Embassy Attacks

Benghazi a Result of Interventionism, Says Ron Paul



Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul criticized Democrats and Republicans Monday for ignoring what he sees as the true cause of the Benghazi attacks: their mutual support of military interventionism overseas and its unintended consequences.

The libertarian and former GOP presidential hopeful wrote in an op-ed Monday that the post-Benghazi discussion on Capitol Hill has been "more of a sideshow" than an honest investigation of what motivated the attacks that left the U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead.

"Neither side wants to talk about the real lesson of Benghazi: Interventionism always carries with it unintended consequences," Mr. Paul said. "The U.S. attack on Libya led to the unleashing of Islamist radicals in Libya. These radicals have destroyed the country, murdered thousands, and killed the U.S. ambassador."