Barack Obama

President Obama Heads to Texas For Another Jobs Tour

Maybe he should go and listen instead of go and talk?


President Barack Obama will travel on Thursday to Austin, Texas, the first stop in a new series of day trips designed to draw attention to policies and programs that help spur the economy, and build support for his economic policies, the White House said on Sunday.

In Austin, Obama will visit a high school and a technology company, and will talk with entrepreneurs and workers about proposals he made earlier this year to boost jobs and training.

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  1. Why in the name of holy fuckity fuck would be come to Texas to tout his ideas on job creation and economics?

  2. “In February, Obama said he wanted to invest in manufacturing “hubs” around the country, spend $50 billion on roads, bridges and other infrastructure, and raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour from the current $7.25.”

    So, let’s hamstring our already over-taxed business infrastructure with mandatory higher wages and pander for the return to a manufacturing economy. Typical “plan” from a Socialist leaning mind.

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