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School Defends Expelling Student over Science Project

Maybe they should eliminate science classes in general as dangerous


By all accounts, Kiera Wilmot's science experiment gone wrong triggered just a tiny pop and a small amount of smoke at Bartow High School last week -- but her tale is certifiably blowing up the Internet today. Thanks to Reddit and Reason, thousands have commented on Wilmot's story, many asking the same question: How could an otherwise model student be expelled and charged with a felony over an experiment that didn't even hurt anyone?

Riptide decided to call up the Polk County School District to find out. The answer: The letter of the law demanded it and school administrators believe kids should learn that "there are consequences to their actions."

We've also obtained a police report that indicates Wilmot mixed toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil -- a combination that has inspired hundreds of YouTube videos and generally produces a fairly unimpressive explosion.