3D Printing

3D-Printed Handgun Successfully Fired

The future arrives with a bang


Reason 24/7 notes: A video posted at Defense Distributed's blog shows the Liberator, the organization's original design for a 3D-printed handgun, being successfully fired at a test range in Austin, Texas. Images of the components show that even the barrel and springs are plastic, with only a metal firing pin. The gun survived at least one shot, though photographs at the blog suggest that at least one receiver eventually broke.

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  1. Why not make a metal one?

    1. It wouldn’t be as much of a challenge.

      There are no 3D metal printers IIRC.

      It wouldn’t get up DiFi’s and Schumer’s noses as much.

  2. Thinking back on the WW II Liberator, they were intended for air drop around France, to be used to cap a German soldier to get a better gun.

    I wonder if anyone ever gave any thought to giving every bomber over Germany a couple of dozen to drop out with the bombs? Add a cheap parachute, what would that be, 50 pounds extra per mission? Especially if they were separate parachutes to make them harder to track down, I wonder if it would have sparked any trouble for the Nazis?

    Imagine if they’d dropped a few thousand over Auschwitz every week or two, or over every POW camp once in a while.

    I know why not, they were like statists today, scared to death of individuals showing that the statist emperors were naked and unnecessary. But it still would make an interest alternative universe story.

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