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The President's Budget Numbers Don't Add Up, Says the CBO


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Everybody loves a good tall tale, right? Well … Except for the folks at the Congressional Budget Office. In pure, killjoyish fashion, they insist on raining a little reality on the president's budgetary yarn. The savings the president claims from his proposed budget and spending plan seem to have mostly gone missing, they say. And the tax hikes therein are — yow! — rather steeper than advertised.

From Investors Business Daily:

President Obama vastly exaggerated the spending cuts and deficit reduction his budget plan would produce, while dramatically undercounting the level of tax hikes, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of his budget released Friday.

When Obama put out his budget in mid-April he said that it "will reduce our deficits by nearly another $2 trillion," and "does so in a balanced and responsible way, a way that most Americans prefer."

But the CBO report finds that Obama's budget will cut 10-year deficits by just $1.1 trillion, with annual deficits starting to rise again after 2017.

And far from being balanced, the CBO found that his plan's tax hikes would outweigh spending cuts by nearly 6 to 1.

The CBO does say that the president's plan would reduce predicted ten-year budget deficits by $1.1 trillion, but that annual deficits start rising again in 2017. Note that, either way, the federal government still spends a metric buttload more money than it takes in. And, the CBO adds, the president's proposal "cuts" (read that as "reduces the increase") in spending by a whopping 0.4 percent, and that spending would increase over the next several years.

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  1. Anyone STUPID enough to argue that Obamacare would somehow “lower the deficit” or “lower healthcare costs” needs to be roundly ignored for all future US Economic discussions.

    Yes, idiots, giving people free health insurance on the backs of those who already pay for it will end up RUINING any economic projections.

    1. You’re obviously a radical teabagger who wants the children to die from no health care.

      1. You’re obviously a radical teabagger who wants the children to die from no health care.

        Couldn’t be. I haven’t met him at any of the baby-killer raves.

        1. Nor was he at last year’s Top Hat-n-Monocle convention.

      2. You’re obviously a radical teabagger

        Psh, “teabaggers” are far left compared to me!

        1. You an Objectionablist, Anon?

    2. It is going to ruin more than just projections.

      1. Only the economy, no big deal. We can get another one. We just have to spend more and tax more next time.


          1. Well, remember, Pauly Krugman did warn us that the stimulus was way too small. See, he was obviously right.

            1. See, he was obviously right.

              Next up: $423.8 quadrillion. Too small?

              1. How long will it take to print that? Can we get more presses?

                1. I dunno, but the vault would be bigger than Mount Thera.

                2. I don’t see why not, since “printing money” today is usually a simple electronic transaction. This is especially true given the rate that affordable data storage is hitting the market.

                  I just bought a terrabyte of storage for $60, and that isn’t even a great price. Could anyone imagine doing this 20 years ago?

                  1. No. And you have Al Gore to thank for it. While he was inventing the internet, he gave money to the IT industry and told them to make better storage devices. Duh.

  2. Looking over at the newsmax headlines I see where Chaffetz says ” We will do it the hard way” regarding obama and benghazi.

    On top of that it is coming to light that the shitweasel has engaged in a full on assault on the press, tin-pot dictator style. Many of his supporters are starting to back off, leaving only the most fanatically partisans to shill for him. MSNBC has criticized him for fuck’s sake.

    Please please please let him be impeached.

    1. Please please please let him be impeached.

      You should’ve played the powerball, I think your chances of winning were better than those of impeachment.

    2. Why do you like Joe Biden so much?

      1. Why do you like Joe Biden so much?

        Biden’s white, Obama’s black; obv. racist.

      2. How much fucking worse could it be?

        Then again, I said the same thing about Bush.

        1. It cannot always get worse! Think Pol Pot! (or anyother uber-horrible murderous tyrant that suits your fancy) Luckily we still have our gunzzz!

          1. Oops! That should’ve read “It can always get worse!” I hadn’t finished my coffee before typing that.

    3. let him be impeached

      President Biden.

      1. Finally, we can ban those stupid glow sticks as “drug paraphernalia”.

        1. Ban the glow sticks and legalize LSD

  3. tin-pot dictator style

    Have you honestly seen Obama do anything in the last 5 years, that could not be construed as tin-pot dictator style?

    Please please please let him be impeached

    The first black prez cannot be impeached. It would obviously be racism. I mean, really, you don’t really think they can impeach him?

    Also the GOP are a big bunch of pussies, except for Rand and a few others.

    1. Some of the pussies….I mean republicans in the house are talking impeachment over Benghazi. It is probably just talk. We will see.

      1. Obama as martyr?

        No thank you!

        1. Ding ding ding.

        2. I agree. Leave him finish his term, take back the Senate and make him wish that he had been impeached just to get away.

          That’s mean, but really, this guy is truly loathsome.

      2. republicans in the house are talking impeachment over Benghazi

        What is the impeachable offense? Lying to the American people? There wouldn’t be a politician left in office.

        1. If it ever comes out that he left them to die because he was worried about his reelection, that wouldn’t be an unreasonable impeachment to me.

          Also, you say “there wouldn’t be a politician left in office” like it’s a bad thing.

          1. No way anyone could mount a serious rescue in 6 hours. Especially with such limited intell. It would have been a half assed attempt that stood a large chance of getting the rescuers killed. Not going was the right call.

            No doubt he lied with the video bullshit, but, unfortunately, lying isn’t an impeachable offense.

            1. Except that they had no way of knowing prior to the cessation of the attack how long it would continue.

              There should have been some form of mobilization within the first few hours in the event the attack continued.

              Sorry, that’s a massive cop out.

              1. Respectfully Jim, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You wouldn’t even have a grasp of the situation for several hours, let alone anything actionable. You don’t send folks into a situation blind.

                The only issue here is the cover up.

                1. No, you *do* send people into a situation like this. You have Americans trapped and you try to rescue them. Period. People were just a few hours away, and were *twice* told to stand down.

                  That said, even being a scumbag with bad judgment who lets Americans die rather than risk more political fallout is not really an impeachable offense.

      3. I doubt if it is politically feasible. And right now, the story is that he did not order or authorize any of it.

        There would be race riots in the streets. And even worse, there would be violent progressives taking to the streets. You know what they are capable of when they are in full-out emotional mode and truly BELIEVE that they are doing the “right” thing. They can be very dangerous.

    2. The first black prez cannot be impeached.

      That’s why they have Biden, to replace him, right?
      Oh Dear God, Biden. Biden? Biden!
      They’ll never impeach Obama.

      1. Why do you think Biden was chosen for VP? He’s purely there for impeachment/assassination insurance.

    3. What did people expect when they elected a Chicago politician? Honest and openness? The most transparent administration ever?

    4. Impeaching the first black president would be political suicide for the GOP. I’m not saying they’re not pussies. They are. But in this case, not pushing the impeachment thing is probably warranted. Why do that when he’s practically a lame duck at this point anyways. Just keep talking about the scandals and get in his way as much as possible.

  4. NR, but I had to write this, I am still so annoyed by the experience.

    I had to go to the local grocery to get a few things. While I was in line, this lady comes up and she was quite obviously going to cut in line in front of me. I stepped forward to keep her from doing it.

    She had a kid with her, I assume her son, probably about 10 years old. She started whining to him about how there’s only 2 lines and maybe she should start shopping somewhere else. Then when I got to the register and start putting my stuff down, she jumps forward and starts saying ‘Hey, can you guys open up another lane, I’ve been standing here a long time(lie, it was like 2 minutes), and there’s only 2 lines open’… Meh Gawd… that voice, shrill squawky annoying, fucking New Jersey accent. So she continues ‘It’s like this every time I come in here, I’m going to shop somewhere else!’.

    I really wanted the girl at the register to just climb over it and punch the living shit out of that cunt. What a damn vile creature!

    If the folks at the market are lucky, she’ll go shop elsewhere.

    1. You didnt suggest that she do just that? Shop somewhere else I mean.

      1. I just smiled and chatted a little with the cashier, making sure to take as much time as possible swiping my card and all.

        1. You should have whipped out a handful of coupons and made her wait a little more.

          1. If I would have had any…

          2. “Can I use EBT for this six pack?”

        2. I buy my cigarettes at a little store owned and run by a Sikh. I have gotten to know the guy and occasionally bring him vegetables from my garden.

          Once I stood in line waiting 10 minutes or so while a young woman in pajamas and house slippers dug around for pennies and kept putting icees and candy bars back until her money matched the price of what she was buying. The whole time her 3 kids ran all over the store touching and moving everything in reach, even bringing more worthless items to the counter. She would fuss at them and make them put those items back. She and her kids were a living breathing giant clusterfuck.

          In addition to all of that she was being nasty to the store owner. Obviously it was his fault that she didnt have the money to buy all the candy she and her brats wanted.

          As she was finally walking out the door I asked him loudly ” How can you stand it?”. I knew that in that neighborhood he had a hundred like her every day. He just laughed.

          She didnt laugh. She yelled at me “Fuck you cracker ass redneck motherfucker!”

          That made me laugh.

          1. She yelled at me “Fuck you cracker ass redneck motherfucker!”

            I didn’t know welfare queens hated rednecks so much.

            1. My Grandaddy was fond of saying “If you want someone to really hate you, just give ’em something for free”.

          2. Lol.

            Every once in a while I have the misfortune of my wife wanting to stop at Walmart, late at night, after we’ve been out doing something.

            I see those people every time, the pajama wearers. Last time it was this guy, maybe in his mid 20s, scruffy beard, about 400 lbs., in Pajama bottoms with cats on them, fuzzy house slippers, knee socks on over the pajama bottoms(I swear I’m not making this up), a grimy looking sweatshirt about 2 sizes too small and his fat belly flopping out. His better half was in similar attire.

            1. His better half was in similar attire.

              Abuse of the phrase “better half”.

            2. Better half? Was that his chin sausage?

          3. Also, buying CIGARETTES!?


            1. He didn’t say cloves.

              Wait, are those banned, or do they just suck now because of a ban?

              1. They’ve always sucked.

    2. Leave New Jersey.

      1. Always sound advice.

    3. Let me guess, she had sunglasses perched on the top of her head?

  5. “President Obama vastly exaggerated the spending cuts and deficit reduction his budget plan would produce, while dramatically undercounting the level of tax hikes”

    Progressives want it that way.

    They don’t care what it does to the economy either. …just so long as the government takes more money from taxpayers and spends it, too.

    They’d denounce the CBO as a bunch of stupid rednecks if they thought anyone would buy it.

    Lean forward!

    1. Progressives don’t understand markets or economics. They emote something that they want to be true, because it feels good and fair to them. So it’s true, no matter how fucked up it is in reality.

      They also have a very, very deeply flawed understanding of human nature. They simply believe that if their team is in charge, then everything bad that every government has ever done throughout history is suddenly over, and we can all live free from fear, because now it’s just rainbows and free ponies for everyone.

      1. “Progressives don’t understand markets or economics.”

        They don’t understand them because they don’t believe in them.

        1. This. To them, economics is a soft science at best.

          And at the same time, psychology should be the basis of our legal system. With our legal code changing as often as the DSM and with at least as much theoretical jargon, so the uneducated get confused and accept their societal prescriptions unquestioningly.

          1. To them, economics is a soft science at best

            Wait, you’re not suggesting that economics is one of the hard sciences, are you? Last time I checked, economics, especially “orthodox” economics was squarely in the disciplines of the social sciences.

          2. I wasn’t aware economics was a hard science.

            1. I think lap has it backwards. Progressives, as advocates for a planned economy falsely believe that economics is a hard science and are confounded when their 5-year-plans and forecasting models don’t accurately predict the future.

          3. Economics *is* a soft science. Not because it has to be, but because the vast bulk of economists lack the necessary mathematical skills.

            That lack of mathematical skills then leads to economists using *false* assumptions to simplify their models.

            1. I think economics is at least a medium soft science because it involves human behavior and too many variables to linearalize. Soft sciences attract soft thinkers so there’s sort of a negative feedback loop.

              1. Of course not linearize. That is one out of several false assumptions in economists’ models. Another one is that humans are motivated only by financial profit, and not by anything else.

                I think one would need to create statistical models describing how market actors actually behave when making economical decisions. This can be empirical, but it would need to have enough flexibility to describe different groups. There already exist some studies on that from the last 2-3 decades.

                Economists then would need to develop new mathematics to numerically solve complex systems which incorporate such statistical models. I’d expect something like a coupled set of time-delay differential equations with quite a few variables, some of which are stochastic processes, and probably with some interval arithmetic in there.

                Physicists and engineers have created new mathematics to partially solve their complex problems. Economists so far have not done that.

            2. Actually, economists have to take a lot of math. It’s just that they believe that their over simplified models represent reality and they don’t have a sufficient understanding of human action. They also fall into the same trap as the rest of the proglodytes in that they look at the ends and think the means don’t matter. If they want a certain outcome, they can legislate it.

              This belief in over-simplified models is seen somewhere else too, isn’t it? Now where is it I’ve seen that …………

              1. At the university where I got my PhD in mathematics, the future physicists had to take some of the mathematicians’ courses for math, and could handle that. The future computer scientists also had to take some of these courses, but they could not handle the demands of these intense courses.

                The future economists only had to take some basic math courses. Even these heavily simplified courses were too difficult for the future economists.

                Example hilarious moment: a new published research paper authored by some well-renowned economists claims that a certain formula is a good model for economic growth, and the authors offers a time-delay different equation for which they claim that formula is a solution.
                A local professor of economics deems the results suspicious, but lacks the math skills to check the math in that paper. So he asks a math professor to look at that paper. Math professor says that the time-delay different equation from the original paper does not have a unique solution. Rather, it has many solutions. Infinitely many solutions which lie dense in the space of continuous functions.

      2. because it feels good and fair to them.

        Idiot liberals love that word, fair.
        My 8 year old loves that word too (and she likes rainbows and ponies).
        Idiot liberals have the mental faculties of an 8 year old.

      3. Ummmm. I had not heard about the free ponies. That seriously might have changed the way I voted. I always wanted a pony.

    2. You mean “Bend over”.

  6. “President Obama vastly exaggerated the spending cuts and deficit reduction his budget plan would produce, while dramatically undercounting the level of tax hikes, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of his budget released Friday.”

    Well, then the CBO is racist. Don’t they know he graduated from Harvard?!

    And Barack Obama should be given the Nobel Prize in Economics, or they’re a bunch of racists, too.

    1. Obviously, racist, no doubt. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from the NYT about this, soon.

    2. Given the horse shit I have heard in earnest from his supporters and defenders your suggestion seems kinda weak.

      My favorites are the ones claiming that businesses making very uncomfortable adjustments because of obamacare are only doing so out of spite to thwart our great leader.

      1. Because for them everything revolves around dear leader.

        1. For a lot of them, it’s basically a personality cult.

          They don’t care whether he’s wrong or right–if being on his side of an issue is wrong, then they don’t want to be right.

          That’s practically the definition of cult behavior. They might as well be Scientologists or Moonies.

          1. Basically….might as well be….practically…you have too many qualifiers in there. Remove them and you will be spot on.

          2. They have something remarkably similar to religious faith, in their chosen team leaders and the government in general.

            They seem to think that once someone is elected Democrat, that their nature magically changes into something angelic or god like.

          3. In comparison, Scientologists and Moonies are fucking rational people verging on mainstream respectability.

            1. Their view of the world shifts so that no matter what happens, their leader is always right.

              He can make them believe almost anything.

      2. I actually had a bright and semi-famous writer friend say that well, those businesses should have just planned better, as if added costs are mere trivialities that those dumb businesspeople should have been prepared for.

        1. You need to point out that the average profit, which is used to pay their employees and buy them benefits, is only 5%. And that if they only have 3% profit they have to lay people off and may not be able to give raises or may have to push off more of the health care costs on to the employee.

    3. God dammit I need to comment on these articles earlier. This is like the third time today someone commented what I wanted to say.

    4. It’s too late for the Nobel in Economics. Everyone know you need to give out the Nobel BEFORE the person has actually done anything.

  7. OT: A friend of a friend declared the other week that she wanted another child because of the “extra 4 grand a year the government would give her.”

    I felt dirty being even so remotely associated with such a worthless piece of fucking shit.

    1. I hope you plan on poisoning this “friend of a friend”.

      1. Come on Mulatto, I can’t confess to something like that on the internets. They’re watching!

        1. Duly noted.

          Next time use TOR from a thumb drive.

    2. I know what you mean. I knew a couple who did exactly that. 4 kids already, neither of them working, another kis on the way and bragging about how much more welfare and food stamps they were going to get.

    3. A mile from where I live is a hovel, barely visible because of the junk piled up around it, where an extended family lives. Mom, dad, son, two daughters, two sons-in-law, and 4 or 5 little kids. Every single one gets welfare and/or disability. They really do just sit around the yard and wait for their checks.

      Oh, they also do a lot of dumpster diving. I threw some shit away and the next day it appeared in their yard.

      1. I threw some shit away and the next day it appeared in their yard

        Well, at least they are good for something.

      2. Next time try selling it to them first.

      3. Met a guy through my dad. Gets $670 a month for some some non-visible disability. On the day the check arrives he goes to local quickie-mart and buys $670 worth of lottery scratch-off tickets; month in month out. True story.

        1. Doesn’t he realize he already “won”? $670 a month FOR LIFE!

          1. I can’t stand how poor people who act like victims because of ‘economic injustice’ and who always bitch about rich people very often play the lottery. I guess so they could become, like, rich…

            1. I don’t think your every day run-of-the-mill poor people hate the rich. More like the grad-degreed baristas and adjunct faculty types. I recall some poll that showed the truly poor are most likely to think taxes are too high on everyone.

              1. I don’t think your every day run-of-the-mill poor people hate the rich. More like the grad-degreed baristas and adjunct faculty types

                That may be true in America, where some semblance of equality of opportunity and advancement through hard work exists. However, in cultures where the poor know that they will never get a slice of the pie no matter how hard they work, they’re just itching to hack the wealthy to death with farming implements.

    4. Now that Plan B is easier to get than cold medicine, just slip her one in a drink. Though I suppose getting the timing correct would be difficult.

  8. I was drinking with some buddies saturday and somehow politics came up and one starts going off about how free market capitalism has failed. I simply asked him to point out a truly free market capitalist society as an example of how capitalism has failed. Crony capitalism may be failing, but there is not much free market about that.

    Then, get this, one guy goes: “you should research keynesian economics, that is what we need!” That one made me laugh.

    The main point of their argument was that capitalism causes concentration of power to corporations and that we need controls on the economy because products keep requiring less human labour to produce and the population keeps growing so we wont have jobs for them. Bottom line, these guys had no idea what they were talking about but argued like they really knew what was going on. I lost a little hope in ever finding libertopia that night.

    1. One of the things that bugs me about anarchy is that its proponents imagine if only we could get rid of government we could have libertopia.

      They dont seem to understand that government is not the problem. If we dissolve the government tomorrow, Pelosi, Reid, Obama and all of their ilk will still be among us. Your drinking buddies will still be here.

      Just a little friendly advice Joe; Get new buddies.

      1. Just a little friendly advice Joe; Get new buddies.

        Be forewarned, however; People are morons. Be prepared to have very few friends.

        1. One of my favorite jokes is a George Burns bit.

          “Happiness is having a large, loving family. ( pause ) That lives in another state.

          You are correct. I find it to be a peaceful situation.

      2. Yeah, but Pelosi, Reid and Obama would have little to offer in a voluntary economy based on ability and productivity. And people would stop pretending we owe them anything.

      3. I have one buddy who is getting into libertarianism, not surprisingly he owns and operates a small business.

        But otherwise, I live in Canada. Libertarianism is thought of as “merican” because people honestly think that the US is some free market darwinistic hell and a lot of Canadians think they are better than Americans. The guys are fun to drink with, but their political and national economic views are seriously warped.

        1. Yes, “American-Style” is the #1 pejorative in the Great White North.

          1. Or as I like to joke, “Ice hockey is Canada’s #1 national sport. Canada’s #2 national sport is America-bashing.”

            1. Do they paint the baby harp seals red and blue?

        2. Canada is far more secular than the US. It should be a natural fit for libertarianism. The GOP here has been taken over by Wahabbi Christians.

          1. Oh look, the retard shows up.

          2. “The GOP here has been taken over by Wahabbi Christians.”

            Which is why they ran a Morman for president.

          3. How does the Republican party fit into a discussion of libertarianism? Go fuck yourself.

        3. Oddly enough, Canada has typically been more free-market than America for most of its history.

          1. It still is, judging by the Economic Freedom Index. Not much of a surprise, since we’re pretty much full-on fascist at this point.

            1. Health Care: NOT FREE ENOUGH

              1. Our Full Retard healthcare system not only WILL change, it already is. Ophthomology in Canada is private and there is less government pogee than is average for the OECD. Surgeries are being delisted all the time ie you have to pay for them. Private ‘clinics’ are popping up slowly but surely. Cracks in the wall.

                1. I was reading somewhere that the Indian tribes — excuse me, first nations — were starting to set up private hospitals.

                  Should be some nice synergy in the us. Come to soaring eagle casino for your bypass. You can play poker in bed until you’re healthy enough to go down to the floor.

              2. If Canadians wanted to take care of their own health-care needs out of pocket, they used to have to go into exile to do it.

      4. I’m not really an anarchist at all if thats what you are implying. The closest I get to ancap is liking the idea of a minarchist state.

        I don’t care if those ass holes are around or not, as long as they can’t concentrate power to control me they can do whatever the fuck they want.

        1. I did not mean to imply that you were anarchist. Your drinking buddies made me think of that. They would still be around and their leftist ideas. Even with no government they would still be squawking about that shit and demanding that something be done.

          And CE, you underestimate just how slimy, conniving, scheming and power hungry those people are. In no time they would build some kind of power structure that would allow them to control others and steal. A structure probably worse than the one we have now.

          The only way to have libertopia is to fill it with libertarians. Then we could have or not have government, it really wouldnt matter.

      5. Just a little friendly advice Joe; Get new buddies.


        I was talking to my folks yesterday. We got on politics and my dad said he had to stop before he got pissed. He said he didn’t want to get too wound up as they were going out with some liberal friends in a couple of hours.

        I asked him, in all seriousness, why he would have liberal friends.

        I don’t. I won’t. I’d rather have no friends.

        Does that make me a bad person?

        1. I was about to object, but then I thought about my friends and realized that my Liberal friends are the least of my friends. Pretty vapid and they try to cover for it by being ‘nice’. One of them has become the worst ‘intellectual’ douchebag since he studied humaninties at a university and went Full Liberal. He and the others like him are the worst on FB. Yeah, come to think of it my ‘Liberal’ friends are vapid FB-narcissists.

          Funny, most of my other friends are vaguely left of center but not…Liberal. I know that sounds like splitting the hair, but it isn’t. Those friends can be left of center on some things, but they hate the UN. They ALL hate unions. My generation HATES the unions.

          1. One of them has become the worst ‘intellectual’ douchebag since he studied humaninties at a university and went Full Liberal. He and the others like him are the worst on FB. Yeah, come to think of it my ‘Liberal’ friends are vapid FB-narcissists.

            I’ve mentioned my English professor buddy who’s devolved into a full-on Team Blue shill. Living his whole professional career in academia’s incestuous feedback loop has seriously warped his principles. He’s literally incapable of having a political discussion that doesn’t consist of the latest lefty talking points, to the point that it’s now ridiculously easy to shred his arguments.

    2. I’ve been busting out “you know, you’re right. What the world needs is more violence to control people.”

      Not that it gets through.

      1. I like that. I started getting into the non-aggression principle but the one guy didnt get it. His retort was along the lines of so I cant put a gun to a guys head to stop him from putting a gun to another guys head?? it was useless going through it. It was so far from anything he had ever thought of I just gave up.

        1. It’s a funny magical effect. Once 50% +1 agree on something, that group effect sanitizes any immorality of whatever action they perform!

          Redistribute wealth, confiscate property(even raise a neighborhood and replace it with a dump!) ban plants or speech, search people, it’s all sanitized by democracy and fine.

          Sorry, a little overboard, I need to back off before I go reductio ad hitlerum.

          1. That was the basic idea.. initiation of force doesn’t matter if the majority votes for it (and it’s a liberal in charge).

          2. I’ve always admired people’s ability to invert morality when talking of the collective.

            Take any thing the government does and imagine you doing that thing to your neighbor. There are, literally, no things that I can imagine that the government does that would be considered moral on an individual level.

            1. That’s what really put me over the edge to libertarianism. Mostly from moon is a harsh mistress.

              “When is it moral for the group to do, that which it would not be moral for an individual to do?”

              1. Even from a utilitarian perspective it seems that whatever is attempted by force ultimately fails.

                I may lack the imagination and insight, but to me, I can’t think of a single problem that coercion and collectivism has solved.

                1. The only ones I have are snark. Genocide and such.

                  1. Anyone listen to the Michael Garibaldi show today? Had a Constitutional scholar on by the name of Bruce Fein discussing where the US is as a nation with respect to the Constitution. He pretty much compared it to the Roman death throes. Seemed like an extremely intelligent man. I was impressed. Anyone know anything more about him?

      2. consider that line STOLEN

      3. I like doing that with the free healthcare idiots.

        “Yeah, you’re right. Doctors owe us. Let’s make them our slaves”

    3. You-and the rest of us-need to be more aggressive proponents of capitalism. Not in a loud way, but a condescending smug. That sells and women love it.

  9. The president’s budget numbers DO add up. They equal spiraling debt, mass inflation and economic catastrophe.

    1. Bah, inflation isn’t real, it only exists in the imagination of crazed redneck extremists!

  10. Where is the outrage? WHERE IS THE FREAKING OUTRAGE?!

    1. What difference at this point, does it make?

      1. Isn’t that what Charles Manson said at his sentencing hearing?

        1. I think Himmler’s PA asked it too

          1. Ok, we have Charles Manson, Himmlers PA, and the Hildebeast.

            It’s like an axis of evil more evil than any axis of evil, evah.

            1. Putting Hillary Clinton in the same bucket as Charles Manson is not really fair…to Charles Manson. His bodycount is no where near as high.

  11. Any budget based on projected tax revenues is pure fantasy.

  12. Wow, have you guys run out of race cards in this deck yet?

    1. As if the race deck has a finite supply of cards.

    2. What the hell are you talking about?

      1. All the comments upthread that imply that any defense of Obama’s budget is race-related.

        1. lrn2readingcomprehension

          1. Too dark for him to read.

            1. Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.

              Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

              1. Marxist

        2. Can you give an example?

    3. C’mon turdpolisher troll, what race cards? Do tell.

  13. So here we have Ray Manzarek explaining what happened when “The Network” asked them to self-edit on The Ed Sullivan show

    1. RIP Ray.

  14. This just in.

    President Obama flies to OK and climbs onto a pile of dead children. ‘Let me be clear, uhh, this uhhh, climate change extremism must be stopped. We must, uhh, implement massive new taxes on carbon emissions, and uhhh, invest trillions more in promising new green energy companies. Uhh, and electric cars, and uhhh, for the children.

    1. BUT CHILDREN!!!

      1. IF IT SAVES ONE LIFE!!11!11!!!!!!!

    2. He should bring the bullhorn Dumbya used whilst standing on the rubble of 9/11 then declare a ‘War on Tornados’ and assemble a DHS-like new agency.

      1. who hurt you?

        1. He hurt himself trying to get his head further up Obamas ass.

        1. Oh PB lives it. He IS TQ incarnate.

        2. That’s buttplugs life philosophy. But Boooshhhhh did it!

          1. Wrong + Wrong = Right

    3. Yes, during a tornado season that is pathetically weak. Only one third the storms of normal. I think a few years back we were warned that tornado activity would pickup to unbelievable levels.

      those predictions went down the memory hole.

      1. If the number of tornadoes is below average this year, well, clearly, global warming.

        1. CLIMATE CHANGE!!!! Why do you think they changed the term?

    4. Senator Whitehouse is on top of it.

      “So, you may have a question for me,” Whitehouse said. “Why do you care? Why do you, Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, care if we Republicans run off the climate cliff like a bunch of proverbial lemmings and disgrace ourselves? I’ll tell you why. We’re stuck in this together. We are stuck in this together. When cyclones tear up Oklahoma and hurricanes swamp Alabama and wildfires scorch Texas, you come to us, the rest of the country, for billions of dollars to recover. And the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn’t just hit Oklahoma and Alabama and Texas. It hits Rhode Island with floods and storms. It hits Oregon with acidified seas, it hits Montana with dying forests. So, like it or not, we’re in this together.”

      1. What a fucking piece of shit.

        1. Oh I think he’s a true believer. A real madman. BC just put one of these in the provincial legislature. A bigwig called Andrew Weaver. Funny, the left-wing party (NDP) got killed in that upset election.

            /democracy fail
            // NDP shill

            1. LOL. It would be awesome if Cunty Clark got seat denied. Tommy Douglas went seat shopping. Lost multiple specially-called byelections before he gave up!

              1. Only one Ind and one Green elected in BC. Still way too much thinking inside the box on the left coast.

        2. Why do you, Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island

          Anybody who address themselves in a speech is a fucking asshole.

      2. Was there always this level of stupid in Congress? I don’t remember it from my youth, but it may just have been that I wasn’t paying attention. I recall responsible adults arguing real issues, but maybe that was just because I was young and looked up to them.

        WE. ARE. DOOMED.

      3. Questions to ask all AGW people:

        1) What is the total cost of all the mitigation efforts you would recommend, over the next 50 years?

        2) As a result, how much lower do you calculate the average temperature of the Earth be in 50 years?

        3) Are you kidding me? You want to spend trillions to lower the average temperature by that little?

        1. 1) What is the total cost of all the mitigation efforts you would recommend, over the next 50 years?

          Not much. I’d simply pass a couple of laws that tax pollution, and lower other taxes accordingly. The market then should be reasonably efficient at coming up with solutions that reduce pollution to reduce tax payments.

          I’d then slowly cut down the budget as tax revenue declines.

    1. Well, obviously, he didn’t have much else to choose from, I mean we’re talking about those damn okie rednecks out there in flyover country. You know civilized and enlightened folk don’t live out in the wilds like that.

      I bet those guys don’t even like paying taxes, damn baggers.

      1. That guy doesn’t look like an Okie redneck to me.

      2. I don’t get it. “She wants the D?” Obviously, he means “defense”. He doesn’t look like the type to be a fan of the WNBA, but it takes all kinds, I guess…

        1. Is he distributing the Defense? VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY

        2. I’ll give her the D

  15. Follow

    The Associated Press
    BREAKING: State medical examiner’s office: 51 killed in Oklahoma tornado, with children among the dead -RJJ

    emphasis mine.

    1. It’s really sad. But what will make it even sadder is that El Presidente will soon be parading the poor parents of those kids all over the country making them shill for climate taxes and green energy. Low life bastard.

      1. Why do all these OWSers and “anti-corporate activists” refuse to acknowledge Obama’s blatant corporatism? It’s probably the worst of any president since FDR.

    2. Children are like people, but worth more.

      Unless they’re in the fetal stage of development, of course.

      1. Children are worth more points because they’re harder to hit.

        1. They are quick little bastards.

    3. Fuck the adults who died. They don’t matter.

    1. They released the pale rider of the apocalypse, John McCain, I just saw him riding Lindsey Graham across the sky.

    2. I’m very sad Canada does not have volcanoes, and in my time in the praires I have yet to be witness to even 1 tornado. Sad.

        1. stupid squirrels

    3. I heard a report on NPF about this and another Aleutian volacno the other day. The report included a clip from a scientist who said that it could affect air travel eventually, but we didn’t have enough information because of the sequester. Retch, retch, retch.

      1. Er, NPR, of course.

        1. I’d rather listen to NPF

    4. Oddly there seems to be no concern about the massive amounts of CO2 and water vapor being released into the atmosphere.

      I say we level a carbon tax on volcanoes.

  16. BMW has rubbished suggestions that it is considering a Formula 1 return.

    1. Bernie Ecclestone disagrees.

  17. I don’t get last night’s Mad Men.
    I will however be watching a certain 5 minutes of Game of Thrones again.
    /not Samwell’s scene

    1. It’s HBO. They’re contractually obligated to insert as much gratuitous sex and violence that doesn’t contribute to the story as possible. (Made worse by the fact that GRRM wrote the episode)

      Benihoff can script random scenes with whores, but no Oberyn Martell. I AM DISAPPOINT.

      1. I’d actually say that the nude scenes in this last episode weren’t gratuitous, particularly the Dani one. I’m not going to complain about the nudity either way though.

        1. If the actress playing Sansa was over 18 we may have problems.

          1. She will be in future seasons…

  18. OT:

    Fuck John McCain

    “What they often leave out is the second part of the story, that Apple is one of the largest tax avoiders,” said Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), who described Apple as the “most egregious offender” among U.S. corporations trying to avoid tax bills.

    … The investigation found no evidence that Apple did anything illegal…

    So…what was the “offense?”


    1. Somebody (in this case, Apple) has a big pile of money, and dammit, that’s just not fair!

    2. So now McCain is engaging in pure politics of envy, obama style.


      1. It’s just further evidence that 2008 was the worst election ever.

        Teams Red and Blue each put up some of their worst candidates in a generation, and the Libertarians nominated Bob Barr.

        Ok, so EVERYONE put up their worst candidates in a generation.

        1. At least we got a bunch of shit out of our collective systems.

      2. McCain is nothing more than a media whore. That’s all he has ever been and all he ever will be.

  19. Oh my god, the president is a fabulist.

  20. Would it be tasteless to suggest we need universal background checks on tornados?

    1. Why does anyone *need* a tornado?

      1. I’m sure with the right advertisements and marketing campaign my wife would all of the sudden “need” one.

  21. So this weekend I saw hot girl who was dating a fat dude. Fat dude is rich, right?

    1. Just like he told her, his Ferrari is in the shop.

      1. I don’t get the fat chick and skinny dude scenario either.

        1. I remember years ago at my wife and my first apartment we had these neighbors where the wife was fat and hideous the dude was skinny, not Tom Cruise but could have definitely done better. I could almost understand if she was like a total sweetheart but not only was she a bitch she physically abused this guy like all of the time. Neither one of them had money. It was astounding. Like I always tell me wife, there’s someone for everyone.

        2. You’d think fat fetishists would be fat themselves, but many of those who get a boner over the so-called BBW are “skinny dudes”.


          1. Do you really think that most fetishes stem from common traits?

            That’s like saying you’d expect most men with foot fetishes to have beautiful feet. They fetishize something on their partner, their appearance isn’t really apart of it.

    2. As for the hot girl/fat dude combo, sometimes the fat dude just has “fat charisma”: prime example, Biggie Smalls

      1. I thought Biggie fell into the rich/famous category

        1. He managed to marry Faith Evans before he was famous and when she was.

          1. She wasn’t famous when they got married, and the ceremony was about a month before Ready to Die was released.

  22. Sorry, not going to slog through 175 posts. Did shithead show up to claim all is well?

    1. Did shithead show up to claim all is well?

      Be more specific, please.

      1. Shithead = Tony.

        1. CTRL+F “tony”


  23. So who’s going to the armed march on DeeCee on the fourth?

    1. From what I hear, pretty much nobody.

      1. I know, what would the liberals say!?

        I may go with a camera if it’s still on.

    1. I wish my ethics teacher looked like Heather Graham.

      1. Alia Shawkat, whilst an awesome character, is turning in to a babe of serious significance.

  24. Man I am totally liking the way that is looking. Wow.


  25. No way no how. I never even thought about it liek that man.


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