Fox Vows to Defend Rosen, Stop-and-Frisk Trial Winding Down, Poor Are Leaving Cities Behind: P.M. Links


  • So between the AP and Fox News, they've pissed off everybody now, right?
    Credit: ario_ / / CC BY-NC-SA

    Fox News has vowed to defend reporter James Rosen, should the DOJ actually attempt to name him a criminal co-conspirator in connection with a news leak.

  • As the stop-and-frisk civil rights challenge in New York City comes to a close, the city's attorney insisted there was "no indication of racial motivation whatsoever"  in the police's behavior, despite all evidence to the contrary.
  • One of the hunger-strikers at Guantanamo Bay has turned to Twitter (through his lawyer) to try to get support for closing down the detention facility.
  • A report from the Brookings Institution says that the poor are moving out of cities to the suburbs, because that's where jobs and affordable housing can be found.
  • Police raided and shut down an independent newspaper in Uganda in connection with a conflict between an army general and the president of the country.
  • Boeing's troubled 787 Dreamliners are returning to the skies over the United States.

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  1. Boeing’s troubled 787 Dreamliners are returning to the skies over the United States.

    Dreeeeeeeeeam liner, I believe you can’t get me through the air…

    1. I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know IF I’ll be back again…

      1. Big ol’ jet airliner, can’t carry me too far away.

        1. And jet, I thought the only
          Lonely place was on the moon.

            1. NEEDS MORE JET!!!

              1. Dream Liner in flight
                Afternoon of fright
                AA-AA-Afternoon of fright.

    2. The Dreamliner’s record has wavered. You might even say it has weaved.

  2. And the IRS scandal was a subversion of democracy on a massive scale. The most fearsome and coercive arm of the administrative state embarked on a systematic effort to suppress citizen dissent against the party in power. Thomas Friedman is famous for musing that he wishes America could be China for a day. It turns out we’ve been China for a while.…..TopOpinion

    1. If I were China for a day,
      I would give it all away….

    2. Personally, I think all organizations and individuals should be tax exempt, but partisan political groups applying for tax-exempt status and pretending to be impartial social welfare organizations deserve a little extra scrutiny, don’t they?

      1. Keep sucking that diseased, statist cock.

      2. but partisan political groups applying for tax-exempt status and pretending to be impartial social welfare organizations deserve a little extra scrutiny, don’t they?

        Yeah, look at all the scrutiny Obama’s campaign organization Obama for America got when they became a 501(c)(4) called Organizing for America.

      3. Concern troll, concern troll, why art thou concerned?

  3. Climate change is changing!

    1. :::gropes for shocked! face:::

      Writing in Nature Geoscience, the researchers say this will reduce predicted warming in the coming decades.

      But long-term, the expected temperature rises will not alter significantly.

      “Our initial predictions, that we were so certain of, were shit, but I swear to you, those unfalsifiable long term predictions, those are the real deal.”

      1. the researchers say this will reduce predicted warming in the coming decades

        Now *that* is good science.

      2. Now give me some grant money.

  4. Fox News has vowed to defend reporter James Rosen…

    Why the hell wouldn’t they. Total win-win.

    1. …should the DOJ actually attempt to name him a criminal co-conspirator in connection with a news leak.

      Why the hell wouldn’t they? Total win-win.

      1. The main stream media fellated Deep Throat.
        Whatcha wanna bet they pass on this one?


    More nuclear reactors plz.

    1. SMRs are going to be a big deal.

    2. You’re in Virginia. Tell them motherfuckaz to allow uranium mining!

      1. Dude, you know how fucking stupid people are. They told the people here that their kids would glow in the dark.

        1. Tell them if they din’t dig it out of the ground it will decay to radon and then Lung Cancer.

          1. In Florida, we hide our uranium in our gypsum. Then hate on the Chinese for building wallboard out of the same quality of stuff that we used to before we discovered that it was, you know, radioactive and decaying into radon in people’s houses.

          2. Tell them if they din’t dig it out of the ground it will decay to radon and then Lung Cancer.

            Radon supposedly gives people lung cancer… but some of the lowest smoking-adjusted lung cancer rates are in some of the highest radon areas.

            Something’s wrong there!

              1. Correct, EPA took high-dose observations from miners and drew a straight line down through the origin of the graph. And they didn’t know about PM2.5 problems back when they did that either.

    3. I wonder how long it will take for us to move from the “heat water to make electricity” paradigm. We have radioactive elements that emit photons. We have photovoltaic technology that requires sunlight. AFAIK, current PV tech probably can’t take radioactive bombardment but what if we moderated/shielded the PV cells with gadolinium or other radio-opaque materials as well as developing more robust PV cells?

      1. I still want to know why we can’t harness lightning strikes. I mean, it’s the 21st century.

        1. Here, hold this wire…

          1. It’s a lot of electricity. We use electricity. Can’t we capture in some sort of gigantic flywheel or something? Come on, future.

            1. It’s not that much electricity actually. Meaning, “not that much” in terms of, say, how long you can run a light bulb off of it.

              1. There’s a lot of energy in there for the taking. Also, please harness the power of hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

                1. Hurricanes, volcanoes – yes, tons of energy. Perhaps some slight issues with volcanic eruptions.

                  Actually, why not tides, even the easy way? Like, why aren’t there large floating weights in harbors that get raised by the tide up to a certain point and then pull a weight on the way back down? Or am I being dumb here?

                  1. I saw something about harnessing the power of the Gulf Stream once.

                    1. Aren’t there dead zones in the ocean, anyway? Do it there.

              2. It’s not that much electricity actually.

                It’s at least 1.21GW

              3. It’s only enough energy to bring to life an amalgamation of body parts, not enough to power a city or anything important.

                1. Well, that’s limited thinking. If those creatures made from body parts could be used to turn a turbine. . . .

            2. I envision giant automated mobile capacitor banks roaming the countryside on enormous caterpillar tracks, in constant search of a thunderstorm, crushing all in their path in their search for precious juice.

              1. Yes, yes, exactly. A giant von Neumann machine that uses electricity to replicate itself into more giant machines.

            3. It’s not really that much electricity, something around 500 megajoules on average. Your typical power plant produces more than that per second.

              1. Okay, how about the sun? Big fusion reactor, just 93 million miles away. Wasting all of that energy.

                1. I recall an Aussie prof who argued that the human use of solar power took energy away from other uses.

                  1. Like warming Saturn? Well, fuck Saturn.

                2. 93 million miles away. Why bother when there are 6 billion people right here on Earth who could be harnessed as living batteries. Yes, the math totally works out. If only we could figure out a way to keep their brains distracted…

                  1. That’s not every productive, but enslaving us and raising us as cattle might work.

        2. All the experimental electro-lightning collectors keep disappearing. Nothing left but a couple of flaming tracks. And the damn town clock keeps breaking too.

      2. I’m guessing because right now PV efficiencies kind of suck. I don’t remember the numbers, but even under ideal conditions they’re way lower than a decent steam cycle.

        1. The most advanced ones I’ve read about are like 12% efficient. 8% is more common.

          1. Panasonic says they’ve developed a 24.7% efficient cell.


        2. The way I look at it, we are planning to bury a bunch of extremely nasty, photon emitting materials in a salt mine in Nevada. Why not see if we can develop technology so that we can use it for power generation? Could we make small, maybe even portable nuclear photovoltaic generators? Think about how huge the engine is on a container ship, for instance, and how much diesel it has to burn. If we could make an NPV with few moving parts, no finicky reactor or cooling system, nuclear power would take a giant step forward.

          1. Google Hyperion Power. They changed their name, but I don’t recall the new name.

          2. Yucca Mountain wasn’t a salt mine. Old salt mines were considered for alternative sites, but the Senators of the states they were located in were too powerful for them to be selected.

          3. The wiki article on Optoelectric nuclear batteries was interesting.


            But the disadvantage:

            A failure of containment in this form of device would release high-pressure jets of finely divided radioisotopes, forming an effective Dirty Bomb

            Would probably prevent widespread adoption.

      3. I have long thought that we could get energy from tides. At some places the ocean rises 15-20 feet twice a day. Why couldn’t we use that energy to raise some water 15-20 feet every cycle and release it to drive a flywheel?

    4. As long as they don’t require government subsidies, I’m all for it.

      Whoops, looks like they got at least $226 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to build there, along with all kind of subsidies from the state as well, in exchange for “jerbs”.

    1. So which movie is better. “River’s Edge” or “Stand by Me”? I like them both, a lot. One has Keanu Reeves and the other has Will Wheaton. It was downhill for both of them after.


    Question. I just saw one of the latest MSNBC “Lean Forward” ads in which Rachel Maddow claims that deficits have historically shrunk under Democrats and expanded under Republicans. But for the life of me, without some SPSS software, I can’t tell a trend one way or the other.

    1. I guess you could say that there appears to be a slight trend only if you fail to correct for the fact that Republicans have held the White House more often than Democrats over the last 50 years, but the Democrats have controlled the Congress as often during the same period.

    2. She was probably talking about the last Democratic president to pay off the national debt, Andrew Jackson.

      1. The last time the national debt went down was during Eisenhower. I love pulling up the government’s own annual national debt numbers to show Clinton got close, but did not actually create an annual surplus. The year-over-year debt numbers climbed every year.

    3. By the way, I thought Keynesian economics was dependent on deficit spending. Now, deficit reduction is a good thing?

      1. Well, it’s also dependent on stopping deficit spending at some point. Which is why it is doomed to fail.

    4. So, did Fox News ever have ads like this? Ads that specifically shill for one political party?

      1. Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” slogan were pretty awful in terms of honesty, but not anywhere near as bad as MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” ad campaign.

        1. Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” slogan were pretty awful in terms of honesty

          That’s only if you assume they meant those ads to be taken seriously. I always assumed that they were purposefully trolling liberals.

        2. But did they ever have an ad that was, say, “Fair and Balanced: Republican administrations are historically tougher on crime than Democrats”? Something nakedly partisan like that?

          1. No. MSNBC is as nakedly partisan as they come.

            1. Correct thinking people would howl in outrage if Fox News did something like that.

              1. Like what? Adopt a republican president’s campaign theme?

            2. Two words:

              Al. Sharpton.

    5. Depends on how you count. Pretty sure she doesn’t count Ike, for example. But if you count only presidencies, they have expanded more under Republicans and contracted by a larger percent under democrats.

      1. Clinton had a Republican congress and Bush’s last two years (where the deficit really exploded) he had a Democrat congress.

        You can’t just look at who’s president.

        1. What Irish said.

        2. We’ve been over this several times at H&R. I’m just saying there exists a way to massage the data to make that statement not entirely false.

        3. Which is why you should never presume that a single thing she says is true.

      2. By an equally valid interpretation, you could say that they have expanded wildly under Democratic Congresses. For the sake of sport, let’s only count Congresses during years in which the Dems controlled both houses.

    6. The trend entirely disappears if you start counting 18 months after taking office.

      In other words, when the person in charge ideas start having some effect.

    7. For whatever this is worth:

      The deficit can down or stay stable while the debt goes up. Interest on the debt.

      1. The deficit can down or stay stable while the debt goes up.

        That’s because any deficit level above zero adds to the debt. Interest has nothing to do with it. That’s also why the people suddenly pushing the “Fastest shrinking deficit in history” talking point are so shockingly dishonest. They want to distract people from the fact that the debt, along with its adherent service expenses, is still skyrocketing.

        1. Bradon,

          First you write “Interest has nothing to do with it.” Then you write “They want to distract people from the fact that the debt, along with its adherent service expenses, is still skyrocketing.” What do you call the ‘adherent service expenses’?

      2. The deficit can down or stay stable while the debt goes up.

        That depends on how it’s presented. Clinton supposedly had a surplus, but it was all in Social Security revenues helped by a record-high labor force participation rate. The debt didn’t actually go down in any year during Clinton’s term because all that “surplus” got turned into Treasuries and spent. It’s a deceptive form of propoganda, but the math never holds up in the end.

    8. She’s also ignoring the fact that the programs that cause the most of the deficits (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) were all invented and pushed by Democrats, who then want to blame someone else when the bills come due years and decades later.

      1. so true. I once had a really annoying college history lecture where the professor showed how much more the Vietnam war cost than entitlement programs by comparing the entire cost of the war with the initial cost of said programs.

        The really dumb thing is how liberals will take an idea that most would agree with (we spent a lot on the Vietnam war) then put it in this absurd context in order to make their bigger absurd point (the war cost more than the we spent on social welfare programs in like a 2 week period, therefore we should spend way more on welfare!!!!) then if anyone agrees with that, they must be an evil warmonger who hates children.

        1. oops *disagrees with that

        2. I once had a really annoying college history lecture where the professor showed how much more the Vietnam war cost than entitlement programs by comparing the entire cost of the war with the initial cost of said programs.

          I actually found an old Bill Mauldin cartoon in my “Economic Impact of the Cold War” book that makes this very argument.

          It’s titled “Tail Gunner,” and shows a huge soldier with “$70 billion for ’68 military budget” on a giant soldier, and a “2 billion for war on poverty programs” standing behind him.

          The message hasn’t really changed–“If we weren’t spending so much on defense we could use that for domestic programs!” Back then they had a point, as defense took up around half the annual budget.

          Except now those domestic programs–at least the entitlement programs–cost just as much as defense. We spent over a trillion on medicare and medicaid last year, but only took in $201 billion in taxes marked for those programs.

          1. Perhaps we’re just smart enough to finally see a war we can’t win.

    9. I guess when you take a $1.4 trillion deficit and jack it up to $1.8 trillion, you really have nowhere to go but down at that point.

      Of course, don’t ask her to calculate how much the debt has gone up under Obama versus BOOOOOOSH.

  7. Dunno if this has been posted yet:

    Northwestern student govt nominee’s confirmation blocked because he is a ‘heterosexual white male’

    A student’s bid to become associate vice president of diversity and inclusion at Northwestern University was derailed last Wednesday over accusations that his status as a white heterosexual male would make it impossible for him to perform the position’s duties.

    1. I’m sure he’d just be too busy checking his privilege constantly to actually get anything accomplished.

    2. I’m sure if he flagellates himself in front of all the students while denouncing his white male hetero privilege he’ll be okay.

      1. “Hail Elton full of jizz, the load is with you…”

      2. You forgot cisgender.

        1. The radfems say that we’re not allowed to use the word “cisgender.” Political correctness gets ever more convoluted.

          1. You’d think they’d have the decency to provide an updated rulebook if they weren’t changing them all the time.

            1. The problem is that the warring factions all have their own rules

              1. If you had a rulebook, there is a slight possibility that you could actually adhere to all their rules. That would make it harder to remain permanently butthurt. So they change the rules on a whim so that anything anywhere at any time can cause said butthurt.

                1. You could never adhere to all the rules. Once they were set in stone, you would have a set of informal “suggestions” on how best to avoid transgressing against the written rules. Over time those suggestions would become requirements, and those requirements would need new suggestions.

                  So…nothing really changes from what we have now, and everyone is liable to be called a bigot for any reason at all times.

                  1. Bigot.

          2. Wait, what? I thought they invented the word, and recently.

      3. Fuckin LOL:

        Piotrkowski reportedly attempted to appeal to the Student Senate on the grounds that he identifies as a religious minority and has a lesbian sister, but it was to no avail.

        And by “fuckin LOL,” I mean “Nuke universities today.”

    3. associate vice president of diversity and inclusion

      A serious bid, I am quite certain.

    4. I saw a picture of that dude and he’s heterosexual like I’m a billionaire. Bi at most. At most.

      1. I was going to disagree that you can’t tell just looking at a picture, but then I clicked the link.

      2. All white men are to be considered hetero until proven innocent.

  8. As the stop-and-frisk civil rights challenge in New York City comes to a close, the city’s attorney insisted there was “no indication of racial motivation whatsoever” in the police’s behavior, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    Is there a racial motivation to continue voting for the same a-holes who put this policy in place?

    1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the City lost this case, was forced to pay a large settlement (but to whom?), and that was Bloomie’s legacy?

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go change my pants.

  9. ‘A real suicide run’: 70 years after the Dambusters raid, an airman tells remarkable tale

  10. Every time some schmoe links to crappy viking/black metal in the AM Links, I am going to retaliate.

    Here are my opening salvos.

    1. Just Rick Roll the fucker.

  11. A report from the Brookings Institution says that the poor are moving out of cities to the suburbs…

    Uh-oh. Sounds like urban sprawl is about to get sprawlier.

    1. The white people built the city, then the minorities moved in, so the white people moved to the suburbs–creating a ring around the cities. They were soon followed by the minorities, so they moved even further out in the suburbs, creating an even larger ring around the cities and the inner suburbs. When the minorities were drawn into this second ring of suburbs, the white people moved back into the cities.

      It’s the Great White Ring Conspiracy.

  12. Yahoo buying Tumblr is like literally worse than 9/11!

    1. The anguished cries of Tumblr users will only get more shrill as they refuse to quit Tumblr no matter what.

    2. Imagine if it were AOL.

    3. I’m already hearing this from the She-spawn.

  13. Dreamhouse: Feminist protesters burned a doll on a cross and left-wing demonstrators shouted “pink stinks” at the Berlin opening of a life-sized Barbie house Thursday.

    1. Feminist protesters burned a doll on a cross

      THAT’S RACIST!!!!!!!

      1. Not to mention misogynist!

      2. And a Hate Crime.

      3. Why? Was it a golliwog?

  14. How an Indian generic drug maker defrauded millions of patients and got preferential treatment by the FDA.

    This is a really stunning expose of how Ranbaxy, even while under strict scrutiny by the FDA for providing off spec and ineffective drugs, still was issued the first permit to sell atorvastatin (generic Lipitor) in the U.S., which–you guessed it–was off spec and contained impurities such as glass particles.

  15. I have had this song stuck in my head all day. Please kill me.

    1. That’s not even good by K-pop standards.

      1. I imagine their songwriters had to strain a bit to make it work in three different languages (Korean [duh], Japanese, and English).

        1. When I was over there an actress did a cover of Blondie’s Maria for a movie. We ran it through Google Translate and it came out as complete gibberish.

          One of my classes kept spontaneously breaking into it during class and I told them they could sing it if they learned the English lyrics. They came back for the next class prepared, and surprisingly well rehearsed.

          1. Did they know it’d originally been in English?

            1. They were middle schoolers in 2006, they had no idea that there was a band called Blondie or what any of their music sounded like.

              I saw my cousin wearing a Blondie shirt last summer, she’s about the same age those students would be now. I commented on it and she admitted she wasn’t actually familiar with any Blondie music. I played a few songs and she just stared blankly.

              1. Sigh. The gf wanted to name the kid Willow if it turns out to be female. I said “only if its a midget”. She didn’t get it. She is, however, old enough to buy her own drinks.

                1. Sigh. The gf wanted to name the kid Willow if it turns out to be female. I said “only if its a midget”.

                  She probably wouldn’t have been too thrilled the first time you told the kid, “Out of the way, peck!”

                  1. “Out of the way, peck!”

                    Dammit now I’m gonna have to watch that fucking movie if it hasn’t been destroyed.

                    Huh, IMDB informs me that Val Kilmer was smart enough to marry Joanne Whalley. Good call, buddy.

              2. Sometimes a shirt is just a shirt, Cuz.

            2. Er to directly answer your question, no they didn’t know it was poached from English. I’m not sure how that disappeared from my first response. I’ll blame gnomes.

              1. In high school I complimented a classmate’s Rolling Stones shirt.

                She said she didn’t realize the graphic stood for something.

                1. Last year around the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Facebook and Twitter were filled with comments by young people shocked to discover that the movie was based on a true story. Sigh….

                  1. “So that old woman, she’s just a liar, right?”

      2. God I hate K-crap music.

        1. Lacist!!

    2. Click my links, it should help.

  16. “Fox News has vowed to defend reporter James Rosen, should the DOJ actually attempt to name him a criminal co-conspirator in connection with a news leak.”

    I still don’t know what the conspiracy was.

    1. Wait, isn’t the DOJ the one running the multiple criminal conspiracies?

    2. A conspiracy to reveal facts to the public.

    3. Make Obama look less awesome?

  17. Saskatoon singer Alexis Normand had help from the crowd at the Memorial Cup game Saturday night after she forgot the words to the American national anthem.

    1. What’s the point of singing the national anthem before sporting events, anyway?

      1. Let’s the yokels know what they are fight for: An America where they can sing the National Anthem at meaningless sporting events.

      2. I think it’s pointless. Some people take it really, really seriously though. Two years ago my and I were at the Darlington NASCAR race and this older gentleman forgot to take of his hat during the anthem and some rednecks started threatening to kick his ass.

        1. *wife and I.

        2. That’s the bit that really confuses me. We’re singing this song to celebrate our freedom. So do what everyone else is doing, or I’ll kick your ass. I never even stand for that shit.

        3. I’ve suggested in other fora doing away with it, and you should see the reactions I get.

      3. I don’t know. Professional sports are an extension of the military?

      4. To let the locals know the team is behind the effort to defeat Hitler.

    1. I mean, I consider consent to be the lodestar of morality period. And I’ve always thought this way.

      I remember when I was in high school this guy was outraged that there were people paying bums to fight each other. But I thought, and still do, that consenting adults have an inalienable right to contract with other consenting adults in a manner of their choosing.

      1. There’s an interesting discussion about whether treating people as means, rather than ends in themselves is morally justified regardless of their consent. It was interesting and I’m not sure where I come down, now. I’ll have to read it.

        However, the law should not be in the business of judging this, so consent must be the only requisite of contracts between adults able to do so.

        1. Eh from a certain point of view, we all treat people as means to an end. But it’s a mutual thing. Your friend is using you to stave off boredom while you play video games, but you’re using him for the same purpose. We use our parents when we’re kids, and then as they age, we return that support with support of our own.

          1. Things we do are not always things we ought to do.

  18. From Instapundit:

    Answer to the question: on her morning news show, “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” I just heard her a few minutes ago refer to, “Our colleague over at the State Department, James Rosen, who reports for Fox News.” They seriously over-reached.

    The administration has fucked up so completely that they now have MSNBC hosts referring to Fox News reporters as ‘colleagues.’ It’s funny how journalists suddenly find common ground when they think the government is targeting them.

    That’s not a good sign for the White House.

    1. They’re no true Scotsmen, you know.

  19. Ari Fleischer @AriFleischer

    O Admin achieves the impossible. Causes MSM to rally around Fox News. And it’s only Monday.

  20. New animated show, Star Wars Rebels in the works for Disney Channel.

    1. Well, the subject matter could be interesting if they don’t fuck it up.

      1. If your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle, but she doesn’t and they will.

        1. “If your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle”

          Not necessarily.

          1. What about Epi’s mom?

        2. You mean she’d be your trans-aunt. Please report for re-education.

  21. I would like to trademark the mental illness known as “Rove-envy“.

  22. Jos? Mourinho clear to rejoin Chelsea as Real Madrid confirm his exit

    1. Did I hear correctly that Donovan isn’t on the national team?

      1. Yes. He and Klinsmann aren’t on good terms.

    2. Chelsea deserve to be screwed over every day of the week and twice on Sunday after what they did to Anders Frisk.

      1. Is Chelsea the vehicle for laundering Russian oligarch money that happens to be a soccer team?

      2. Reappointing Mourinho will go a long way. City is looking for a new joker as well, maybe they can sign Di Canio or the Benfica coach.

    1. What is the point of an article like that? Those cars are not supposed to be practical or economical. And very few are made. And what is this litres/100km commie crap?

      1. That article hit huge levels of butthurt in the first paragraph.

        1. Their tears are DELICIOUS. It’s like a shopping list of awesome.

        2. His photo makes him look like he smells something bad all the time.

        3. The whining:
          While Fiat’s SRT brand brags its all-new Viper sports car is lighter than ever, don’t expect it to sip fuel like your neighbour’s Toyota Prius.

          No shit, Shirley–that’s the whole point of buying a Viper in the first place.

    2. I think that article was somewhat tongue in cheek, since all it did was make those cars look fantastic.

    3. Where is the Corvette ZR1?

  23. Justin Bieber Recovering In Intensive Care Unit After Being Badly Booed

  24. It’s Ayn Rand’s economy and we’re all just living in it.

    1. HAhahaha. They really are intent to pin this bad economy on people who have never actually held power, aren’t they?

      It’s irrelevant that libertarians have 0 seats in Congress. It’s still our fault when things go wrong.

      1. Didn’t you know that Boehner and McConnell take their marching orders from Cato and Lew Rockwell?

        1. The local paper, in their big hit piece on the VA GOP LG nominee, referred to Cato as a conservative group.

          1. Wasn’t there a tvtropes page describing libertarianism as “moderate conservatism”?

      2. We’re responsible for a vague “climate of liberty,” a sort of old-fashioned but persistent ideological miasma that causes statism to fail.

    2. I’m going to take a wild guess, but like anybody that comments on Ayn Rand these days, I doubt that has ever actually read much of any Rand book or much less tried to honestly understand what she was saying.

      1. If he has, he certainly hides it well. Then again, who needs to understand what she actually wrote in order to attack it? All we need are straw men against her and ad hominem attacks against anyone who takes her seriously.

    3. I had hoped for a second it was a serious argument that we are in an “Atlas Shrugged” part 3 style crony command economy but then saw the Salon URL so I’m guessing my hopes are unfounded.

      1. That was my first thought too.

        I was like, duh.

        I realized we were there when CA started having rolling blackouts early last decade (or was that late 90s?).

        1. 2003

          1. 2000-2001, I was in Silicon Valley. The plant actually had to shutdown a couple times.

    4. So, rates were halved and profits quadrupled, yet they complain that corporations don’t pay enough. Excuse me for daring to do basic math, but doesn’t the situation they are protesting mean that tax revenues from corporations has doubled? As in, the government now gets twice as much money from them?

      1. You take your filthy facts and math and get right the fuck out!

      2. The article is sprinkled with the words ‘inequality’ and ‘fairness’.

        I think you know what that means. Actual revenues have nothing to do with it.

    5. This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

      All you need to know.

    6. Oh God, why did I read the comments??/

      SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2013 06:43 AM MDT
      With so many of our cultural myths based on “rugged individualism”, it’s no wonder that Rand’s immoral tripe found a following in America. Her family lost their business to the Bolsheviks and she never got over it. She was 12. She stopped growing after that, which is why her extremist, romantic garbage has great appeal to adolescents and those adults who never progressed emotionally beyond say, 12.

      Yeah, she should just let that whole theft and mass murder thing slide. It’s for the greater good, after all.

  25. So some atheist pope figure says the following about how feminists use the word “privilege” in a speech generally sympathetic to feminism:

    I’m talking about the situation where the concept of privilege is used to try to silence others, as a justification for saying, “shut up and listen.” Shut up, because you’re a man and you cannot possibly know what it’s like to experience x, y, and z, and anything you say is bound to be mistaken in some way, but, of course, you’re too blinded by your privilege even to realize that.

    Here are some of the words that Amanda Marcotte uses to describe this dissent and the man who vocalized it: “condescending”, “unnecessary”, “arrogant”, “grotesque”, “bizarre”, “nasty”, “appalling” “harassing”, and “abusing”

    And they say that feminists don’t respond well to criticism.

    1. What he provided were two examples of prominent men who are telling other men to listen to women before they render judgment on women’s opinions.

      I thought men were supposed to be feminists because the only prerequisite to being a feminist was not hating women?

    2. Also, do you follow this ‘skeptic’ stuff TIT? If so, is Free Thought Blogs supposed to be part of the “feminist side”? That’s the impression I’m getting.

      Anyway, it would be nice if eventually it all just blows up and the “Atheist+” crowd decides to play in their own sandboxes.

      1. Don’t follow the ‘skeptic’ movement — it became clear pretty quickly that it’s just another package for conventional social democratic beliefs disseminated throughout the rest of society and passed off as ‘edgy’ or ‘new’. (FFS, Amanduh considers herself part of the movement and I’m pretty sure that her brain cells go on strike at rates that would make a French trade union blush.) I do find the fights within the movement to be quite amusing, though.

        1. So you’re skeptical of the skeptical movement?

  26. According to a report released earlier this year by the Congressional Budget Office, this is how much cash the government is pocketing for each dollar that someone borrows through the federal loan program:

    Federal profit for each dollar lent

    Subsidized Stafford Loan 12.49 cents
    Unsubsidized Stafford Loan 33 cents
    Parent PLUS Loan 49 cents
    GradPLUS Loan 54.84 cents…..-aid-mess/

    1. And you can’t discharge the debt in bankruptcy.

      1. Serfs got to surf.

  27. How about all you government employee sphincters move to NYC: A real shit place for real shit people.

    Pace Picante sauce was way ahead of the curve in their mockery of NYC.

    1. I liked the chili episode of Good Eats where Brown’s cowboy character mocks the commercials. He picks up a jar of salsa, looks at the label, and says something like, “It’s made in New York City, so you know it’s good.”

      Even as a New Englander I thought it was a clever send-up of the old theme.

    2. Pace is now owned by a giant conglomerate based in… NYC. And they still run the ads.

      1. Is anything actually made in NYC?

        1. Concern and despair?

    1. No one can beat this guy for cool.

    2. If there isn’t video of someone picking that record up and breaking it over his head, it is a shameful day for America.

      1. Whoops. Missed the indent. That was a reply to Mad Scientist.

  28. because that’s where jobs and affordable housing can be found.

    And the lower taxes.

  29. Hmm, black writer chastises the president and First Lady for talking down to blacks while enforcing the policies that keep them down.

    1. Yes, but it’s Coates. He’s still, in the midst of it all, fascinated by the guy: I think Barack Obama, specifically, is a remarkable human being — wise, self-aware, genuinely curious and patient.


      1. Coates needs to get out of The Atlantic’s echo chamber. He was an interesting writer at one time. Before he started deleting comments he didn’t agree with and surrounding himself with sycophants.

      2. self-aware, genuinely curious…

        Both demonstrably, objectively false.

  30. Happy Victoria Day Aboriginal People’s Day!

    1. Find a link about a real country.

  31. Guess which website I fished this comment out of regarding the Fox News incident:

    It’s not outrageous to allege to a judge that a journalist who received and disclosed classified information from a leaker is a co-conspirator. To the contrary, that is a valid legal argument. The fact that the government has failed to successfully prosecute a journalist for such a thing is a reflection of the restraint of the government, not some kind of legal immunity. Investigators aren’t required to actually prosecute co-conspirators, especially ones viewed as less culpable–as in the case of a leak, where they would likely view the one who had the clearance and violated his obligation not to disclose as more culpable.

    The thing about both the AP case and this case, is that it’s not about whistleblowing. In neither of these cases, was wrongdoing or incompetence disclosed. One involved the successful thwarting of a terror plot, something the government would probably love to trumpet, so they could talk about what a great job they’re doing. Sorry, but I just don’t have a problem with the government using the same investigative methods on journalists they use on everyone else in these cases. If we were talking about whistleblowers, I would feel differently. But we’re simply not. There is not one iota of evidence the Obama/Holder DOJ is using investigative resources to ferret out whistleblowers.

    The cognitive dissonance is stunning. Obama isn’t a crook, he’s Law & Order Man!

    1. I’m guessing Slate. There are too many big words for HuffPo.

      Huffington Post would be more like:


    2. Nah, Irish nailed it, it’s Slate.

      1. I play to win, motherfucker.

    1. So, if I get an honorary MD, can I perform surgery?

      1. Honorary surgery. You talk about how great the patient is and how terrible their ailment.

        1. The Congressman I used to work for used to brag about his honorary doctorates all the time. It was hilarious and kind of sad.

          1. Do they plug some sort of chip with all of the requisite knowledge into the head of the recipient?

            1. Considering he once told a group of Egyptian diplomats that he “rode a camel once” I’m going with no.

              1. Could’ve plugged in memories of someone who actually studied the discipline, I suppose.

                1. Oh yeah, they were also from schools that don’t actually have any doctoral programs.

                  1. Now that’s impressive.

                    Obama got an honorary presidency along with an honorary Peace Prize.

    2. Will they grant Hillary an honorary Master’s?

  32. Stephen King builds in excuse for his next book to undersell. Look, Steve, I didn’t burn your house down or finish running you over after the 7th Gunslinger book. That’s all you get from me. I will honor the NAP, but I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire.

    1. “I’d just as soon not have people buy their books while typing a thank-you note,” said Paul Ingram, a buyer for Prairie Lights bookstore in Iowa City, Iowa.

      WTF does that mean?

      1. He wants people to go to the bookstore and buy a book, not buy a digital version on their Kindle.

    2. The best-selling author is skipping a digital version of his new novel ‘Joyland,’ hoping to spur buyers to visit ‘an actual bookstore.’

      ‘Actual:ac?tu?al adjective \?ak-ch(?-w)?l, -sh(?-w)?l; -ch?-?l, -sh?-\

      a : existing in act and not merely potentially
      b : existing in fact or reality
      c : not false or apparent ‘

      What he means is “Physical bookstore,” or possibly “actually visit a bookstore.” You’d think a novelist would be able to pull his smug head out of his own ass long enough to realize that words have meanings.

  33. The Doors have announced on the band’s official Facebook page that keyboardist and founding member Ray Manzarek has passed away at the age of 74. He had fought a long battle with duct cancer.

    1. Is there anything duct tape cant do?

    2. The crystal ship is being filled


  34. Well, looks like my aunt’s house got wiped out. *sigh* Glad I’m not in Oklahoma anymore, but NW Alabama isn’t much better for tornadoes.

    1. Hope she’s okay.

    2. You live in NW Alabama?

      1. Oops, sorry, meant NE Alabama

        1. If Jackson, DeKalb, or Cherokee Counties, then my condolences.

          1. …or Cherokee Counties, then my condolences.

            Cedar Bluff, Crappie Capital of the World!

          2. Madison.

    1. I’m glad reasonable censored my own post.

      1. Koch brothers is a filtered term from back in the white indian days. You can always customize the filter.

    2. I thought Weigel wasn’t usually so derpy on teh Kochtopus stuff. I guess not.

    3. He wasn’t, at one time.

  35. So now this OK Tornado attacked third graders.

    1. Nothing sadder than just being an okay tornado. Where is its aspirations or ts drive to be a great tornado?

    2. OK Tornado sounds like the Radiohead/Taylor Swift duet.

  36. Forced abortion is domestic violence, not murder.

  37. Fat prog cow hoaxer supports the 2nd Amendment

    Meg Lanker-Simons, an award winning liberal student activist and talk show host at the University of Wyoming (UW), walked into a radio station in 2005 and threatened her former boss with a Glock 44 .40 caliber handgun, according to court documents…
    Lanker-Simons “admitted to having (a) gun in (her) purse and pulling it out and waving it around (the) victim,” according to the affidavit.

    Still doesn’t understand the gun safety rules, however.

    1. What was the hoax?

      1. She issued a fake “rape” threat. It was a classic liberal making up things she thinks College Republicans say about her. You know, because College Republicans have opinions on her ugly fat stupid crazy ass.

      2. In early April of 2013, police accused Lanker-Simons of posting a rape threat aimed at herself on a “crush” Facebook page. The posting immediately ignited outrage from the college community.

        1. I want to hate f**k Meg Lanker-Simons so hard. That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it,” it read. “I think its hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and shes gonna be a good Republican bitch,” the post reads, according to a screenshot.

          How is that a threat?

          1. Even if it’s fake.

          2. It’s really not, just a nastygram. But in these “all hostility towards women is rape” days, it constitutes a rape threat, I guess.

      3. She was threatened with a “hate fuck” in a Facebook comment, but it looks like she wrote it herself.

        1. Yeah, that reads that way to me, too.

    2. Oddly, Jezebel hasn’t said even a peep about this case.

      1. You’d think they’d have least issued a boilerplate “Keep sistering on, sister!” shout-out, but apparently she’s too crazy for even them to boether defending.

    3. Glock 44

      So she threatened him with a non-existent handgun?

    4. If she were a male waving a gun at someone and threatening them with the gun gets you sent to PMITA prison. She needs to check her privilege.

  38. Slightly disingenuous title:

    Poll: Ruckus over Benghazi, IRS is driven by politics

    The good news:

    The USA TODAY poll also asked about the disclosure that the Justice Department secretly had seized phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors while investigating a leak of classified information. In a showdown between the government and the news media, more than six in 10 Americans, 62%, say it is more important that the media be able to report stories they feel are in the national interest. Just 23% say it is more important that the government be able to censor news stories it feels threaten national security.

    1. “National security” probably means “threatens the political health of members of this government” and not “we’ll get bombed because of this speech” more often than not. Not that it’s supposed to trump civil liberties, anyway.

  39. Poll: Ruckus over Benghazi, IRS is driven by politics

    Politics must always be kept out of political scandals, said nobody ever.

    1. Well, the illegal and unethical behavior was certainly driven by politics, so I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that their political opponents are pissed off. And on the attack. Which is their job.

      1. True. I just get annoyed at the “you’re only bringing this up because it gives you a political advantage” argument. It’s shallow and hypocritical 99.9% of the time.

        1. If Obama started dressing like Mao and called himself Heir to Mao, I suppose people attacking him for that would be accused of “taking political advantage.”

          It’s the Republicans’ job to attack the administration, particularly when it’s caught doing illegal stuff like this. They should go after all of this with everything they’ve got. Ditto if the tables were reversed.

          1. Tables were turned, I mean.

        2. If Obama killed newborns and drank their blood, libtards would be claiming that those on the right criticizing it were only doing it for political reasons.

  40. Who needs MSNBC when you have Dave Weigel

  41. Burglar locks homeowner in gun closet. Hilarity ensues.

  42. Soudn like some pretty serious smack to me dude.

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