A.M. Links: AP Phone Records Seized, Cornel West Says Obama is a "War Criminal," Minnesota Set to Legalize Gay Marriage


The Associated Press
  • The president and CEO of the Associated Press has described the Department of Justice's use of a secret subpoena to seize two months of phone records from 20 phone lines used by AP journalists and editors as a "massive and unprecedented intrusion."
  • The fact that Professor Cornel West recently described the president as a "war criminal" is probably low on the administration's list of concerns, with the AP phone records scandal, the ongoing Benghazi mess, and the recent revelation that the IRS unjustly scrutinized conservative groups occupying much of the news and hardly casting the president and the federal government in the best light. 
  • Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is expected to sign a bill legalizing gay marriage that was passed by the Minnesota Senate yesterday. 
  • An alleged CIA agent has reportedly been arrested in Moscow for trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer. 
  • Secretary of State John Kerry expects Syrian officials to join peace negotiations as part of a Russian and American-led initiative. 

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