Tamerlan Buried as House Hearings Begin, California Health Exchanges Will Lack Transparency, U.S. Presence in Afghanistan to Remain Large: P.M. Links


  • Six feet under … something … somewhere.

    An unidentified "compassionate individual" has decided to take on responsibility for burying the remains of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Today the House of Representatives began a hearing on the federal response to the attack. Authorities in Boston say the federal government did not let them know about the information they had gathered about the Tsarnaevs.

  • California's health exchanges will likely be operating under a pretty thick veil of secrecy in regards to contractor costs. I know it sounds sinister, but it probably reduces the risk of heart attacks among Californians by keeping them unaware of how much health industry cronies and relatives of state politicians are cashing in. It's for their own good!
  • Hezbollah's chief says Syria will be providing them with "game-changing weapons," in the event anybody thought the situation out there wasn't going all to hell fast enough.
  • Unable to accept that they have to cut more positions from their economically distressed paper, the top two editors of the Village Voice have resigned.
  • A modernized version of Richard Wagner's opera Tannhauser in Germany that included Nazi imagery showing Jews being executed prompted audience members to seek "medical attention." The show has been canceled.
  • This is what withdrawal from Afghanistan looks like: The United States may keep as many as nine military bases open there, according to President Hamid Karzai.

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