Free Press

U.K. Government Pushes Press Controls Over Media Objections

So long, free press


David Cameron is set to reject moves by three of the country's largest  newspaper groups to water down the proposed Royal Charter creating a new regulatory system for the press.

The Prime Minister risks upsetting Conservative-supporting papers by sticking to the deal agreed by the three main parties for a charter to implement a tougher system of independent self-regulation proposed by the Leveson Inquiry following the phone- hacking scandal.

Mr Cameron wants newspapers to reach a common position so that the new system is workable and effective, but the industry is divided.

Last week, Rupert Murdoch's News International, the Mail and the Telegraph groups proposed an alternative charter, calling for politicians to be denied the right to amend it. They had been the most vocal in their opposition to the version agreed by the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats.