Drug Testing

Calif. Initiative Proposes Random Drug, Alcohol Testing for Doctors

Would also eliminate cap on malpractice suits


They're calling it the "Pee in the Cup" initiative — a proposed state ballot measure that would require doctors to be randomly subjected to drug and alcohol testing, the same way bus drivers are.

It's being pushed by a tech mogul who's on a very personal crusade to clean up the state's medical practices.

Bob Pack is a former AOL and NetZero exec whose 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were struck and killed a decade ago near their Danville home by a driver under the influence of alcohol and prescription pills.

After going public with a campaign to put his kids' killer behind bars for second-degree murder, Pack turned his attention to helping the state track patient prescriptions and spot "doctor shoppers" like the driver in Danville.

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  1. But you left out the good parts:
    …”former Clinton White House adviser Chris Lehane, whose trial lawyer clients have already dropped $2 million into a campaign account.”

    Now, I’m sure the trial lawyers are donating in the public interest here to make sure a lot of doper MDs aren’t harming people, right?

    “[it]would also:
    ?Lift the cap on damages in medical malpractice cases.”

  2. In Pennsylvania, if I’m going to be doing official car inspections, I need to get refresher training every five years. If I’m going to cut into your brain, not so much.

    1. I forgot to add (never).

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