A.M. Links: Former IRS Chief to Testify at House Hearing, Federal Oversight of LAPD Ends, Venezuela Needs TP


  • this is beavis, those are buttheads
    Film Roman

    Former IRS chief Steve Miller, whose resignation was planned before the agency's political targeting practices came to light but announced afterward as a sign the administration took the scandal seriously, will testify before the House Ways & Means Committee later today.

  • Democratic strategists have descended on the White House to help the Democratic strategists in the White House deal with the snowballing scandals they're facing. Spoiler alert: they'll probably blame Republicans.
  • More than a decade of federal oversight of the LAPD ended this week by a decree from a judge and not because the federal monitors concluded the department no longer needed it.
  • President Obama pledged to end the "scourge" of sexual assault in the military while acknowledging there was no "silver bullet."
  • The U.S. military may put boots on the ground in Libya while trying to capture or kill the alleged Benghazi attackers.
  • CIA director John Brennan made an unannounced trip to Israel, meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials to talk about the situation in Syria.
  • Venezuela is facing a toilet paper shortage. The government blames the opposition. Sound familiar?

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