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Americans See the Federal Government as a Threat to Civil Liberties, Poll Finds


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So, after a steady flow of unsavory revelations in recent weeks about the federal government's use and abuse of power, and the Obama administration's oversight of the same, just how are Americans feeling about their Uncle Sam and the role he plays in their life? As it turns out, a survey of 1,013 registered voters conducted from May 18-20 finds that the residents of this oversurveilled and IRS-beleaguered nation are a bit sour on the old guy. In fact, they find him downright threatening. President Obama has taken a ding in his approval, too, though not half as bad as that suffered by the federal government (and Congress's ratings are in the toilet).

From Fox News:

After a week of revelations about government spying on reporters and the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservatives, most voters feel "like the federal government has gotten out of control and is threatening the basic civil liberties of Americans."  

At the same time, a new Fox News poll finds disapproval of President Obama's job performance is above 50 percent for the first time in a year, his honesty rating is at a new low and half of voters already think he's a lame-duck.

More than two-thirds of voters—68 percent—feel the government is out of control and threatening their civil liberties.   About one quarter disagree (26 percent).  

Nearly half of Democrats (47 percent), as well as large numbers of independents (76 percent) and Republicans (87 percent) feel Uncle Sam is taking liberties with their liberties.  

The full results can be found here, and they're worth reading. Among other results: 60 percent believe that the seizure of Associated Press records "went too far," though the public sees the IRS scandal and Benghazi as more concerning. Forty-nine percent say President Obama is now a lame duck.

Of course, one hundred percent will have to suck it up as our masters in D.C. do what they will. But we can still make life as difficult as possible for government officials and relish their discomfort.

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