Google Glass Already Facing Bans

It's not even out yet!


The cyborg-ification of the human race at the hands of Google is nearly upon us via Google Glass, and lawmakers, cities, casinos, and at least one Seattle dive bar aren't having it. Do we want to live in a world of instantaneously connected zombie dorks, all talking to themselves, viewing the world with digitized map overlays and shooting video of us disgracing ourselves without us even knowing it? We may not have a choice.

The wearable computer will be capable of snapping photos — perhaps with no more than a wink as a trigger — shooting video, giving you directions, translating languages, and being an audio-visual Siri that projects answers in front of your face. Given the immense possibilities of the device in the hands of our increasingly, obsessively documentarian culture, people are lawyering up left and right trying to pre-emptively legislate its use in the interest of safety, and protecting privacy.