Watch Senior Editor Peter Suderman Talk Stimulus Spending on C-SPAN's Washington Journal


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Reason Senior Editor Peter Suderman will appear on Washington Journal on C-SPAN this morning to discuss his May issue cover story on how the 2009 economic stimulus plan was sold, passed, and spent. 

Read the cover story here.

Tune in to C-SPAN at 9:10 a.m. to watch Suderman discuss the article with host Libby Casey and take questions from callers. 


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  1. I listened to a bit of cspan this morning, thinking Suderman was up sooner. I’d managed to forget just how dumb cspan callers are.

    It does seem that our friend Uhmerican calls them and sneaks through the democrat line, though. They cut him off pretty quickly.

    1. I’ve been a C-SPAN junkie since the mid-1980s and watch Washington Journal 7 days a week. IMO, the quality of the calls really started to nosedive in the early 21st century. One would think there is an organized effort by both the Stupid Party and the Evil Party to flood the lines at WJ with the most ignorant, economically illiterate, xenophobic, partisan cheerleaders they can scrape up.

  2. I won’t be on for another hour!

  3. On your way in from the green room will you please tell Rep. Brian Higgins (the guest before you) that if he is going on television, to comb his fucking hair and straighten his tie; he looks like one of the old men who drink away the day shift in our bar.

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