Civil Liberties

Working Pistol Created on Cheap 3D Printer

And, fired nine times in a row


When Defense Distributed created the first 3D-printed "Liberator" pistol, it did so on a professional-grade Stratasys printer well out of the reach of most would-be weapon makers. The prohibitive cost, among other things, made the gun seem more like a proof of concept than a revolution. But according to Forbes, another hobbyist has taken things a step further, making a working version of the Liberator on a relatively low-end 3D printer.

An engineer, identified only as "Joe," has apparently made a version of the Liberator on a consumer-grade Lulzbot AO-101 printer, which sells for $1,725 — less than a quarter of what Defense Distributed's Stratasys cost. In a video, the gun is fired nine times, and Joe says he could have gone longer if it hadn't gotten dark. "People think this takes an $8,000 machine and that it blows up on the first shot. I want to dispel that," he told Forbes. "This does work, and I want that to be known."