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LA Schools Ban Student Suspensions for 'Willful Defiance'

It is now safe to question authority. Well, safer, anyway.


In ground-breaking action, the Los Angeles Unified school board voted Tuesday to ban suspensions of defiant students, directing officials to use alternative disciplinary practices instead.

The packed board room erupted in cheers after the 5-2 vote to approve the proposal, which made L.A. Unified the first school district in the state to ban defiance as grounds for suspension. The action comes amid mounting national concern that removing students from school is imperiling their academic achievement and disproportionately harming minority students, particularly African Americans.

"Now we'll have a better chance to stay in school and become something," said Luis Quintero, 14, a student at Augustus Hawkins High School in South Los Angeles. He attended the board meeting, along with dozens of other students and community activists who have been pushing the proposal by board members Monica Garcia and Nury Martinez.

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  1. Can’t find anyone in a white hat here.

  2. Seriously? So if a student refuses to follow any rules and isn’t learning, how does this help matters? A defiant uncooperative student is a distraction to students who actually want to learn something.

    This is typical of a union-dominated government run school system. Will this approach harm or hurt students? We won’t know for a long time and actually changing the rules again in such a system may take forever. In the meantime, parents will have no other option than to send their kids to a school where students can be openly “defiant” with impunity. Just wonderful.

    One more reason to favor school choice.

    1. If they actually want to learn something, public school is the last place they want to be. It’s all about turning out compliant taxpayers who will respect even the most transparently blatant incompetents in positions of power over them.

      “Defiance” is the opposite of “compliance,” so we can’t have that, can we?

  3. How about, “Hey, kid, if you’re worried about your academic performance, then shut up and don’t sass the teacher. If you get suspended for being defiant, it’s your own damn fault.”

    What about all the other kids who will now have their academic days disrupted by troublemaking kids who know they can’t be suspended no matter how defiant they are?

  4. Does being defiant include making a gun shape out of a toaster pastry?

  5. Can kids now wear christian themed t-shirts to school? How about a Gadsden flag on a hat?

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