A.M. Links: Karl Rove Says Congress May Be Involved in IRS Scandal, 3000 Potential Witnesses in James Holmes Case, Russia Complains About Alleged Secret Agent


  • probably not what secret agents actually look like

    Karl Rove says the IRS' targeting of Tea Party groups also happened at the behest of some Democrats in Congress. As a former advisor in a White House that also had an IRS bureaucracy that participated in political targeting, he should know!

  • A Senate committee has amended the immigration reform bill to tighten rules about student visas, in response to last month's Boston marathon bombing.
  • An Army official charged with preventing sexual assault may be charged with sexual assault. No, this isn't this story.
  • Colorado prosecutors have identified up to 3000 potential witnesses in the case against accused Aurora shooter James Holmes, who faces the death penalty.
  • A class action lawsuit in Alabama claims there are no actual courts in which tickets issued based on red-light cameras can be appealed despite the law establishing the cameras also establishing an appeals process.
  • The Russian foreign minister filed a formal complaint with the U.S. over an alleged CIA operative Russia says it apprehended in Moscow.
  • The Nigerian president has declared a state of emergency in the northeast over a growing Islamic insurgency in the region.

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