Driving With Kids Is 12 Times More Distracting Than Cellphones, Say Researchers

Ban them!


We all know that cell phones and driving don't mix, and there are laws against that. But many of us drive around with something that one recent study suggests is 12 times more distracting.

CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist gives us an unusual look at what's going on inside the car as you drive.

Kids – they can be a handful in the car. When they beg for your attention, the ride could become dangerous.

"It's very busy. There's a lot of noise. Sometimes they can be fighting," says mom Melissa Herscher.

"It's a little hectic because I have three under 3," agrees Susan Fallon.

They were among four parents who agreed to allow CBS 2 to put cameras in their cars, and then  three safety experts analyzed the videos.