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Baltimore Officer Busted for Pimping His Wife

A31-year-old Baltimore Police officer was charged Friday with pimping out his wife after officers from a human trafficking task force found him outside a hotel room where the woman had agreed to have sex for cash with an undercover officer.

The child recovery task force was working a proactive investigation into human trafficking when they came across a "young-looking female" advertised as an escort on a website, police said. Officers arranged to meet the female at a hotel near BWI airport, court records show.

Inside the hotel room, a woman identified by police as Marissa Braun-Manneh told an undercover officer that she would have sex for $100, and she was placed under arrest, charging documents show.

Source: Baltimore Sun. Read full article. (link)

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  • sticks||

    What trafficking occured here? He drove is wife to a motel? Was she forced to go, under duress. Smells like bullshit. Free the pig

  • BigT||

    Consensual crimes are NOT crimes. Who was injured? Who complained?