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Obama on Benghazi: It's a Sideshow

Of course there are worse scandals out there, but Benghazi is one too


President Obama delivered a defiant defense Monday of his administration's response to the Benghazi terror attack, calling the revived controversy over the matter a "sideshow." 

The president addressed the issue during a press conference alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is visiting Washington. Obama denied any suggestion that there was a cover-up, questioning recent reports that showed a State Department official trying to water down the administration's initial story-line on what happened the night of Sept. 11. 

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  1. …says the Clown in Chief.


    1. I bet he’s hoping some Republican responds with a… says the circus monkey.

  2. It’s a sideshow, now let’s please focus on some more pointless gun legislation and I’m sure you all want my opinion on Sandra Fluke’s vagina.

  3. shorter Obama: how dare any of you question me? Don’t you know who I am?

    even the MSM: we’re quite aware of who you are and that’s the problem. Our slavish devotion toward you has killed what little remained of our credibility after the first four years.

  4. “Obama on Benghazi: It’s a Sideshow”

    Says the Ringleader of the World’s Greatest Three Ring Circus…

  5. In fairness, the president who has done nothing but campaign or vacation for his entire time in elected office would know a sideshow when he sees one.

    That’s not to say he’s telling the truth, however.

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