Florida Supports Warrants for Phone Searches, DOJ Agrees Public Can Film Cops, Bitcoin Fight Leads to Lawsuit: P.M. Links


  • That's not the "Warrant" they meant
    Credit: Aaron Settipane | Dreamstime.com

    Florida's Supreme Court ruled today that police need a warrant to search the contents of somebody's cellphone.

  • The Department of Justice has sent letters to U.S. District Court in Maryland supporting citizens' rights to photograph or film public police activity, arguing that the First and Fourth Amendment protect them.
  • Could the growing disaster that is ObamaCare help Tea Party candidates in 2014?
  • Could the growing disaster that is ObamaCare result in South Carolina's legislature declaring it "null and void" in the Palmetto State?
  • A squabble between a Japanese Bitcoin exchange and an American startup that was supposed to take over its operations in the states and Canada has led to a $75 million lawsuit.
  • President Barack Obama's approval rating is at a nine-month low.

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