Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh Calls For Mass Civil Disobedience in D.C. on July 4

Go dance at all the memorials!


The July 4 armed march on Washington just got a little more interesting. A day after telling City Desk that he would still try to enter Washington with a loaded gun, rally organizer Adam Kokesh changed tactics. Now, he wants citywide civil disobedience over whatever law participants consider unconstitutional.

"This is now a call for mass civil disobedience on July 4th anywhere in Washington, DC," Kokesh writes on his march's Facebook event page. "Break whatever unconstitutional law you choose."

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  1. That sounds like a great idea for a movie. A terrified suburban family tries to survive a harrowing day and night as people carry around holstered weapons, smoke marijuana, and drink raw milk in 32 oz cups. Nationally, chaos reigns as thousands of suspected terrorists are given trials for their crimes, judges are literally crushed under the weight of millions of warrants being requested for criminal investigations, and deranged anarchists go around saying mean things to police officers to record their reaction without facing any sort of punishment at all. The thriller of the year.

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