Research: Smoking Marijuana May Make You Thinner

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Can smoking marijuana make you thinner? A new study says that it can.

A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine did not offer a concrete explanation for the new information, and experts are surprised as marijuana smokers are often known to have higher caloric intakes than non-smokers, CBS 2?s Alice Gainer reported Thursday.


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  1. I smoke every single day and I’ve been packing on muscle mass like crazy. It’s an ongoing joke in my house how I have an insatiable appetite(Even before I started smoking). My caloric intake is about double what my girlfriends is. I don’t just smoke and sit though. I smoke and work out.

    Few other things I’ve noticed. directly related to my cannabis use I can’t prove, but started as soon as I started smoking.

    My accelerated hair loss started at 18. My hair has since stopped thinning, and actually been thicker. Compound found in marijuana? maybe. Maybe it’s the fact marijuana can reduce stress which is known for hair loss. Joint pain gone, and the life long depression/Anxiety I’ve had is controlled. Marijuana is my medicine.

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