Political Targeting by IRS Outrages Obama, If True


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This Barack Obama guy sounds like he could be a thorn in the side of government.

From CBS News:

As lawmakers in Washington react to allegations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regularly targeted conservative groups when reviewing their requests for tax-exempt status, President Obama on Monday vowed to find out "exactly what happened" at the IRS during the period under scrutiny—and vowed that any wrongdoers would be held "fully accountable" if found to be operating "in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way."

Mr. Obama, speaking at a joint press availability with British Prime Minister David Cameron, said he first learned about the allegations last Friday, reading about them in "the same news reports that I think most people" did.

The president of the United States gets his information about what the government he's the chief executive of does from some of the same news reports you do! The buck doesn't seem to stop in the White House anymore, it just keeps getting passed.

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  1. “I am not a crook!”

    -Richard Milhaus Nixon

  2. The buck doesn’t seem to stop in the White House anymore, it just keeps getting passed.


    1. sounds like the buck is being diverted from ever reaching the WH.

      Bengazi? Never heard of it.

      IRS? I’m glad the papers told me what to think.

      Economy? Boy it sure is getting good!

  3. From Camelot to Blamelot in just 50 short years.

  4. Let me be clear – it was a Bush appointee running the IRS when this happened. There are those who say the IRS acted innappropriately. To such people I ask, “Why are you making this a political issue?” The American People reject this kind of faulty analysis and hatred of our government. For we…we all….ARE the government.

    Now Michelle would like a word with you about your eating habits…

    *add “ums”, “uhs” as you deem reflective of reality*

  5. “I’m going to ask Tim Geithner if he knows anything about tax evaders…wait, let me rephrase that…”

  6. Political Targeting by IRS Outrages Obama, If True

    Of course it does.

    1. I was thinking the same thing.

  7. The President vowed. Nothing more to see here, it’s all gonna be okay.

  8. President Obama on Monday vowed to find out “exactly what happened” …and vowed that any wrongdoers would be held “fully accountable”

    Crown Prince of bullshit then compares this unreasonable Partisan targeting with the Benghazi investigations…

    Obama also said the ongoing questions about his administration’s handling of the aftermath of Benghazi have been “politically motivated.”

    He was asked about recent disclosures that talking points on the attack produced by the intelligence community were later watered down to delete references to suspected ties between last September’s assault and Islamic militants.

    He called the attention on these talking points a “sideshow,” telling reporters, “there’s no there there.”…..23817.html

    He must have gotten that line from the same council that provided Clinton with the “It depends on what the meaning of “is”, is”

    1. Actually, he got the “there’s no there there” line from Gertrude Stein.

      1. yecch.

        I once read a book by Gertrude Stein.

        The nausea is still receding.

  9. “President Obama on Monday vowed to find out “exactly what happened” at the IRS during the period under scrutiny – and vowed that any wrongdoers would be held “fully accountable” if found to be operating “in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way.”

    What happened the last time he promised this? Benghazi was it?

    Obama: So.

    *snaps fists into palm nonchalantly*

    Obama: Any videos made recently?

    *grins sheeplishly*

  10. Children, I couldn’t help monitoring your conversation. There’s no mystery about Willy. Why, he simply disappeared. Now, let’s have no more curiosity about this bizarre cover-up.

  11. Let me be clear, I don’t have a fucking clue what the federal government is doing … and if we cut a single dollar from it’s funding, you all will DIE.

    1. +100 Logic Points

  12. I’m sure Obama will get to the bottom of this, until the Republicans obstruct his thorough investigation for partisan political reasons.

    1. As it has been pointed out countless times, this was started by a Bush appointee. So yes, obviously the Republicans will obstruct the investigation because they must protect Bush.

      1. Well, weaponizing the IRS for political gain has been standard procedure since at least the Nixon years, so both parties probably have vested interest in sweeping this under the rug for the most part. True, the GOP was milk this scandal for all they can to turn the tide against the Democrats, and we me might benefit in the short term from some minor institutional oversight, but so long as the IRS exists, it will continue to be used against the political opposition.

        1. It started with FDR. Try not to act too shocked.


            Speaking of FDR, as well as the Three Stooges.

    2. The Sequester will make an investigation impossible.

      1. Maybe he can solicit donations from Tea Party groups in order to help cover the investigation costs.

        1. The Tea Party would gladly supply such donations if they weren’t tools of Koch Industries and third-world sex toy manufacturers.

  13. Just when he does something to make you think he is the weaseliest shitweasel of all time, he goes and tops what he did last time.

    1. Calm down Petunia.

      1. Suck my cock, or at least don’t clamp your jaws so tightly around Obama’s.

        1. Tony could watch Obama eat a live baby on the White House lawn, and figure out a way to blame Republicans.

          1. Re: PapayaSF,

            I don’t know… Lately, I have noticed a lack of passion in his defense of Barry; he doesn’t seem convinced of the ultimate result of his sacrifice for the Great One, like before.

            I believe the Golden Calf has lost its luster for our friend.

            1. Are you kidding me? He’s been doubling down on his hackery, if anything.

              1. Re: Marc F Cheney,

                That’s what I’m talking about. There’s a lot of desperation but not much passion; the shallowness of his hackery only indicates that he’s right now in that stage where he’s trying to convince himself rather than others.

  14. President Obama on Monday vowed to find out “exactly what happened” at the IRS during the period under scrutiny – and vowed that any wrongdoers would be held “fully accountable” if found to be operating “in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way.”

    Was I wrong, or did the IRS already admit that they were acting in a biased manner?

    1. So what? Obama stands apart from these petty matters, presiding over them magisterially like the Czar used to preside over the totally unauthoized actions of his boyars and ministers.

      1. Pretty much. If you’re in charge you always want a hachet man to be your fall guy. Plausible deniablity and all that.

    2. Not important people. Just little people. You know, Munchkins.

  15. Wasn’t it President Obama when talking about political opposition said “we will put our boot to the neck of our enemies”. Obviously many in the IRS took that as a serious order, so they complied and now we know who started it Obama himself.

  16. Obama is just as shocked as Capt. Renault was when he discovered illegal gambling at Rick’s.

  17. I will await the results of his investigation as to whether the IRS acted stupidly.

  18. two Obama responses to two possible scenarios…….

    1. IRS targets tea partiers, finds nothing

    Obama: “I will give the IRS a stern talking to”

    IRS targets tea partiers, finds massive tax evasion, fraud, tax credits for puppy murdering (left over from Bush administration) etc

    Obama: “I promise to push through legislation tomorrow banning all evil right-wing terrorist groups so the American people who depend on the kindness of government are never robbed again”

  19. I imagine the internal discussion boils down to:
    “Mr. President, We’re going to need a bigger bus to throw all these IRS guys under.”
    — “Bigger than the Benghazi bus?”
    “Yes, sir, Mr. President. The biggest bus ever driven.”

  20. Eh, as much as I despise the guy I’m having a hard time believing that Obama was personally responsible for this, even if it is par for the course with the Chicago brand of politics.

    This looks more like the efforts of some GS-7s under the direction of the bureau chief, all for the purpose of “protecting the king,” rather than a Nixon-style conspiracy. Look at the woman that dug up all those records on Joe the Plumber–it wasn’t some political bigshot, just a bureaucrat with a grudge, and it only came to light because the clerk she directed to dig up the info blew the whistle on her.

    If anything, this episode is an abject lesson in the necessity of keeping the bureaucratic leviathan as small as possible.

  21. Dr. Kermit Gosnell hsa been found guilty of 1st degree murder in at least 3 counts.

    This is a very sad, sad day for the cause of infanticide. Many of those that euphemistically call themselves – with a sick and disturbing sense of humor – “pro-choice,” are not happy campers right now.

  22. “By June 2011, the unit had flagged over 100 Tea Party-related applications and the criteria used to scrutinize organizations had grown considerably, flagging not just ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Patriot’ in group names, but also groups that were working on issues like ‘government debt,’ ‘taxes’ and even organizations making statements that ‘criticize how the country is being run.'”…..s-in-2010/

  23. “At least he actually reads the newz, unlike BOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!111!!!” /left-tard

  24. I am delighted to see all commenters have treated the British Prime Minister with all the serious attention he warrants, ie none.

    That said, the fact that BO wants the UK to stay in its abusive relationship with the EU, which steals all its money, sends its relatives round to eat everything and sleep on the couch, and writes rude letters about our chocolate and cheese, can only help the campaign for freedom from the EU-Fabian yoke!!

  25. OJ vowed to find the real killer!

  26. If only Comrade Obama knew!

  27. The buck doesn’t seem to stop in the White House anymore

    Huh? I understand you’re programmed to criticize everything Obama says and does, but how is “I just found out” the same thing as passing the buck?

    Oh, and I like “anymore”, like all his wonderful predecessors NEVER passed the buck.

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