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Growing Libertarian Faction Shakes Up GOP

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A string of unrelated events is highlighting divisions among Republicans just when they'd like to show a united front and take full advantage of President Barack Obama's latest political problems.

Tensions between libertarian-leaning and more mainstream Republicans were on vivid display Tuesday as Sens. Rand Paul and John McCain clashed over Apple Inc.'s tax-avoidance strategies. Paul, a tea party favorite and son of a libertarian hero, had feuded earlier with McCain — the party's 2008 presidential nominee — over the use of unmanned aircraft to kill suspected terrorists.

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  1. I agree with Senator Ted Cruz. You can’t trust those Republicans!

  2. McCain said: “For years, Apple has opted to forgo fully contributing to the U.S. Treasury and to American society by shifting profits and circumventing U.S. taxes. In the last four years alone, Apple has avoided paying taxes on $44 billion in income.”

    Gawd! Even though every presidential election is a consistent reminder how horribly massive and intrusive our Federal Government has been becoming for, well, a long time…..I’m glad this guy lost. But I guess that can be said about every election, where at least one really horrible candidate loses….of course we always end up with someone horrible….so, nevermind.

  3. McCain is the epitome of why the current Republican party is almost worthless. The best a weak and stupid man like McCain ever did was slightly slow down the country’s leftward march.

    McCain prides himself with having dinner with a leftist like Schumer, while Schumer has McCain as the main course.

    Republicans walk leftward. Democrats sprint leftward.

  4. McCain is still alive?!

    1. Apparently it’s zombie John. Didn’t he die in Vietnam?

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