Fourth Night of Rioting in Sweden

No arrests made, but police say it's time to clamp down


A fourth night of rioting in the Swedish capital saw groups of people, many of them young, setting fire to cars, breaking windows and clashing with authorities.

The violence, which began in the deprived northern suburb of Husby at the weekend, spread to several areas of the city on Wednesday, May 22.

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  1. Who is writing? Why? Why? These are the questions a three year old would ask.

  2. By the way, why is Reason getting all lefty and talking about “deprived” neighborhoods.

    Are lefties taking over Reason? Should Ed Krayewski be fired?

    1. Lyle,
      We all know you have mental difficulties, but if you’re read the GODAMN LINK, you would look quite the ignoramus you are.

      1. What are you talking about? Reason isn’t in charge of what they write in their blurb? They can’t change it?

        1. Lyle| 5.23.13 @ 12:52PM |#
          “What are you talking about? Reason isn’t in charge of what they write in their blurb?”

          You idiot, they didn’t write the blurb. It’s copied from the link.
          Read the fucking LINK.

          1. Do they have to copy it? They can’t edit it or write something else? Are they stupid?

            1. Do you understand the concept of quoting someone?
              If you re-write comments, they are no longer quoted and now the writer is liable for the accuracy of the comments.
              So, no, they can’t “edit” them; they are no longer direct quotes if they do.
              Whew, what a moron…

              1. You’re a fool. And you have very low standards for Reason.com.

  3. reportedly threatened to kill them with a machete.

    Machete? What’s up lately with Europeans and machetes?

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