Florida Supports Warrants for Phone Searches, DOJ Agrees Public Can Film Cops, Bitcoin Fight Leads to Lawsuit: P.M. Links


  • That's not the "Warrant" they meant
    Credit: Aaron Settipane | Dreamstime.com

    Florida's Supreme Court ruled today that police need a warrant to search the contents of somebody's cellphone.

  • The Department of Justice has sent letters to U.S. District Court in Maryland supporting citizens' rights to photograph or film public police activity, arguing that the First and Fourth Amendment protect them.
  • Could the growing disaster that is ObamaCare help Tea Party candidates in 2014?
  • Could the growing disaster that is ObamaCare result in South Carolina's legislature declaring it "null and void" in the Palmetto State?
  • A squabble between a Japanese Bitcoin exchange and an American startup that was supposed to take over its operations in the states and Canada has led to a $75 million lawsuit.
  • President Barack Obama's approval rating is at a nine-month low.

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  1. Could the growing disaster that is ObamaCare help Tea Party candidates in 2014?

    So then why is the Tea Party complaining about it?

    1. The Me Party you mean.

  2. President Barack Obama’s approval rating is at a nine-month low.

    I would be surprised if he cared.

    1. It’s going to matter when they repeal the 22nd Amendment.

      1. You sound like a crazy person.

        1. This crazy?

          (all credit to the Archduke for finding it)

          1. I didn’t say you sound like the crazy person. There can be more than one crazy person.

          2. Seems like a confession that Team Blue has absolutely nobody that could win an election over the worst Republican the idiots in Team Red could find.

      2. The Republicans would have to be dumb enough to run someone totally uncompelling like Romney or something to lose that one.

        1. You sound like a crazy person.

        2. Romney only lost because he was sandbagged by the irrelevantly powerful libertarian wing of the Republican party!!!


      3. I could accept the repeal of the 22nd as long as 17th is repealed at the same time.

        Gridlock would sweet…

        1. ^ inset “be” where appropriate

          1. ^going for Johns typo record…

            1. ^John’s

              1. No, Mr. Over-Zealous; he was referring to the typographical irregularities that are common among the clients of prostitutes.

                1. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

                2. In which case,


                3. Wouldn’t that be johns’ or johns’s depending depending on your style guide?


                  but really the nerd never ends

                  1. It’s the Never-ending Nerdyyyy, the never-ending Nerdy….ATREYU!! FALCOR!!

    2. I would be surprised if he cared.

      really? I think he cares a great deal. No one as self-centered could ignore a poll saying the majority of people don;t approve of him.

      1. That’s the thing, I don’t think he cares what unimportant people think.

        1. said that way, you may very well be right.

      2. He’s surrounded by yes-men who fawn over him all day. I’d be shocked if he didn’t believe he was superman. Any poll that says otherwise was obviously trumped up by a racist.

        1. Wish he would try that theory out by jumping from Air Force One.

    3. Probably not the change he hoped for.

  3. http://www.al.com/living/index…..er_default

    Fraudulent civil rights heroes?

    1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  4. Could the growing disaster that is ObamaCare result in South Carolina’s legislature declaring it “null and void” in the Palmetto State?

    Where’s Andrew Jackson when you need him?

    1. South Carolina is the eternal troublemaker.

      1. Some Civil War era Congresscritter (too lazy to look it up) once said of South Carolina: Too small for a republic, too large for an insane asylum.

        1. That would be James Petigru.

  5. US headed for coldest spring on record?

    Remember kids, outliers are indicative of nothing!

    1. Yet the last decade was the hottest ever. And 2012 the hottest year in recorded history.

      1. Recorded history ever!

        1. shrike’s history doesn’t even go as far back as a redneck creationist’s history.

    2. Yet the weather here in Seattle is unbelievably awesome. Cloudless, warm; it’s supposed to be 80 on Sunday!

      1. What? Our weather is like Seattle. Gray, misty and low 70s. Give us back our spring!

        1. Fuck you! I am going to sit by the pool and tan and get loaded in early May for the first time, damn it!

          1. I hope all the pasty hipster flesh blinds you!

            1. Do you really think I would live in a building or area that hipsters could afford?!? You’re dangerously close to a duel here!

              1. What’s the distance between Brett L and Episiarch at dawn? 5,169,120 paces?

                1. Not all of those places have hipsters frequenting them. And none are closer to the bay than 2nd Ave, whereas I am much closer to the bay. So there.

                  1. You know what rhymes with ‘bay’?

      2. Enjoy your week of summer.

        1. I will!

      3. It is 64 in Garland, Tx. 64. It should be high 80s by now.

        1. It was 48 this morning when I left the house. In Houston. WTF?

          1. On the other hand the weather is going to be perfect this weekend.

    3. 80 degrees here in Ontario, Canada. Right on lake Ontario. Fucking amazing out today and I’m on Reason drinking Labatt Blue* and watching Fox Business.

      It’s pronounced *Bluhh* in Quebec.

      1. Nothing like $9 pitchers of skunky Blue at Don Cherry’s in Windsor.

        1. Just went to the Beer Store cartel and purchased a 15 for the price of 12 for the great price of $19.95!!!

          God damn liquor tax and government monopolies.

      2. Gonna snow tonight in Great Falls MT. Thank Christ only 6 more weeks of winter left.

        1. I have relatives in Great Falls. Well, half the year. They spend winters in Honduras now that they retired.

        2. Only six more weeks of winter from May 3, eh? Sounds like you have one bad-ass groundhog.

        3. I was in Great Falls in January. It sounds that not much has changed since then.

    4. It’s been so damn cold in the midwest that the wheat and corn crops are in real jeopardy. Not a good thing.

      1. Gorgeous in Tampa despite all the rain. Highs in the low 80s, lows in the high 60s. I love this time of year. Of course, I’m the kind of masochist who also loves it in August when the temps and the humidity are in the 90s.

      2. 85 degrees and cloudless in Oakand, CA right now….

  6. The Department of Justice has sent letters to U.S. District Court in Maryland supporting citizens’ rights to photograph or film public police activity…

    Charm City police will get right on honoring that.

    1. Two things to remember:

      DoJ letters aren’t law.

      There is a distinction between “photograph” and “record”

  7. A hair-band member should be a requirement for any search. It just makes sense.

    1. That’s not a picture of Shackford?

      1. Shackfords’ a black dwarf with only one ear and an eye goiter. So, no.

        1. what the hell is an eye goiter?

          1. A goiter that grows and controls it’s own eye.

          2. what the hell is an eye goiter?

            see: Marty Feldmen??

          3. They’re both wrong. It’s the short story that introduces the 3 Laws of Endocrinotics.

    2. Man, I didn’t realize Jani Lane looked that bad before he passed.

      Age and drugs really take a hell of a toll.

  8. The Prez feels Mexico’s pain

    “And we also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States,” he said. “I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms, and as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right and I always will.

    “But at the same time, as I’ve said in the United States, I will continue to do everything in my power to [pass] common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people, that can save lives here in Mexico and back home in the United States. It’s the right thing to do.”

    I am sure he is working Fast and Furious on keeping our guns out of Mexico.

    1. What a mendacious piece of shit.

      1. I’m all for F&F. Gun trade is A-OK with me.

        1. Yes, we know you’re okay with the government selling guns to violent criminals and then turning around and using it as an excuse to restrict gun rights.

          We also know that you’re okay with the government selling guns because you love fascism. Leave commerce to the market.

          1. But but but……shreekys a libertarian….his mom had him tested.

          2. Leave commerce to the market.

            And just leave people alone to do things other people might not like?


    2. What a slimy fuckstain he is. I can’t wait for his term to be over, assuming they don’t repeal the 22nd Amendment. Have I mentioned that yet?

      1. I read the article you linked; I just needed some time to clear the vomit. But, really, are you surprised at all?

        1. I’m the one who predicted it, so no, I am utterly not surprised.

          1. I hope it changes.

            Because a fifth term of George W Bush, particularly when it is being administered by someone who is less intelligent and capable than Dubya, is just going to keep the downward trend going.

            1. It won’t matter who wins in 2016 you will call it the 5th term of Bush because the Spy on America Patriot Act, the DHS, and the entire survelliance state will remain intact.

              Yet the guy who signed it all gets a pass here.

              1. Yet the guy who signed it all gets a pass here.


              2. It won’t matter who wins in 2016 you will call it the 5th term of Bush because the Spy on America Patriot Act, the DHS, and the entire survelliance state will remain intact.

                And we’ll be right if they act like Obama and renew the PATRIOT Act, quadruple warrantless wiretaps, and fight tooth and nail to expand the government’s electronic surveillance programs.

                1. Yes, they will no doubt.

                  Let me remind you the hard work is in passing new legislation.

                  Bush made up the DHS where a Dem could not. Same with the awful PATRIOT Act.

                  1. The PATRIOT Act was bipartisan. And Obama’s signature is on the latest copy of the PATRIOT Act. He owns it. Fuck you, bootlicker.

                2. Also, whoever is elected Pres until about 2050 can blame every single problem they face on their predecessor Bush. His name can replace “scapegoat” in the OED!

                  1. Bush should change his name to Goldstein.

      2. I realize you are impervious to reality while sitting astride your PlayStation but most Americans compare performance against the last guy who had the job. On that measure Obama is a solid winner.

        1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjL5aAMk1xE


          Let it out shreek. If you won’t take your meds, all you can do is just let it out.

        2. When “better than Bush” is the best you can do, you’ve got nothing.

          1. When “better than Bush” is the best you can do, you’ve got nothing.


            PS: CHRISTFAG

          2. Shreek has a lot Jordan, if you count anger, stupidity and crazy.

          3. Epi reminds me of that South Park video-gamer that was killing off all the boys characters but finally bit the dust via the Sword of 1000 Truths.

            1. Yes but his performance on comments is better than yours and by that measure he’s a solid winner.

              1. Well, if you like tweakers.

        3. 4th term of the Bush Administration.

        4. sitting astride your PlayStation

          Is that supposed to be an insult? Does it even make sense?

          1. Don’t you try to hump your game console while you’re playing video games?

            1. They do vibrate nicely…

          2. Does anything shriek does ever make sense? Boy isn’t all there.

    3. Of course, what that lying sack of shit doesn’t say is that most of the guns in Mexico were bought by the Mexican *government* and diverted into the black market by soldiers and cops.

    4. So now he’s campaigning in Mexico?

      1. Well, how else is he going to get the Mexican vote?

    5. “And we also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States,

      Even with F&F, isn’t that patently untrue?

      1. Number one source of cartel weapons are corrupt Mexican cops and soldiers. Now, how many of them are selling US made M4s and M16s to the cartel?

      2. IIRC, The statistic being referenced is that a plurality of *traceable* guns from investigations come from the US.

        What is often forgotten is that most guns used to commit violence in Mexico are ultimately untraceable.

      3. I dunno, Mexico seems to have only one company producing guns.

        It also manufactures a variety of staplers and hole-punches for office and student use.

        Brazil has several (whole list here)

  9. I knew this was fake because IRL Bloomberg would have had these guys arrested and sodomized by the NYPD.

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza today at an Italian eatery in Brooklyn.

    The owners of Collegno’s Pizzeria say they refused to serve him more than one piece to protest Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban,which would limit the portions of soda sold in the city.

    1. He knows how to bide his time.

    1. Yeah, but I like, forgot my gun, man.

        1. Fuck, forgot to close the tag.

          Here’s the link to the song:


          1. wtf. trying one more time:


            1. HTML is hard when you’re baked, maaan.

              1. Heh, I wish I had that excuse.

                We really need a fucking edit button around here…

    2. Ortega-Hernandez, 22, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted assassination charge and to other charges.

      In the document, prosecutors said Ortega-Hernandez “expressed anger towards the government regarding the continued criminalization of marijuana,” which they said he acknowledged smoking andclaimed makes people more intelligent.

      Why do you think they call it dope?

  10. GOP Senate nominee in Massachusetts-

    Gabriel Gomez, 47, gave money to President Barack Obama’s 2008 White House campaign. He supports gay marriage. Fluent in Spanish, he once worked for an investment company founded by President Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff, and he personally appealed to the Democratic governor of Massachusetts for an appointment to the U.S. Senate. He’s fine with some gun control and a path to citizenship for undocumented workers.

    Brian Camenker, who runs the Republican-leaning blog MassResistance, has called Gomez, “Another pro-gay marriage RINO” — the dismissive acronym used by party stalwarts for Republican in Name Only.

    In the same April 25 blog post, he said “Gomez is telling the media he’s ‘A New Kind of Republican.’ In other words, a Democrat.”


    1. This is Massachusetts. We don’t have Republicans. And our Libertarians can be a little dodgy too.

      1. I remember when William Weld was “the great libertarian hope” *barf*

        1. Among Republicans Weld was truly that.

        2. To be fair, he was a hell of a lot better than pretty much anyone that has followed. And many who preceded.

          1. “In Massachusetts”

        3. Who the hell said that? All I remember from those years is that he was supposed to be going to privatize everything or something. Of course, I was in first grade or so.

    2. “Gomez is telling the media he’s ‘A New Kind of Republican.’ In other words, a Democrat.”

      It’s Mass, so duh! You know the Democrat who lost the primary election to Markey got more votes than all of the Republican candidates combined? Why do people continue to fail to grasp this?

      1. Just like Mitt Romney!

    3. “Another pro-gay marriage RINO”

      Sounds like an entirely accurate assessment. What’s the problem?

    4. A funny thing about Mass is that most of the republican candidates who run in general elections there are probably to the left of a lot of democrats who get elected.

      1. True.

        Rep. Lynch (D) is the most conservative pol in MA recent history.

  11. American scientists create robotic flying insects.

    I wonder how this could go wrong?

    1. We talking Matrix wrong, or Skynet wrong? Or robotech invid invasion?

      1. But the Matrix 1 was so right

    2. This is sort of topical for me seeing as I’m reading Diamond Age right now. There are also a lot of things that could go right, but yeah, I gt your point.

      1. The Baroque Cycle is better. And Anathem. Love me some Anathem.

        1. That’s like saying something really really good is something better than really good.

          (It’s Friday afternoon, I can’t be bothered to flesh out that simile.)

        2. I liked Diamond Age (and Snow Crash). I was able to keep up with the Baroque Cycle for 1 3/4 books before I flagged. I’m trying to decide if I have the strength for Anathem.

          1. Anathem picks up mightily after the first fifth or so. I’m surprised you didn’t finish Baroque, but then I was raised on overlong swashbuckling adventure novels, so it might be an acquired taste.

            1. I liked it well enough, and certainly liked Jack’s parts. But the Eliza parts kinda dragged after a bit.

              1. I’ll grant you that. And the changes of scenery tend to be pretty severe, exacerbated by Stephonson’s insistence on introducing each one with the sort of protracted zoom-back a first-year cinematographer would be proud of.

        3. I’m slowly working my way through Stephenson. I like him a lot but after I read one of his books I need a big break before I read another. And frankly I’m still pissed at the ending of Cryptonomicon.

          1. Pretty much up through Cryptonomicon he sucks at endings. As a friend of mine put it, “It’s like you flip the page and the back cover shows up and you’re like, ‘Hey! I was still reading that!'”.

            1. I thought of it as “Oh, shit, contractual page count met already? Gotta wrap this up!”

        4. I liked reamde. Would make a nice movie, if you could trim it down a bit.

  12. Florida’s Supreme Court ruled today that police need a warrant to search the contents of somebody’s cellphone.

    That’s why my only telephone is avocado green and has a rotary dial and coiled cord, the way God intended. Po-po can search that thing all they want.

    1. God intended phones to be black

    2. I think this decision gives us +1 on Texas though.

  13. What a mendacious shit and/or idiot:

    In the discussion thread, a reader took me to task over the weapon I’d had Whitman using: “if you try sniping at passers-by from the top of a 27-storey tower with a sawn-off shotgun, you aren’t going to get very far,” he wrote:

    “Minor point, but is it too much to ask that writers have some familiarity with the subject that they’re writing about, rather than just having the correct prejudices?”

    Minor point, but Whitman did have a sawn-off shotgun (among others).

    1. Yes, and he did shoot people with it. On his way to the tower, but the guy was a former Marine. He probably knew the effective range of a shotgun. Unlike the idiot writer.

    2. Hey, he did mention (among others). That’s good enough, isn’t it?

    3. 1. The pro-gun brigade will have you believe that the police absolutely love concealed handgun license holders. Spoiler, if you’re about to read the feature I wrote: they don’t.

      2. Where I live in Austin, there are about 82 home invasions a year ? in a city of 820,000 people. You’re far more likely to be injured by your own gun than to need one to use against somebody breaking in at night.

      3. Concealed handgun license holders are mostly white, middle-class men who want to defend against people and places they perceive as dangerous ? especially ethnic minority men. Actually, this one wasn’t much of a surprise.

      1. Hey, he’s an expert. He bought a pistol, and even shot it! And he lives in Austin!

      2. See if the cops don’t like it, clearly it is wrong. Cops don’t generally like young black men either. I guess this guy thinks it is okay for the rest of us not to?

        And sure white men want protection against young black men. You just told us above anyone the cops don’t like is dangerous.

      3. Actually, this one wasn’t much of a surprise.

        Yes, when your imagination happens to line up with your assumptions, you probably won’t be surprised.

      4. 2. Where I live in Austin, there are about 82 home invasions a year ? in a city of 820,000 people. You’re far more likely to be injured by your own gun than to need one to use against somebody breaking in at night.

        Huh, wonder why Austin TEXAS where it is legal to shoot in defense of both life and property has so few home invasions.

        A truly boggling puzzle.


  14. The State of South Carolina says that legislators who supported the bill describe it as “resistance ot the Affordable Care Act,” rather than outright nullification.

    Pussies.South Carolina should load the cannons along the Battery and fire on Fort Sumter.

    1. I wonder if a state declaring itself an Obamacare free zone would prompt doctors to flock there.

      1. I’ve got my popcorn ready for that show

      2. I’d move to SC to avoid this god damn train wreck.

  15. So, is the excuse “I didn’t card them” usable for men in Australia when having group sex with underage teens, or just the women?

    1. Once again there is no such thing as sluts or whores in my world. Just quality accommodating ladies willing to single-handedly hold together the fabric of society.

  16. Adam Kokesh planning July 4th open carry march in DC.

    1. “This will be a non-violent event,” the Facebook group warns, “unless the government chooses to make it violent.”

      They should be a bit more careful with wording. But I would think it might be a pretty interesting test case if they were arrested for openly carrying long guns.

      1. Indeed, if no one gets shot I look forward to hearing about Kokesh v. DC 4 or 5 years from now when it reaches SCOTUS.

    2. they’ll never make it over the bridge into DC

    3. he promoted both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street in a worldview that some sociologists describe as “fusion paranoia,” a visceral anti-governmentalism that isn’t limited to typical left-right divides.

      Something is telling me not to click on the link explaining what “fusion paranoia” is.

      1. It’s basically how academic leftists explain away how a lot of these teabagging nutjobs are taking to task Team Blue leadership on issues like civil liberties, war, and drug policy.

        1. Okay now I’m glad I did click on it, because it pathetically links to a New Yorker story from fucking 1995 about militias. 1995.

          1. I’m trying to think of a militia member who was convicted of an actual violent crime.

            1. Forget those guys, I can’t think of a single violent incident that ever took place at a Tea Party rally.

              1. http://www.news10.net/news/sto…..97&catid=2

                Well here’s a Teamster shop steward shoving a Tea Party guy. RIGHT WING VIOLENCE!!!!

                1. I remember during the Wisconsin recall some union supporters got violent outside the state capitol against some Walker supporters.

                  The response from the left was basically “we’ll of course they’re angry, those rethuglicans are taking away their livelihood!”

                  They really have no shame.

            2. Well, those people in Waco couldn’t be because they totally burned their compound down on themselves.

            3. Don’t hold your breath.

  17. I’m happy to let all of you know that I can now legally buy shotguns and certain semi-automatic weapons (as long as they cannot hold more than 5 rounds and don’t look too scary) in Canada! No handguns though…

    Today I received, by the blessing of my gracious and merciful Federal Government, my Possession and Acquisition License. As some of you know, I began this process in January by taking a mandatory 10 hour safety course followed by a written and practical test. I waited a month for the results to be sent to me, I then filled out a long form telling the government everything about my life and my mental state. I sent that in with the proof of passing the safety course in February. I have finally received my license. Thank the Maker!

    Don’t let your guard down for one second or the progladytes in the US will quickly try to institute an insane process like this.

    1. Do you need a seperate permit for s spring piston pellet rifle?

      1. No, but I need to repeat the entire process if I want to buy a handgun. But that is an entire can of warms I am not interested in pursuing. The government is allowed to search your private property without a warrant if you own a “restricted” firearm (handgun). And you must get permission to transport it to the gun range, which is about the only place you can take it legally.

        It is a big reason why I am actively pursuing gainful employment in the United States of Merica.

      2. I wonder if by making this comment at reason.com he didn’t bring his “sound mental state” into question in the eyes of the Canadian authorities.

        1. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are on their way to detain me for questioning. Luckily they still ride by horseback so it will take them a while.

    2. Do you need a permit each time you take a dump up there or just an annual pass?

      1. “The average Canuckski, Son, don’t take a dump without a permit.”

        1. Crazy Ivan!

    3. Curious why you just didn’t go ahead and get your Restricted at the same time? It would save a bunch of hassle later on.

      1. Wouldn’t save much BS, I’d still have to take a safety course for Restricted weapons and write a test.

        The BS that comes along with owning a handgun makes it not worth it to me.

  18. http://www.grantland.com/story…..ucky-derby

    “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved”

    1. If it’s anything like opening weekend at Keeneland, I would agree.

      1. You’re local to the Bluegrass?

    2. Fuck that whiny ass bitch Bill Simmons and all the liberal assclowns who write on his crappy site.

      1. Pierce is one of the dumbest and easily most hateful writers in America. And Klosterman is either retarded or Aspy or both. There is just something wrong with him.

        1. Wesley Morris is probably the worst of them. The man never met a TEAM BLUE asshole he wouldn’t lick, and he writes like a college student trying to impress the professor with how smart he is by saying a lot about nothing important.

    3. My wife was having a ball watching coeds getting bombed and having a ball, then seeing them crying like babies 20 minutes later.

  19. Guess who?

    So there’s this weird little story being chewed over by the right wing media about a college girl who does some feminist activism and blogging at the University of Wyoming. An anonymous rape threat targeting her was posted on one of the unofficial university Facebook page, and now police are saying that she wrote the threat herself. Bad choice and she clearly has problems, but not the first time that someone has used a sockpuppet to drum up sympathy for herself and probably not the last time.

    Unsurprisingly, right wingers are exploiting this situation to drum up paranoia about feminists. That will be what it will be, and I mostly blame the girl, Meg Lanker-Simons for that, because it was a wholly predictable reaction. The incidents where known liberals actually do something wrong are so few and far between that conservatives tend to get a little overexcited when something real actually happens.

    Isolated incident, nothing to see here, etc.

    1. Just because there are actual examples of women faking rape doesn’t mean women ever fake rape or should be suspected of it. You Libertarians and your mansplaning logic!!

    2. Did anything else happen?

      1. Did anything else happen?

        No….nothing else happened.

    3. Isn’t it nice that Amanda learned such a valuable lesson from the Duke lacrosse case?

      Of course if this false flag had gone further and actually resulted in some guy having his life ruined she’d still probably be as flippant.

      1. He probably would have deserved it for perpetuating patriarchy and such — which apparently women can also do. Really, anyone who isn’t in the feminist fold deserves whatever bad things happen to them, and thus those bad things aren’t really bad. Anyone who is in the feminist fold is by definition good, so the bourgeois concepts of morality and hypocrisy don’t really apply (see Clinton, Bill).

    4. Sure, but on those exceptionally rare incidents where known liberals actually do something wrong, they go big. Stalin, for example. Other than that, liberals never ever do the wrong thing.

    5. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/h…..ative-repe

      When you see a picture of the woman in question you understand why this is such a big deal. I am sure the campus police took this very seriously. If there was a person out there who wanted to rape her, they had a real sicko on their hands.

      1. I tried not to laugh when I saw the picture, really I did.

        1. Why? She’s a disgusting person if she tried to essentially frame anyone that the police could find for rape threats, laugh at her disgusting appearance too. She deserves it.

          1. Yup. Ridicule is the only way to deal with these people. You can’t argue with them. They are not interested in argument or reason. But they take themselves massively seriously. They can’t take ridicule.

          2. Y’know, that’s a good point.

      2. Meh, I’d put on the clown outfit and roll out the evil ice cream truck for that.

        1. You need help.

          1. I should say he does….she weighs like 250 lbs!

            1. I’m always up for a double down…But you gotta bring your own hard hat

        2. Do you have any tips on getting the blood out of your clown suit? I’ve tried just about everything.

          1. Why would you want to get the blood out?

          2. Mines made of the finest vinyl….you don’t want to be anywhere near when it comes off after a busy day of clowning.

            PS: CHRISTFAG

          3. I’ve had good results with cold water and oxy clean. But you should use this as an opportunity to expand your horizons. Try a bugs bunny costume next time. Or maybe Yosemite Sam.

          4. Actually a little blood spatter adds the necessary theatrical intent.

        3. meh. you can’t shock us. not after EAP’s confession.

      3. As I’ve said before, this part:

        That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its [sic] hot and it makes me angry.

        was a dead giveaway.

        1. yeah. that so sounds like something someone would say.

          1. No kidding. Ayn Rand’s characters sound more like real people than this supposed person.

            1. Ayn Rand’s heroes, you mean. Ayn Rand’s villains are pretty much dead-on.

        2. Seriously. Go on notalwaysright.com and look at the posts tagged bigotry.

          Every single one is fake.

          1. notalwaysright really should be called didntactuallyhappen

            1. I believe the customers who are stupid or just assholes. Or even the really bizarre ones because life is crazy.

              But the bigotry ones are like Jed Bartlett level liberal fantasies.

        3. Yep. I saw that earlier today and laughed for a solid minute. Then you see the picture and think, “Yeah, ‘chick.'”

          “That bitch goes around speaking her mind and shit!”

          Making the rapist a Republican is also pushing it, lady.

    6. The incidents where known liberals actually do something wrong are so few and far between

      Wait, what?

      1. If there has been a “hate crime” on a campus in the last ten years that hasn’t either been perpetrated against a conservative or been a false flag operation by a liberal, I haven’t seen it.

      2. If someone does something bad, they are by definition not liberals unless it is currently convenient for them to be. So, since Joseph Stalin killed people, he’s on the right according to modern liberals — but since at the time he controlled the largest and most powerful Marxist state on the planet, he was really a good guy whose virtues were masked by the corporations and wreckers.

        See? Consistency.

      3. Except in Seattle.

    7. You know which other Democrats liked to use pro-active methods of community justice to deal with Rape Culture and Workplace Harassment?

      1. This case in particular reminds me of the lynch mob mentality. Got to protect our SWPL wimmens from the brutish, unrestrained sexual appetites of the ape-like Rethuglicans.

    8. So far, all “evidence” that women have sex, regret it, and accuse their partners of rape has been in one of these three categories, none of which involve women having sex, regretting it, and accusing their partners of rape. In two of these categories, they didn’t have sex at all, and in one, they really were raped and are definitely not lying about it. To demonstrate that women have sex, regret it, and accuse their partners of rape, you really should produce examples of women having sex, regretting it, and accusing their partners of rape.

      This story was posted about an hour ago. Boom. Headshot.

      1. They’ll just say it doesn’t count because she didn’t actually regret it.

        1. Someone is saying exactly that in the comments–that women who lie about being raped because they are afraid their boyfriend or husband or dad or someone will find out about it are a fourth category of not-really-making-false-accusations because it’s not that they regretted the sex, they’re just afraid of getting caught! So they say someone fucking raped them.

          Jesus, I just cannot imagine such a thing. Truly horrible.

          1. that women who lie about being raped because they are afraid their boyfriend or husband or dad or someone will find out about it are a fourth category of not-really-making-false-accusations because it’s not that they regretted the sex, they’re just afraid of getting caught! So they say someone fucking raped them.

            Hey, remember when that shit would happen in the Jim Crow South? And the accused had the misfortune of being Black?

            I really feel sorry for the women who were put in the horrible situation of causing someone to be lynched.

            1. The Patriarchy hurts men too, so shut up and pay for my birth control.

            2. God, HM, I think you need to check your don’t-want-to-get-lynched privilege or something, you fucking man.

              1. Don’t make me link to a .gif of a bingo card consisting of different phrases!

              2. I was mid-sip when i read that. I had to run and get paper towels.

                1. So you’re saying that FYTW Bingo should really just be a drinking game? Because I agree.

            3. Jeez, wasn’t there a book written way back about that very thing? Something about mocking a bird or something…

            4. Jim Crow South also knew the proper way to deal with privileged male bosses sexually assaulting poor female employees. Worked out well didn’t it?


      2. Honestly, they insist the stupidest shit to be true.

        I mean you’re really going to die on this hill? That not one woman in the history of the human race has lied about being raped? Really? That’s your stance? Because that means that women are all perfectly honest and moral beings.

        Hell, do you have any idea how many black boys ended up dancing on the end of a rope because a white girl didn’t want to admit that she had sought out sex with them.

          1. They are kicking her ass on this one.

            And still, no one’s even using the Brian Banks one or the Hofstra. (how did she not know about those?)

            1. Ok, I’m gonna stop now, but there are literally dozens more posted in her comments.

              1. Trying to walk it back now, but she posted this:

                Amanda Marcotte ? a day ago ?
                Updated to note that this isn’t like the Bible, where a single case destroys the entire point. This is about the odds. A man can be more assured of not being falsely accused of raping a consenting partner than he can, say, be assured of not being attacked by a shark.

                yesterday, and there are dozens of articles in the comments now.

                1. In my life-time, I’ve been aware of 6 allegations of sexual assaults where I either knew the alleger or the alleged attacker personally.

                  Only one of those allegations do I know to be true, one of those allegations I didn’t have enough data to come to a conclusion (although it was plausible), and the remaining four were false accusations.

                  One of those incidents almost got my roommate expelled despite the fact that (a) I witnessed her sloppy drunken advances on him (and helped him call her roommate to come get her and carry her home), (b) she was averaging one allegation of sexual assault by a different guy every two months that academic year.

                  The other incident led to the guy almost going to trial despite the fact that the magistrate, and the investigating detective all agreed that none of the accuser’s incompatible, different stories weren’t contradicted by evidence.

                  Fuck you Amanda, you victim blaming apologist for the establishment.

                  1. On a funny note, the one I’m unsure about involved a guy I took physics classes with, who was so socially awkward as to be beyond parody (he made Sheldon look suave and hip).

                    When the word came that he had been accused of date rape, all of us who knew him had the same response “R_____ can’t have committed *date* rape; no woman would agree to go out on a date with him!”

                    Don’t know how that one turned out.

                2. Amanda Marcotte: Credentialed statistician.

                  1. Amanda Marcotte: Credentialed statistician.

                    Amanda Marcotte: Credentialed statistician Monkey Suck.

              2. Ok, I said I was gonna stop, but here’s one more. Posting just because it’s actually 11 instead of one.

                This was Jones’ eleventh false rape claim in a decade. She made her first complaint in 2004 when she was just 13. In 2009 she was given a ten month detention and training order for a similar offence. Between 2005 and 2007 she had made eight other allegations, which police investigated, but she was never charged.

      3. A cousin of mine was falsely accused of rape and spent three years in jail because of it.

        He was in his early 20s at the time. At a party he met a girl, they hit it off and went upstairs for what my cousins friends said was “obviously consensual” sex.

        Three days later, officers arrest him at his home.

        Fearing imprisonment of their child, my aunt and uncle sold their house to pay his legal defense fees.

        The lawyer basically said ,”look man, it’s he said she said. You might be found guilty and have to do 15 years. You should probably plead out and do 3-5.”

        My cousin took the plea deal.

        The girl, it turns out, was the older sister of a guy that my cousin beat out for a position on their high school football team.

    9. I’m actually starting to wonder if her eunuch husband logged into her computer without her knowledge and wrote the post in order to white-knight her and look like a hero. It would certainly explain why the police seem to have traced the post to her student account or IP address.

      That’s a case where she’d think she’s innocent for genuine reasons, and all because her husband, who she probably pegs on the weekend for kicks, wanted his wife to stop shrewing him for a few minutes.

      I’m still in the camp that says she’s enough of a narcissist to post that shit herself, though.

      1. From the way it reads, I think one of them did it to get off. The person either had a hard-on or a wide-on as they wrote it.

      2. Her eunuch husband that she pegs?

        As a man who enjoys pegging, let me say this: Go eat shit and die you jackass. What one enjoys in the bedroom is in no reflection of your character, and to suppose otherwise makes you a fucking bigot, because you wouldn’t make that kind of asinine comment about a gay guy or a woman who enjoyed sucking cock. Really, seriously, go fuck yourself. It may broaden your horizons, you narrow minded shit eating prude.

        1. Really, seriously, go fuck yourself. It may broaden your horizons, you narrow minded shit eating prude.

          Way to bring that full circle.

          1. Why thank you jesse. I thought I would put a bow on it.

            Incidentally, are you one of those gay guys who disdain penetrative sex? I know some do, and some of them have… interesting… theories on the nature of penetrative sex, and why not doing it makes sex more equal. Based on your membership in the Axis of Slut, I am guessing not.

            1. are you one of those gay guys who disdain penetrative sex

              Nope. Giving and getting are both fun. As far as I’m concerned sexual egalitarianism is taking turns. I can certainly have a good time without penetrative sex, but I’d hate to take it off the menu.

              1. Yeah. I don’t know what the exact term is, but there is a subset that doesn’t do penetrative sex in the gay male community (there is also some of it among lesbians but it seems to have more to do with gender id shit) and proclains how it is more mutual and respectful and pure and nonexplotative. I mean, not all of them. Stephen Fry apparently doesn’t do penetration and he seems not to be political about it (then again the story of his sexuality is weird and super sad)

                1. Eh, if it makes them happy, I’m certainly not going to complain about it.

                  I don’t really know anything about Stephen Fry’s sexuality.

                  1. He was basically celibate for like 15 years because he couldn’t deal with his being gay.

                    I don’t have any problem with the practice, just when you get weird about it and start putting academic theories behind it. See: Feminists and sex.

                    1. That’s a shame about Fry. I’m glad he’s come out the other side. And yeah trying to pin your sexual practices to academic theories just seems like it’s going to lead nowhere good.

        2. As a man who enjoys pegging, let me say this: Go eat shit and die you jackass.

          Or else what? You’re going to BLOOBLOOBLOO at me on the internet some more?

          1. No, I’m just going to consider you a bigoted dick. If you see no reason to apologize, that’s cool. Bigoted dicks tend not to. Just say hi to all the fellas at the Klan meeting sometime, and have a good laugh over the guy who likes to get pegged while you have a boot party on the face of some poor gay dude or black dude or whoever you decided broke social mores so much that they needed to be put in their place. And, hey, who knows, maybe that will finally make you feel better about yourself, or that daddy loves you, or whatever. I neither know nor care what psychological drives bigoted dicks such as yourself.

            Honestly, I really do not give a shit about your opinion. Simply by not being a bigoted dick, I am a better human being that you will ever be, so… whatever? I mean, I may occasionally tell you to “Fuck off, you bigoted dick” but I do that to people like American all the time, and given that you’ve revealed you’re basically the same type, I see no reason to break form, but it will be basically perfunctory.

            I mean, I got angry on the assumption that you weren’t a bigoted dick, and may recognize when you were in the wrong, but I guess I expected too much of a bigoted dick.

            1. So you are going to BLOOBLOOBLOO about it some more. The only one person impressed with your little college student STOP OTHERING ME YOU LOVING BIGOT chimpout is yourself.

              Honestly, I really do not give a shit about your opinion.

              :writes lengthy screeds showing how much he really gives a shit about my opinion:

              No one, least of all me, really gives a fuck that you like shoving things in your ass to get off. You’re the one ginning up a bucket of outrage to feel better about yourself and showing how much of your personal worth is tied up in it. I know this might be hard for you to imagine, but there’s nothing special about your particular proclivities.

    10. So far, all “evidence” that women have sex, regret it, and accuse their partners of rape has been in one of these three categories, none of which involve women having sex, regretting it, and accusing their partners of rape.

      Look, I am not saying that no woman has ever had consensual sex, regretted it, and accused her partner of rape to cover it up.


    11. “I want to hatef**k Meg Lanker ? so hard. That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its [sic] hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and she’s gonna be a good Republican b**ch.”

      Here’s what I don’t get about this whole thing – nowhere in that post is there an actual threat.

      Sure its aggressive and hostile and, if directed at me, I would find it insulting but there’s no actual threat there.

    12. So, if I’m understanding her article correctly, she’s saying “Yes, of course, women lie about rape all the time, but not usually for this one specific reason that I picked out to talk about.”

      Note to self: never hire Amanduh as a defense attorney.

  20. http://www.readability.com/rea…..er-husband

    Polygamy pursued by older career Muslim women in Britain. Get a couple successful women to marry you and pay the bills while you stay home and keep the prayer rugs clean, drink tea and talk about the jihad, sounds like good work if you can get it.

  21. Kids these days can’t even imitate ‘Risky Business’ right:

    14 year-old Chicago teen hires prostitute online, who then stole his iPad and piggy bank.

    1. What a bitch. I thought whores were supposed to think teenage virgin boys were cute.

      1. She’s going to lose customers.

        1. No kidding. That was probably the milk money.

      2. Petty theft is one thing, but she actually sprayed pepper spray in his face. She better go away for a long long time.

    2. 14 year-old Chicago teen hires prostitute online, who then stole his iPad and piggy bank.

      Rental property is always problematic.

  22. Climate change hurts women. Wall Street Journal sneers.

    Apparently the idea of girls being sold off into early marriage and women being pushed into prostitution is fucking hilarious.

    Or so thinks the right-wing media machine, confronted this week with warnings about the negative ways climate change could affect women around the world.

    It’s true, this man has no dick.

    1. This has been a consistent meme for … probably almost 10 years now.

      That is – presenting “research” showing that global warming or global climate change will hurt minorities, women, the third world, etc, etc, etc – more than it will the white man.

      Not one of these “research” papers have any actual research contained within.

      They all basically show examples in the world/past where major catastrophes hurt a diverse group of people, but disproportionately hurt women/blacks/latinos/etc/etc than it did the white man.

      Of course in their examples, like Katrina, they are only proving what the entire world knows. When bad things happen, in the aggregate, those with the least resources to deal with those bad things get hurt more than those who have enough resources at their disposal.

      Not one of these proved anything around climate change, nor did it pretend to know exact damages and therefore areas and demographics of those who may be hurt.

      It’s all an effort to presuppose climate changes’ negative effect, so those still questioning the “science” are more and more marginalized and more and more “proof” about the damages of this scourge continue to be published.

      Side note: the fact that many “science” magazines and websites printed some of this “non-research” without questioning it at all is another example of how crappy science media is.

  23. Way to go DOJ. More people should film cops. And more cops should film people they interact with. At least audio tape. Greatly helps protect against false complaints and bad cops. Win/win

    1. It’s not win/win for the bad cops.

      1. Bad cops shouldn’t win. Society and their victims should.

        Unless the bad cop happens to be Harvey Keitel.

    2. I actually need a helemet cam for all the crazy shit I see in Tampa. Don’t move here unless you have a sense of humor and a swivel head.

        1. Nothing wrong with ybor, although it is way tamer now but still entertaining.

          1. I have a co-worker who was a bartender at a club there, perhaps she colored my view of the place. Then again, we work in the Highpoint area of Pinellas, so we’re obviously more into the up-scale, scenic neighborhoods.

  24. I’m getting an ad for “Missourians for Responsible Liquor Laws” exhorting us to “Protect the 21st Amendment”. A brief Google search didn’t yield anything, so I have to ask the Missourians here, are they pro-alochol people hating Prohibition, or anti-alcohol people who think the Feds are going to inflict freer alcohol laws on Missouri?

    1. Isn’t it illegal to be sober in Missouri?

      1. No, just very, very unpleasant.

  25. Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet.

    1. I’d say the title of that video is misleading.

      1. True. Just look at how she’s wearing her fur; you’re just asking for it!

    2. Well, sometimes you just really need some pussy.

      (Yeah, I went there.)

    3. Yea, the Day of Judgment is upon us!

  26. Florida’s Supreme Court ruled today that police need a warrant to search the contents of somebody’s cellphone.


  27. http://www.nationaljournal.com…..y-20130502

    Obamacare, the giant turd sandwich Big Daddy is leaving his party.

  28. Tanning Mom Offers to Film Sex Tape, Calls Farrah Abraham a Whore

    – See more at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip……bfT69.dpuf

    1. Goddamn, you suck.

  29. Big wheel keep on turnin’,
    Liberals keep on burnin’

    Since gun regulation failed the 60-vote threshold in the Senate, some pundits have trotted out the “failure of presidential leadership” meme. See Maureen Dowd, Ron Fournier, Dana Milbank, or Peggy Noonan for example. To most political scientist — hell, to most people who’ve taken an advanced poli sci course — this a pretty unpersuasive argument[…]

    For one example, I give you Randall Archibold Michael Shear’s story in the New York Times about Obama’s Mexico trip. The title gives it away: “Obama Seeks to Banish Stereotypical Image of Mexico.” OK, this matters[…] One thing presidents can do with their bully pulpit is try to correct public misperceptions that are detrimental to the national interest… like U.S. views on Mexico.

    “Completely failing to come close to passing a major agenda item isn’t an example of failed Presidential leadership; speechifying on stereotypes is where the real leadership is at!”

    Yeah, OK.

  30. Caps v. Pens in the Semifinal.

    Book it.

    1. The semi-final of office supplies?

      1. good one, made me spit my diet mountain dew.

        I guess one of them beat the loose-leaf binders in the quarterfinals?

      2. Yay best laugh of the day for me!

    2. Geaux Sens Geaux.
      2 Games for a legal hit? Mein Gott.

    3. Caps fans are the abused girlfriends of the NHL. This time I’m sure it will be different.

      1. Someday it will be!

    1. Full credit for being a useless choad, though.

      1. And being the worst prose writer ever printed in an American newspaper. So he does have that going for him.

        1. Prose? I thought his writing style was free-verse Absurdist poetry.

          1. In fairness if he came out tomorrow and admitted his entire career was a surreal comedy act, I would have to change my opinion of him.

        2. I though that was Anna Quindlen or Molly Something.

          1. No. They are maybe worse thinkers. But for pure bad writing and horrible prose, Friedman is the king. His sentences are just awful. He commits every sin of bad writing known to man at a frequency and proficiency unheard of in the past. Meaningless mixed metaphors, cliches, run on sentences, confused structure and logic, he has it all. He is the kind of bad writing. But he makes up for by being profoundly stupid.

    2. “Chinese Dream”

      New flavor of heroin?

      I mean I knew Friedman was under some stress….all the reruns of earlier columns…..but takin the needle….?

      1. He’s shit, crap, and mostly loaded.

      2. Are you me? ‘Cuz that’s the first thing that came to my mind, as well.

        1. Do you have the runs today? Cause if not you ain’t me.

          1. And you were talking to Fish-Boy, not me. I’m a little distracted for some reason.

        2. I could be…..my time at reason has spawned many an alternate personality! I shudder to think about the “White Indian” days! I’m pretty sure I was everybody on the thread at one time or another.

  31. But the roots of the Seven Kingdom’s problems are its myriad unchecked political and economic incentives. A politician like Littlefinger will make fiscal decisions to pamper to his sole constituent, King Robert, and to bring business to his brothel, at the cost of the economy. In real life, career politicianswill respond to special interests and their loudest constituents much more frequently than they do to the common good. When things take a bad turn, governments may lose fiscal autonomy as creditors like the Lannisters would start making fiscal decisions. Their rent-seeking behavior is disastrous for future good governance. The ideal fiscal decision maker should not spend to please, nor lend to gain power.

    OP here.

  32. STEM majors are in high demand

    The Lesbian Dance degree factory isn’t an economic dynamo? SHOCKING

    1. I saw that. I really believe at least half of the people who voted for Obama don’t know he is a Democrat and think he is a conservative.

  33. From the “You can gamble on anything in Vegas” file comes the great sex toy race.

    1. Is that fastest to orgasm or fastest vibrating across a table?

      1. The latter, unfortunately.

        1. Well in the former case it would be difficult to come up with odds.

          1. The Sybian always wins.

  34. Bit of late notice, but I didn’t think to ask:

    I’m heading to Vienna and Barcelona next week for some vacay. Spending 4 days in each city. Anyone have some particular tips I wouldn’t see in a 2-minute google search? I’m mostly playing it by ear, planning to walk around the obvious sites but mostly just sit around and drink beer and coffee, eat sausages and fish, etc. Anything I definitely shouldn’t miss?

    The pretentious side of me is looking for intellectual sites for Vienna, if anyone is hip to that. Sites related to Mises, Hayek, Wittgenstein, the older Austrians, etc.

    1. At least based on the week I spent in Spain, you should plan on not being able to do anything during siesta.

      1. Also, have the orange (“naranja“) Fanta. It’s really good.

    2. It’s probably in the tourist books, but don’t plan on eating dinner until very late night in Barcelona — and it’s really a great thing, you will love it. You really can’t get a reservation at a decent restaurant before 10pm, and that’s the equivalent of the senior’s-half-price-meals time there. 11pm, midnight, 1am are more realistic times for dinner, with lots of great wine and a culture that really likes meat and seafood. Great town for a night owl.

      1. I read this piece of advice in the tourist books. So, I went to have dinner around 11pm. You know want? All the decent places were closed by then. People in Barcelona dine late, but not that late.

        1. You have to know the places that are open and make reservations. None of the tapas bars will be open, but real restaurants will.

    3. Go see Antoni Gaudi’s buildings. They are fucking awesome.

  35. This is old, but I don’t believe has been brought to H&R’s attention. Dude stabbed by another dude after refusing to tag out in a threesome. Hasn’t he seen porn? Everyone gets a turn at banging her.

    1. Yeah, but unlike a porn, you stay in the pussy till you finish, then you swap.

    2. I assumed “stabbed” was a euphemism initially.

    3. Two dudes? They’re doing it wrong.

      1. Seriously, why would there only be two dudes in a threesome?

        1. Jesse, stop fucking up our heteronormative narratives

          1. Hey, it’s not my fault you guys leave your narratives so open to derailing. Y’all need to homoproof your narratives better.

        2. Why can’t we just agree that there shouldn’t be an even number of dudes in a threesome? Wait, no, zero is fine.

          1. My ex used to talk about the many MMF threesomes he’d have with his ‘straight’ old roommate. He said they weren’t gay because they were bros and they’d be high fiving and shit the whole time.

            It cannot be stated enough how sad my dating history is.

  36. Again, with most people this is theory. With me, it’s personal experience. Do some women lie about rape? Fuck yea. People lie about everything. I don’t need a study or a book to tell me that. I just need to look at some cases I’ve done.

    I had a teenage girl fabricate a kidnapping/rape allegation because she didn’t want to get into trouble for getting home late. She was actually out with her boyfriend. She went home and furiously scrubbed her innards out of “shame” but actually because she was not wanting to incriminate him.
    The difference between a false rape complaint/Domestic Violence complaint is that it almost always targets a SUSPECT who gets (often) arrested and fucked over.

    The first thing in my mind in any investigation is that I always consider that any complainant no matter what the alleged crime may be lying

    And this is why SO often the “don’t talk to police” thing fails in my experience because I have seen literally scores of times, the “suspect” be able to talk themselves out of suspicion. Sometimes, they even make it so the person who was originally the victim ends up being the one arrested. Investigations are dynamic that way.

    1. The feministing ideologues refused to listen to evidence. I was posting there when the case first came out and pointed out tons of “smell test” issues with the case from the get go, but the cognitive dissonance engine is simply beyond belief.

      There is a huge double standard in rapes. “victims” get “shield laws” whereas suspects often get their names and pictures plastered everywhere. The Duke case gut punches me to this day. It had SO many red flags from the get go.

  37. Kobe Bryant’s mom is a bitch.

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