Google Addresses Privacy Concerns with Google Glass

You'll be able to tell when somebody wearing it is filming you


Privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass are growing rampant. Eight Congressmen even joined in on the conversation on Thursday, fearing that the cyborg-like technology could be too invasive.

Google's response: You'll know when someone wearing Glass is being sketchy.

In one of the most provocative moments of this week's Google I/O developers conference, Glass engineers fielded audience questions regarding privacy concerns. Google was clearly prepared to discuss the topic.

"The process for taking a picture or video has clear social queues," explained Steve Lee, Glass' product director. "When Glass is active, the display lights up. Because of that, you can rest assured I'm not recording you."


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  1. “Cues”, not queues. I thought this was a Reason error, but that’s what the original article says. Someone needs an editor.

  2. “… until the app comes out that records without lighting the display. We’re working on that one already. It will be deployed by default and without the knowledge of the wearers, so we can better sell ads to them.”

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