocaine.

Brian Johnston, one of the mayor's policy advisers, was escorted out by security Thursday afternoon. He told reporters he had resigned and the timing was right for his departure. Kia Nejatian, the mayor's executive assistant, also resigned Thursday, though he was not seen at city hall.


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  1. I imagine that, from here on out, no matter what the mayor says, somebody’s going to make a crack about it.

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  2. I would love to see the evidence said to be in a video though.

  3. This guy’s almost better than Baghdad Bob, almost

  4. I’m torn on this one.
    As a libertarian, I think crack should be legal and available for all.
    But as a libertarian, I hate politicians, especially the fat ones.

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