New Hampshire

N.H. City Sues 'Robin Hood' Meter Feeders

Run around stopping citizens from getting parking tickets


The city has filed a lawsuit against six citizens, part of a group dubbed Robin Hood of Keene that patrols downtown armed with video cameras and pockets full of change to fill expired parking meters.

Also known as Robin Hooders, the six are associated with the Free Keene group.

"They say video recording or talking to them is harassing them, but I don't agree with that," "Robin Hooder" James Cleaveland said of parking enforcement officers. "So they want to establish a safety zone of fifty feet."

Members of the group place cards under windshield wipers that read, "Your meter expired; however, we saved you from the king's tariffs, Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Please consider paying it forward," and includes an address where donations can be sent.

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  1. Around here they point pay and display kiosks in so no one could use leftover time or top-up someone else’s meter.

  2. If the three meter maids weren’t employed by the town would the meters even be necessary for revenue? Their annual salaries plus the cost of the adjudication of tickets would probably cover the annual cost of the metered spaces. I’ve been there. Town’s not that big. The existence of metered spaces has to be a money grab/job justification for local govt.

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