Embassy Attacks

Release the Benghazi Emails, Boehner Tells the Administration

The scandal isn't going away


Boehner specifically urged the Obama administration to make public a set of internal emails that some lawmakers had been able to review but not keep.

One of the emails apparently showed a top State Department official saying a group affiliated with Islamic terrorists was responsible for the strike. Separate emails, though, allegedly depict the White House and State Department pressing lower-level officials to remove references to terrorism in talking points about the attacks.

Based on those talking points, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice would go on five Sunday talk shows shortly after the attacks to claim they were triggered by protests over an anti-Islam film. Top officials would later claim the flawed assessment was based on the best intelligence at the time, but the testimony from whistle-blowers Wednesday indicated that those on the ground knew the attack was terrorism.

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  1. I’m surprised Tony isn’t the first one on here to explain hos this is just a witch-hunt, and it was a long time ago, and that, “at this point, why does it even matter?”

  2. We all know Benghazi was a pack of lies but it’s never going to amount to anything more than any of the other government shenanigans have. Everything from the raiding of Social Security, to the destruction of our home equity via the repeal of Glass-Steagall, to the Monica Lewinsky scandal that curiously overshadowed the Clinton-Gore illegal campaign contribution scandal. And lots, lots more! The fleecing/manipulation of Americans knows no bounds and historically we all just cooperate and take it in the shorts.

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