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Gay Rights and Gun Rights Linked in Seattle Posters, Causing Control Freaks' Heads To Explode


Gay rights and gun rights poster
The Stranger

Across Seattle, reports alt-weekly The Stranger, posters are appearing linking gay rights and gun rights in ways that are just freaking out the usual control-freaky suspects. Some of the posters suggest that disliking guns is just like disliking homosexuality: a personal foible that ought not be turned into legislation. Other posters suggest that armed gays "aren't going to take shit from homophobes." It's clearly inconceivable that anybody could actually hold in his or her mind, simultaneously, a regard for the right of people to love who they want and respect for the right of self-defense, so it must be some horrible, trollish plot. At least, that's what The Stranger's Cienna Madrid suspects.

From The Stranger:

I just find it striking that a traditionally conservative movement is branching out to recruit gays and lesbians.

It's hard to know who's responsible for putting the posters up all over Capitol Hill. "Nale Dixon," who's credited for drawing the cartoon of the gay couple, returns no search results online. The pro-gun website is run by a dude named Oleg Volk, "An American," but that doesn't necessarily mean he's responsible for papering the hill with them. Without someone to credit, it's impossible to glean the posterer's intentions.

Perhaps being courted by a traditionally right-wing, conservative movement is refreshing and progressive, but it could also just be really effective concern trolling. What better way to make people feel unsafe in gay-friendly Capitol Hill than by slyly referencing homophobia and hate crimes in pro-gun propaganda plastered on every street corner?

Gay rights and gun rights poster
The Stranger

Having visited the Pacific Northwest to view the rooftop mosses (a traditional pastime in the region), I know that Seattle is a strange and cloistered place where new ideas may only rarely tread, so may I suggest that, rather than an outreach effort by a "traditionally right-wing, conservative movement," the posters display a certain libertarian sensibility? In fact, the posters could easily have been created by the Pink Pistols, which has a chapter in Tacoma, Washington. While, to judge by its Yahoo! Groups page (and the simple fact that it's based on Yahoo! Groups) the chapter isn't very active, somebody wth Pink Pistols-ish views is creating those posters.

Oh, and Cienna … It really is possible to advocate personal freedom in all sorts of ways at the same time. C'mon and give it a try …

Update: It wasn't us, say the Pink Pistols:

"After some checking around, our chapters in the area are not the source of these posters. We have asked Oleg Volk if he knows anything, and he is also unaware of anything specific. While the Pink Pistols is in the process of reopening its Seattle chapter, this is not related to these posters in any way, and is entirely coincidental.

"These posters were not created, or distributed around Seattle by the Pink Pistols. The Pink Pistols believes in the lawful self-defense of the GLBT community. Where it is lawful, we believe in the use of concealed firearms for this purpose, because those are statistically the best tools for the job. They are only properly used to defend against imminent death or grievous bodily harm. In the case of the poster with the two men by "Nale Dixon", we take issue: A "homophobe giving us sh*t" would not qualify for self-defense using deadly force, unless it was in response to an attack that threatened death or serious bodily harm. This poster does not adequately address the core values of the Pink Pistols mission statement.

"The poster by Oleg Volk, however, is entirely acceptable. We believe that all persons, gay or straight, should have all of their rights all of the time. …"

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  1. Excellent. Someone is a troll genius.

    And the comments at the dipshit commie rag do not disappoint, either.

    Convincing gay bashers they need to be armed and ready to shoot sounds like a great way to reduce violence. Fewer gays means less gay bashing!


    1. I think the second flyer posits a false equivalence to try to lure the liberal-minded into confusing gun rights with civil rights for LGBT folk. The “dislike” of easy access to military styled weapons with no background checks through gun shows and other unregulated markets is not “personal”, it’s communal. Let’s ask the unknown author this question: approximately how many schoolchildren can you murder in under 2 minutes with a semiautomatic, fully loaded, legally married lesbian?

      Depends. How strong are the lesbian’s hands?

      1. Are they communally strong?

      2. +1 Janet Reno

      3. Not as many as I can defend.

        1. Libertarian Book Club? Are you all that’s left of the one that was founded from the Laurence Labadie fortune in…uh…1947 to republish classic anarchist books?

      4. …”is not “personal”, it’s communal.”
        First, evidence lacking.
        Secondly, so what?

    2. A lot of those commenters need to post while standing on stepladders so that the point won’t go quite so far over their heads.

      1. The Stranger and its commenters are basically localized versions of Salon and Huffington Post.

      2. It’s probably best characterized as a rag instructing hard leftists as to who they should hate.

        Great arts section, though.

    3. Self-defense = non-compliance = violence


    4. The stats are clear. It’s the Democrats that do all the killing. People on the right are somehow able to own guns while not going around murdering people.

      If they’re looking for somebody to be afraid of (aren’t they always?), they need to look in the mirror.

      Ban guns for Democrats!

      1. That’s racist! Everyone knows it’s the violent tea bagger, christfags that are murdering babies and shooting each other in record numbers! Why do you hate babies?

        1. Why do you hate babies?

          Because they’re loud, mostly smell bad and are expensive. Plus they grow into children….don’t get me started.

    5. The comments are a carnival of stupidity.

  2. So apparently in Cosmotardia it’s no big deal when a government parasite takes the fifth during an investigation of government parasites trampling on the rights of people.

    1. I have a simple solution to your problem that’s only two steps:

      1. Start your own blog.
      2. Write about what you want to write about.

      It’s just that easy.

      1. Just making an observation.

        1. A whiny, bitchy observation.

          1. Have pity. He’s really, really stupid.

      2. But then I don’t get to DRINK when people say shit like this.

      3. Or, you know, hit refresh, since they just wrote a post on it.

        VG – fuck you.

      1. Yep, I didn’t read the 2:30 post before I made my comment at 2:26.

        I’m not into time travel, that way.

        1. But you are amazingly stupid, though.

        2. Whiny hillbilly is whiny.

          1. What’s wrong Randian, run out of Vodka?

            1. That was a really, really stupid insult attempt. Are you stupid or something?

              1. Being a TEAM RED douchebag has a tendency to require being really, really stupid.

                1. Oh no, the faux anarchist is angry.

            2. Heaven forfend, street urchin. I drink gin.

              1. forfend

                I guess not.

                1. Are you so stupid that you’re confused by the word “forfend”? I knew you were stupid, stupid guy, but that’s really stupid.

                  1. I didn’t know VG was that cognitively deficient. Thank you for the edification.

                    (I’m using big words so he won’t know we’re still making fun of him.)

                2. The troglodyte mocks me for a real word. What a genius you are.

    2. No, it’s just not news, since she did exactly what Reason reported she was going to do yesterday. Dumbass.

    3. Are you this stupid on purpose? Moron.

    4. Are you the idiot lost in that thread too?

      What is going on today. 5th amendment posts in guns/gays thread and guns/gays posts in 5th amendment thread.

      Different names, both using the cosmotard concept.

      Either two puppets, two versions of Mary Stack or two morons.

      Or 2 or 3 of those.

    5. That wonderfully delicious irony has zero calories, so in the long run it really is no big deal.

  3. There’s no way to support freedom consistently. You have to be at either the left corner or the right corner of the Nolan chart. All right-thinking people understand that.

  4. Somebody should tell them that one of the plaintiffs in the Heller SCOTUS case was an openly gay man looking to protect himself from antigay violence.


      1. Way to be late to the party, faggot.

        1. You wish, you polymorphous, polysexual, catamite!

          1. Polymorphous???

              1. You forgot non-Euclidean.

                1. Not alliterative enough

  5. Looks like the gays are pissed that guns are getting more attention than they are. Attention whores just had to find a way to get back into the spotlight.

    1. Some of them need to take responsibility for letting the “Protect Monsanto Act” sail under the radar while everyone’s attention was focused on the SCOTUS review of DOMA.

  6. QR code brings you here:

    1. Man… that survey is going to be abused so as to be worthless as a data collection tool.

      1. Given that the page has been up for many years, I doubt any data is being collected. It’s there to provoke thought.

        Or my sarc meter may be off.

    2. which links to here (via FAQ):

    3. Oleg’s blog is He has an unusual photographic view of the Second Amendment and politics in general. (Being born in Russia will do that.) I give it a daily visit.

      His people-with-guns photos are amazing.

      I used several of his graphics, with permission, on my concealed carry powerpoint, and they helped it win a national award.

  7. Awesome, but why is there such a large age difference in the two couples?

    1. AGEIST!

      1. Says the man that demands I go to work to pay for his healthcare simply because I am younger. Which I am currently doing good sir.

        1. And I thank you, comrade. Can you start putting in a little over time?

    2. The poster was originally made for NAMBLA

  8. Look, there’s only 2 rights, gay marriage and abortions. Well, ok, and free stuff paid for by other people.But that’s it! All other rights are just different forms of racism, or sexism, or some other ism, that’s bad. Gay people can’t like guns, because all of them think exactly like me, and I hate guns!


  9. In fact, the posters could easily have been created by the Pink Pistols, which has a chapter in Tacoma, Washington.

    Seems legit. Seattle and Tacoma are basically the same place anyway.


      1. I mean they call it SEATAC for a reason, right?

        1. See, the funny thing is that if you really wanted to insult Seattle-ites, conflating them with Bellevue would be much worse.

          1. Tacoma is the one being insulted. Oh, it used to be the other way around, until we started sending our gang-bangers up there on the weekends to shoot & pummel. Even they understand you don’t shit where you eat.

        2. I mean they call it SEATAC for a reason, right?

          The reason is because it’s the airport between the discrete cities of Seattle and Tacoma.

          Now, if you really want to piss off someone in the NW, go to Portland and tell people there it’s like a smaller, cooler version of Seattle.

  10. The first one does look like an Oleg Volk photo.

  11. It’s hard to know who’s responsible for putting the posters up all over Capitol Hill. “Nale Dixon,” who’s credited for drawing the cartoon of the gay couple, returns no search results online. The pro-gun website is run by a dude named Oleg Volk, “An American,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s responsible for papering the hill with them. Without someone to credit, it’s impossible to glean the posterer’s intentions.

    The urge to know who said something before one can approach the content of what was said is the hallmark of playing for a team and having no consistent set of principles.

    Pro tip: It doesn’t fucking matter who says a particular thing. If the idea is good, go with it. If it’s bad, reject it. It’s that fucking simple.

    The author feels the need to know who came up with the campaign so that she can then know how to think about it. Because if it’s from a local gay organization wanting to protect themselves from gay bashing idiots, she can totally accept it. But if it’s from a greasy redneck who’s trying to instill the idea that guns are the ultimate equalizer which can be used to protect oneself from an attacker of any sort, it’s no good. She’s a fucking sheep. And she openly tells the world.

    And what’s worse is that her open sheepishness makes her one of the smart ones in her circles.

    1. Correct. These kinds of people don’t care about ideas, they only care about tribal membership. Scum, in other words.

    2. Yup. Excellent point. The hallmark of the partisan is the focus on who said something, not what they said.

    3. Without someone to credit, it’s impossible to glean the posterer’s intentions.

      Even they now admit that the only thing that matters are intentions.

      Fuck these people with a rusty chainsaw.

      1. Intentions were enough for the Nobel committee just a few years ago. Why wouldn’t they be good enough for the rest of us? /sarc

    4. Pure speculation here: but “Dale Nixon” is the pseudonym Greg Ginn (Black Flag) uses for various musical projects. My guess is the artist “Nale Dixon” is a local, well known, Seattle artist who wanted to maintain anonymity, and is a Black Flag fan.


      This gave me a chuckle. In the past I’ve managed to get more than one prog to enthusiastically agree with historic quotations from fascists before revealing the origins of said quotes. Perhaps at least a few of them are reluctant to follow your advice because of knuckleheads like myself?

      1. Derp. Italics were supposed to be quoting MLG above.

      2. My fave was during the great gun debates earlier this year, I just posted in a thread that I was entering “ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”

        At least 10 progtards that don’t know me liked the comment before I revealed that it was from Himmler. All of a sudden, they all started unliking the comment and the guy who’s post it was on deleted the comment.

        1. I did something similar to that. I took a lot of Mussolini and Hitler quotes that were supportive of nationalization and corporatism and attributed them to Obama and got a bunch of liberals to agree with them. I probably could have found a similar quote from Obama though so I don’t completely fault them.

    6. The author feels the need to know who came up with the campaign
      so that she can then know how to think about it. Because if it’s
      from a local gay organization wanting to protect themselves from
      gay bashing idiots, she can totally accept it. But if it’s from a
      greasy redneck who’s trying to instill the idea that guns are the
      ultimate equalizer which can be used to protect oneself from an
      attacker of any sort, it’s no good.

      What if it’s even worse: a greasy redneck trying to persuade people with guns to become gay or lesbian?

      She’s a fucking sheep.

      She’s a-fucking sheep, I’m a-flipping hamburger.

  12. This is just the classic proglodyte reaction to anything.

    Ok, you have joined the enlightened side of free thinking, enlightenment, and tolerance.

    Now here are your thinking points. Don’t stray from that or we will be forced to re-educate you! And if you see any baggers disagreeing with us, report them to the authoritahs!

    1. What you’re seeing is not so much reactionary partisan thinking, but rather, how well their logic circuits handle extraneous data not included in the programming.


      1. If this makes them glitch, they’re obviously using the wrong circuits. It certainly makes me short-circuit a little bit, but in a good way.

      2. I’m thinking that if they are lesbians then sterilizations are not really necessary

        1. Lot of lesbians having babies. Don’t need a penis inside a woman to make babies, just sperm.

  13. We’ll see how it works in Washington. This might actually gain some traction in Georgia, because the largest concentrated LGBT populations are in high-crime areas such as Atlanta and Savannah, and the ones who live in rural areas obviously have their own personal security concerns, so the words in these posters could be taken quite literally.

  14. It’s amusing that everyone of these poster photos look like they’ve been torn down in whiny, impotent liberal rage: “How DARE you freely express your opinion that I disagree with! Allow me to forcefully impinge on your freedom of speech!”

    And when did “trolling” become shorthand for disagreeing with a bunch of slackjaws who’ve already made up their minds? According to the geniuses at The Stranger, I guess I should only put up signs that everyone will agree with… “Chocolate milk is great!”

    Fascist dolts.

    1. I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to chocolate, oppressor! Also, vegan, and concerned deeply about the plight of chocolate farmers who aren’t making California minimum wage!*

      Tears poster shilling for big dairy and big chocolate down and stomps on it while weeping profusely.

      *Nothing preceding the asterisk is true, not even a little bit.

      1. I was gonna say, there’s no way you’re a vegan. you like meat too much.

        1. That statement works on just about every level.

        2. I would eat vegan more if they would learn to shave down there.

          1. Why? You know they’re not going to reciprocate.

            1. Having a serious conversation with a vegan over whether swallowing is vegan-wrong is surreal.

      2. Don’t forget the speciesist enslavement of milk cows. Therefore, such posters are anti-cow hate speech.

      3. SO true. I’m voluntarily reporting to dairy enslavement sensitivity camp posthaste!

        Meanwhile I wonder how many ‘BUSHITLER’ vinyl stickers are slowly fading away now that the progressive Golden Child has his authoritarian way with the country.

        I love these posters – they’d be equally likely to be torn down in Seattle as in Tupelo Mississippi, but for two wonderfully different reasons.

        It’s a nice reminder of what libertarianism should encompass.

        1. It’s a nice reminder of what libertarianism should encompass.

          Right – being hated by both teams for completely different reasons.

    2. I thought the posters were made to have that look. Didn’t occur to me that they had actually been torn down. Now I’m curious.

  15. What’s with equating anti-gun and anti-gay laws with likes and dislikes? One could construct utilitarian arguments against both with all emotion removed.

    1. utilitarian

      Fuck Tulpa.

    2. Yeah, because that’s totally how the vast majority of people think

      1. This. Sometimes you have to meet people where they are.

  16. The shorter girl looks exactly like one of my friends, who does happen to be bi. And by ‘exactly’ I mean I had to check the photo 3 times to make sure she didn’t do some random modeling.

    1. I want to hang out with you cats.

    2. The shorter model in the first poster is my step-daughter. She models now and then and has posed for Oleg Volk on several occasions. The taller model behind her is one of her best friends.

  17. The Professional Gay Lobby would be Democratic Party shills no matter what the Party platform said about gay marriage.

    1. I remember when the Professional Gay Lobby in Maryland was a Team Blue shill group, no matter what Maryland Democrats said or did about sodomy laws.

  18. Obviously there are many gay gun-owners in america. This simple fact is enough to cause straight white liberal womyns’ heads to explode.

  19. “I just find it striking that a traditionally conservative movement is branching out to recruit gays and lesbians.”

    I find it striking that there are folks out there who would take my support for granted without a second thought.

    1. One of the interesting comments that I regularly hear from gay gun groups is that they get a much friendlier reception at gun-rights conferences than they do at gay-rights conferences.

      Pink Pistols always get an invitation to the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, where they get a table, pass out literature, participate as speakers, and such. At gay rights meetings notsomuch.

  20. Without someone to credit, it’s impossible to glean the posterer’s intentions.

    To the Left it is all about the intentions.

  21. These posters are almost as awesome as the sputtering retardation they have induced in the Stranger’s commentariat. There really needs to be more of this type of quality propaganda being done out there.

  22. I blame Epi…and Paul.

    Fucking west side scum

  23. I thought the male couple were father & son. They working the intergenerational angle too?

    1. Come to think of it, the female couple look like mother & daughter. I smell repurposing of pre-existing art.

      The mother’s right forearm looks Popeye size in one place, suggesting evidence of airbrushing something out.

      1. Dude. Dykes can arm-wrestle. Do I have some stories…

      2. Both models are about the same age, no airbrushing was done to either of them. See my comment above about who they are.

  24. Cienna Madrid is not interested in personal freedom. Cienna Madrid is interested in advancing leftist politics via identity groups.

    Someone is blurring her finely drawn lines and she is not happy about it.

  25. Have you ever noticed that the only time people embrace The Constitution is when their own ox is being gored? Even then, they only like certain parts of it…

    ‘Freedom for me, but not for thee,’ seems to be our national philosophy.

  26. thank you for sharing.

  27. I’ve seen these posters on Capitol Hill myself recently. I’ll suggest that it’s in response to a gun-control ad campaign (I believe the group is called something like ‘’) that’s appearing heavily on the sides of local buses. The ads tell you to ‘reconsider having a gun in your home’ because ‘1 out of 5 households with guns results in a death’. The ads are being run on Metro buses, which are the ones for Seattle and King County. Interestingly, Community Transit, another bus entity that also serves the outlying suburbs in Snohomish County to the north, has created some controversy by refusing to run the ads, saying in effect that they just don’t want to be involved in the issue.

  28. Also, from time spent in the Seattle club scene I know a lot of proud liberals– good Stranger-reading folk that believe strongly in gay rights and most of the other progressive causes. I doubt that many would consider themselves ‘libertarian’ and certainly wouldn’t say so too loudly if they did. But I’m more than a little surprised by how many of them are gun enthusiasts. I know a couple of young women that have handguns they keep beside the bed because they’ve been raped in home invasions. There’s club managers that own so-called assault weapons. There are moms that pack heat when they’re jogging on the trail with their small children and others that happily show off pics of the S&W MP 9MM their hubby bought ’em for Christmas. These are artsy, sexually open, heavily inked folk that one moment are railing against Rethuglicans and banksters and Monsanto– then in the next post are all excited ’cause they’re going to go burn some brass at the shooting range. Doesn’t exactly fit the narrative but I see it more than you’d expect.

  29. As long as it’s causing control-freaks heads to explode it’s all good.

  30. I would think most gun enthusiasts would settle for the simple decriminalization of their peaceful activities, like gays already enjoy.…..ive-right/

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