No Charges for Mother of Baby Found in Chinese Sewer

Authorities say it looks like an accident


A Chinese newborn who was trapped in a sewer pipe moments after his birth has been released from hospital into the care of his grandparents. Local officials and media Thursday said authorities have concluded it was an accident, meaning his unwed mother is unlikely to be criminally charged.

The baby's stunning, two-hour rescue from a pipe underneath a squat toilet in Zhejiang province's Pujiang county captivated the world, prompting both horror and an outpouring of charity on behalf of the boy, who was released from a hospital late Wednesday.

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  1. Evidently the Chinese government doesn’t feel it has a monopoly on infanticide.

  2. When this kid grows up he has to move to the US just to capitalize on that serious “starting behind the 8 ball” cred. Dodging the bullet on the PRC’s policy on abortiions for bastards wasn’t enough for this one.

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