Obama Doesn't Need Special Prosecutor for IRS, GOP Wants More Benghazi Docs, Your Children Shall Inherit the War on Terror: P.M. Links


    Credit: 350z33 / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

    In a rain-drizzled press conference today, President Barack Obama said there's no need for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS targeting conservative nonprofits. He's just that angry that he will make certain that those who target his political enemies are appropriately punished.

  • The president also named senior budget aide Daniel I. Werfel as the new acting commissioner for the IRS.
  • The White House may have dumped 100 pages of e-mails about the administration's carefully crafted responses to the Benghazi attack, but Republicans want even more.
  • At a Senate hearing today, a Pentagon official said it will take another decade or two to defeat al Qaeda, so our children will be inheriting more than our massive financial debt and unsustainable entitlement programs.
  • In the Gaza Strip, with its tightly restricted access, an entrepreneur has created a thriving business smuggling in buckets of KFC.
  • A bit lost in yesterday's lengthy hearings: Attorney General Eric Holder announced some vague support for requiring warrants for the government to access people's private e-mails. Perhaps an evolution in position, but I would expect enough exceptions to make any laws toothless.
  • Marijuana might be useful in fighting diabetes. Somebody tell Michelle Obama.

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