Democrats Fear Obamacare Fallout, Hiring and Manufacturing Sputter, Portland To Pay Record Settlement for Police Shooting: P.M. Links


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        1. REAL MANURE.

        2. Hey, I’m a fan. Of the Penguins.

    1. pens in 5
      rangers in 7
      bruins in 6
      Canadians in 6

      go pens.

      1. Every Canadian will win in 6? What about the Canadiens though?

      2. Agreed in the east. Out west:

        SJ in 7
        ANH in 6
        STL in 7
        CHI in 5

        I’m rooting for the Habs and whoever is playing the Rangers and Wild. Stupid Devils and their bad bounce season.

        1. I’m rooting for the Habs

          You, like all of their fans, are worse than Hitler.

        2. Bruins-Blues in the finals. Lock in my answer.

          1. Based on the Bruins fantastic finish to their season?

    2. Let them come! The Iron Throne Lord Stanley’s Cup is destined for the halls of House Blackhawk this year!

      1. I took a shit in Chicago once.

        1. Yay! Sandi has come home to roost! So to speak.

        2. Before or after a visit to Wiener Circle?

        3. So that’s how all the blacks got here (couldn’t resist)

  1. Ontario to offer gender studies class in high school. It may change the world! Based on this post, let’s hope it does not

    When I was in high school, I lacked a vocabulary to define my own oppression. I stumbled through life completely perplexed by the lens through which the world saw me ? a biracial girl with a single, working-class mother ? and spit me out. As I came of age, I came of consciousness, having the extreme pleasure of taking a college course at 17 called “History of American Women.” (Honors.)

    Once I began to study the women who came before me, and finally conceive of a whole woman I could become, I understandably began to exist. It was addicting. I dropped my business major to pursue Women’s Studies. I scrapped my corporate ambitions to enter the nonprofit sector. I became an activist. I never felt I was choosing to do these things ? I felt compelled, pulled by some strange intellectual force toward ending whatever voices whispered in my ear as a child about what it means to be a woman, how I should feel about my hair, where my parents came from, how much money it takes to be human. Studying and living at the intersection of various oppressive forces has kept me on my feet. It’s kept me alive.

    The comments are depressing. One bio major dropped out of that to become a Gender Studies major too, etc.

    1. Well duh. Science is hard. You can make as good or better money with a grievance mongering degree.

      You get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish. Stupid decisions are rewarded, and smart ones punished.

      1. Yeah, instead of getting a business woman who was raised by a single mom, a biologist who could have helped cure disease, and a journalist (who may have one day seen the light and joined reason. I mean, it isn’t likely, but maybe), we have 3 more people who will spend their lives contributing nothing to society of any value.

        1. Challenging the Patriarchy is a reward in and of itself.

          The real money is in corporate Victimization Grievance consulting.

        2. Look on the bright side, at least 150 cats will be saved from roaming the streets.

    2. There is, however, one hilariously unaware comment:

      This is amazing! I wish wish wish that all high schools have this because it really needs to be addressed sooner ? especially since not everyone will be exposed to this after high school. There are still people with PhDs who know fuck-all about intersectionality and feminism, and they’re the ones whom we would expect to be “the most educated” of society ? what about those who don’t pursue post-secondary education? At least having it at high school makes it a base standard level of educating everyone.

      Emphasis added obviously. Oh, also, one dropped out of J-School to got to Gender Studies, which may be a lateral move (still better than the Anthro-Gender Studies double who said this story “Warmed her little non-profit heart”)

      1. Parasites used to be ashamed, or at least ambivalent. Now the people who live entirely off of stolen money are proud of it, and consider themselves to be superior to the people who make the world move.

      2. Yes, because Ph.D. programs in physics and chemistry everywhere have a requirement to study things completely outside the scope of their field.

        1. There are still people with PhDs who know fuck-all about intersectionality and feminism mathematics and physics

          1. “Hey man, do you know how to sideload this app on my tablet?”

            “It takes a little research, but it ain’t exactly gender studies.”

            1. “Dude you can’t figure that out? What’d you major, Gender Studies?”

      3. There are all these so-called smart people who have no idea of these concepts we invent in our circular discussions!

        Jesus, that’s like saying, “Haha, engineers and physicists don’t even understand compatibilitism!”

        1. Jesus, even PhDs in History or Religion or Political Science or possibly English (though if you are in the humanities rather than the ‘social’ sciences then I don’t see how you wouldn’t have take a Gender and Film or Gender and Literature class). I just love how she can’t realize that maybe they are the “most educated” because they skipped over the feminist bullshit and learned real stuff.

          1. That’s stuff easy dude. Anyone can do math. But thinking and talking about oppression is really really hard.

            Remember when someone asked Nancy Pelosi what she would have done if she hadn’t gone into politics, and she answered “business”?

            1. Honestly, even Pelosi is better than these women. She apparently kept her dad’s book of favors when she was a kid, for his Baltimore machine. She may have been a shrewd, if slightly thuggish with some shady ties, business woman.

              1. The female Ken Lay.

              2. Shrewd, thuggish, with very shady ties you mean.

      4. I liked this comment from Megan, who apparently is a building:

        As an Ontario high school I’m really excited for the courses to start. Who knows how much this could change the environment in our schools.

        1. Wow, I would avoid this course like the plague if I was in HS.

          Ontario tax dollars hard at work.

    3. Studying and living at the intersection of various oppressive forces has kept me on my feet. It’s kept me alive.

      This world gets fucking stupider every day.

      1. A perfectly predictable consequence of a society where STEM-types rely on the “oppressed” to provide them with opinions on anything not related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

        1. Uh, what?

          1. I’m just thinking of all the scientists one reads who are always pushing for regulatory solutions to whatever problems they see, I.e. climate change, population growth, environmental degradation… Have I been too hasty in my generalization?

        2. Don’t hang out with many STEM types, I see.

          They may be hilariously and atrociously ill-informed, but they ain’t relying on gender studies idiots for opinions.

          1. Well, their opinions are often similar, but I hate to believe they come to those conclusions on their own. Like I said, I might have been too quick to generalize. Mea Culpa.

            1. Reading Pee Pee Myers will do that to a person.

              1. PZ Myers is hilarious. I love intelligent people who unthinkingly adopt bizarre political biases that they can’t even support. Whenever he talks about libertarians he sounds like an early 1900’s conservative freaking out about the anarchist threat.

                He clearly knows nothing about our arguments, but runs his mouth anyway. Not to mention how childish everyone involved in the elevator gate situation behaved.

    4. I lacked a vocabulary to define my own oppression

      I lacked a vocabulary to define my own oppression

      I lacked a vocabulary to define my own oppression

      I lacked a vocabulary to define my own oppression

      1. The Patriarchy is so oppressive it won’t even let women use a dictionary, let alone Wikipedia! Or, if she is old, an encyclopedia!

        1. The patriarchy maintains strict control over Merriam-Webster so that the words to express certain ideas are never allowed in the lexicon.

      2. The vocabulary lack descriptive words to define Warty…but evidently not the twisted dark soul of SF.

      3. First the came for the vocabulary to define my own oppression and I did not speak up.

    5. Good thing we now have the Internet and thousands of bloggers who talk endlessly about this kind of shit.

      So high school you could discover “a vocabulary to define” their own oppression. They could also learn what that sequence of words is supposed to mean. Don’t need to waste everyone else’s time with it.

    6. “Once I began to study the women who came before me, and finally conceive of a whole woman I could become”

      I find it telling that she used both “came” and “conceive” in the same sentence.

      1. Well, it IS a website for lesbians. Maybe she found enlightenment on the end of another girls fingers.

        1. I’m saying that she was finger banged.

    7. Ugh. I just find the story so sad. A multiracial kid raised by a single mom pulls herself up by the bootstraps and gets to college, where she is going to go into business and make sure she is better off than her Mom and so on.

      That’s the fucking American (or in this Canadian) Dream. And then she encounters feminism and decides to throw all that away so she can be a perpetual victim.

      It really is a horrid ideology.

      1. A multiracial kid raised by a single mom pulls herself up by the bootstraps and gets to college, where she is going to go into business and make sure she is better off than her Mom and so on.

        That’s the fucking American (or in this Canadian) Dream. And then she encounters feminism and decides to throw all that away so she can be a perpetual victim. [emphasis added]

        Best description I’ve ever seen of feminism. Well done, sir!

        1. Agreed.

    8. pulled by some strange intellectual force

      Get a clue, honey: that strange force is emotional, not intellectual.

    9. Soon to be seen outside Ontario high schools:

      “You Deserve Rape”

    10. Pshaw! At 17 years old I was a Marine grunt learning about the world ? which in my case was developing what it takes to jump off a hovering Huey in the face of gunfire. Supporting my divorced mother and two sisters back home I lived off the little I had left. After four years of that I started school on the GI bill and even though I had not taken much math or science in high school I pushed myself to graduate Tau Beta Pi with an engineering degree because that was what seemed to be the best ticket away from the high risk, low pay world I had known up to that point.

      Screw feelings and this “othering” bullshit. Get a real degree and a job.

      1. But are you a woman? If not then check your privilege.

      2. You sir are a better man than I.

    11. It sounds like a religion.


    The University of Wyoming Police Department issued a citation Monday afternoon in Albany County Circuit Court for Meg Lanker-Simons, a woman allegedly threatened last week in a social media post authorities now contend was a hoax.

    The citation is for interference, a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment up to a year and a fine up to $1,000.

    “Subject admitted to making a controversial post on UW Crushes webpage and then lied about not doing it,” according to the citation.

    “I want to hatef? Meg Lanker- so hard,” the Facebook post said. “That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and shes gonna be a good Republican b?-.”

    Her tumblr:

    “This episode has sparked an important discussion reaffirming that the UW community has no tolerance for sexual violence or violence of any type,” UW spokesman Chad Baldwin said. “The fact that the Facebook post apparently was a fabrication does not change the necessity for continued vigilance in reassuring that we have a campus where everyone feels safe.

    “It’s important that this event does not undermine the progress that has been made in this area.”

    1. Pamela Kandt, co-convener of the Episcopal Women’s Caucus and a Casper activist, came to Lanker-Simons’ defense Tuesday.

      Last week, after the controversial post went public, Kandt lobbied university officials for a “swift response to this outrage.”

      “I will tell you, I believe Meg is innocent of this outrage,” said Kandt, adding she believes the citation issued by police is a “classic case of blaming the victim.”

      Kandt said she has spoken with Lanker-Simons following the citation’s issuance.

      UW Police, Kandt said, “have bullied her and they have pulled a bluff.”

      “This is the worst episode of ‘Law & Order’ you can imagine,” Kandt said.

      She added, “I mean, my God, who would do this to herself?”/blockquote


      Rice pointed out that Lanker had admitted in 2005 to pointing a gun at a former employer — a line of questioning quickly stopped by Downes after Lanker’s attorneys objected.

      Rice said he wasn’t trying to “impeach” Lanker, but said the 5-year-old incident was relevant because she was hosting an event that had received threats of violence.

      When the court recessed for lunch, Lanker called Rice’s question a “dirty trick” and said if the university had problems with her past, it shouldn’t have readmitted her to the university.

      1. Just out of curiosity, what makes people do this? And by this I mean post 3 comments strung together with links and basically entire articles pasted in.

        1. The original post has the basic story and the dumb university spokesman quote. The first reply has the dumb Kandt. Second reply has some backstory that maybe along with the tumblr answers “my God, who would do this to herself?”

          It’s not really the entire article from any of the three links.

          1. OK, tl;dr. Avoiding because too wordy.

            1. “end rape culture” activist with hilarious tumblr fakes facebook post saying that a rethuglican wants to hate fuck her

              university freaks out, social justice is threatened

              eight years ago she pointed a gun at guy who fired her, two years ago sued her school for some dumb reason

              1. There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

                1. You could have just asked for the tl;dr version in the first place you know. Stop trying to suck up to liberals by acting all cool with your hipster shirts and onions on your belt!

                  1. Whatevs, man.

            2. If you hate to read words, WTF are you here at HyR?

              1. I don’t read words because I’m not a fag. Why are you reading those words? Are you a fag?

                1. Don’t you read John’s words? It’s just to hate fuck him isn’t it, you want to be his Republican bitch!

                  1. I would pay ten grand to hate-fuck Dora the Explorer in the ass. Ten grand.

                    1. I hope you don’t have a bunch of Dora porn.

                    2. “Stop trying to suck up to liberals by acting all cool with your hipster shirts and onions on your belt!”

                      He wore an onion on his belt before it was the style at the time.

      2. Fucking christ–this behavior, which is becoming increasingly common, demonstrates how grievance-mongering creates an institutionalized mental illness in its adherents. These type of people flout the rules of civilized society all the time and think they’re completely justified in doing so. Think of all the career criminals who are literally incapable of telling the truth even when they’re caught red-handed breaking the law.

        “Why were you kill that kid?”
        “Man, I wasn’t even there that night.”
        “Your fingerprints were all over the gun, your hair was at the scene, you left your jacket in the dumpster by the building, the victim’s DNA was found in the scratches on your arm, and every video camera around caught your face.”
        “That must have been my cousin.”

        When your whole sense of self-worth is wrapped up in being a “victim” of some perpetually oppressive force that never loses its power (no matter how much that view conforms to reality), it’s not a far jump into justifying outright lying in order to advance “the cause.”

        I have no doubt that Lanker is legitimately insane enough to convince herself that someone else was actually writing all that stuff as she typed it into the computer. Congenital liars are incapable of acknowledging reality even when directly confronted with it.

        1. The only thing academia is creating with all these “_____ studies” curriculums is an entire generation of sociopaths whose lives are so empty that literally nothing can happen in their lives that would satisfy them, other than the temporary endorphin rush they get from seeing HERP RETHUGLICANS beaten in elections.

          Nuke academia today.

          1. Hey, be a mensch and give me a heads-up before you push the red button, ok?

            1. How much lead time you need?

              1. I can get to my bunker in about 30 min.

      3. Hyphenated. All you need to know.

    3. People actually live in Wyoming? Like enough people to have a University named after it?

      1. They’re there for the lithium.

    4. Y’know, I am so fucking tired of the logic that we can’t arrest people who make false rape charges because it could discourage others to come forward.

      We don’t do that with any other crime, and for trying to use the law to fuck someone over, you are damn right I want your ass in the clink.

      1. The Wyoming Womyn accuses the admins of the page of posting what she calls a rape threat. Her evidence is they didn’t come forward to deny it.

      2. I absolutely want to discourage others from coming forward with false accusations. That would be dandy.

        1. False rape culture is the best tool to fight rape culture. (The gist of her recent tumblr posts)

    5. Where da librul womens at?

  3. …and an even higher percentage considering the thing a bureaucratic mess.


    1. Your rationality is charming, but naive.

  4. Senator Cruz won’t be running for president after all. So says he.

    I don’t want him to run, but even so he’s more accomplished right now than Obama ever was.

  5. A Portland, Oregon, police officer’s error in loading lethal rounds into a bean bag shotgun, and then firing them at William Kyle Monroe, will cost the city $2.3 million…

    The Pacific Northwest seems to rival Florida for worst cops ever.

    1. Portland PD can’t hold a candle to Seattle PD when it comes to killing/maiming people. Portland, always second fiddle to Seattle.

      1. I’m surprised Dunphy hasn’t shot you yet.

        1. I keep my head down, and I don’t participate in any surfing competitions or powerlifting tournaments.

          1. Powerlifting = Squat, Bench, Deadlift

            I do WEIGHTLIFTING which consists of Snatch and Deadlift. For the umpteenth time

            It also gives me really groovy traps and a perky butt!

        2. Considering my near perfect use of force history (and job performance) in general, epi has nothing to worry about as long as he doesn’t commit a crime requiring me to respond with deadly force in response.

          And I hope he doesn’t. He seems like a nice, level headed boy after all.

          1. DIAF

            1. Smooches!

          2. Dunphy makes no mistakes. Dunphy is an ubermensch.

            1. Oh, I make mistakes alright. Trust me on that. I’m very good at what I do but god knows I make mistakes.

              And I HAVE been called a mensch! But not an ubermensch.

              Cops are people. We make mistakes. In the case here, it was a tragedy.

                HE GOT WITH THE LADIES/
                SO I THINK YOU CAN SEE PLAIN/

          3. “Near Perfect”? What did you get caught doing that makes it only “Near Perfect”?

      2. “All I ever hear about is how great Seattle is at this or how terrific Seattle is at that. Seattle, Seattle, Seattle!!1!!”

        1. Among other things this is portland, but guess what cops make mistakes.

          Doctors aren’t agents of the state, but they make mistakes like this all the time. Amputate the wrong limb, leave surgical items inside, etc.

          Cops are human and sometimes they fuck up. In this case, the fuck up was tragic so of course they are paying out a big payment as they should. You will always have police misconduct whether intentional, or as apparently in this case unintentional. Just like in every other profession. I see no reason to believe cops are more prone to fuckups than people in other professions, it’s just that reason (for good reasons) doesn’t concentrate on fuckups in employs that do not represent THE STATE

          1. “Hello, I’d like to make an appointment with my local law enforcement goon.”

          2. Doctors get sued and can lose their licenses as well as assets.

            Cops don’t, so fuck you.

            1. cops get sued all the time. Cops also lose their license and/or go to jail. Look at the bart shooting. Major fuckup. He got sued, indicted, and went to prison.

              And I agree with Balko that he was properly charged with involuntary manslaughter.

              The point stands. sometimes cops fuck up. Film at 11. BFD

              1. Doctors also have reputations that can be damaged by repeated mistakes, whichh can affect their livelihood. Cops get medals and promotions.

                Seriously Dunphy, you’ve said some massively idiotic things in the past, but this one is a doozy. “We’re just like highly trained medical professionals in that way!”

            2. ^^THIS^^

              1. yawn. Yea, yer right only doctors get sued. Cops don’t. lol

                1. 1 in 57 MDs lose their license. I’d bet any sum that the rate of officers discharged from the police force is not anywhere close to this.

                  Also, we agree to pay (sometimes direct, mostly in a roundabout way) the salary of doctors and get to choose who we see.

                  We are forced to pay cops and we don’t always get to choose when we want to see them and if some power-tripping, incompetent boob responds to our call, tough shit.

                  1. Also, doctors pay a shit-ton for malpractice insurance. Cops, not so much.

                2. When did doctors get qualified immunity? I must have missed that in the newspapers.

                  1. Are cops paying exorbitant malpractice ins premiums?

                    They should. And they should take 100% financial responsibility for their mistakes, like docs.

    2. “bean bag shotgun” is a new one on me. Is it a shotgun that is only supposed to fire beanbag rounds? Is the cop lucky the thing did bot blow up on him while using regular shotgun shells?

      1. He thought that it transformed regular shells into beanbag rounds. By shooting them.

      2. They really ought to come up with a 14 gauge shotgun with a line of less lethal alternatives. I don’t care how dumb the cop is, he can’t get a 14 gauge to fire a 12 gauge shell.

        1. I’m pretty sure that’s why they have 37mm tear gas grenade launchers, so no one could switch up rounds for 40mm.

      3. It’s a shotgun in the shape of a bean bag.

        1. At last, a serious answer.

  6. Might as well repost this one from earlier since this is an Official reason Links thread:…

    I like the metaphor in Tom Friedman’s latest column, arguing that we now live in a 401(k) world. But I wish he’d spelled it out in greater detail, because the problem with living in a 401(k) world is that Planet 401(k) is a pretty sucky planet.

    In other words: A disaster. What’s needed is a much more forceful, much more statist approach to forced savings, whether that’s quasi-savings in the form of higher taxes and more Social Security benefits or something like a Singapore-style system where “private” savings are pooled into a state-run investment fund.

    1. Wow, so….at what point do they go for people’s savings?

      1. That’s the $25,000 question, isn’t it? Not for a while, though. But we see that the meme door has now been opened.

      2. As I said on the other thread, investing is just another word for owning. Sad Beard is advocating outright communism.

        1. Yeah. And it’s one thing in Singapore where you have a few million citizens and already have an authoritarian government. They aren’t going to be able to totally fuck the whole world economy. But all of the retirement savings in the US would make up a good sized chunk of world wide investment.

      3. What savings? Thanks to a continuous war on savers, the U.S. savings rate was below two for four years leading up to the housing bubble. It got up as high as 5-6% last year, and has since dropped back to 3%.

        There aren’t any savings to go after.

        1. This is why we need to “print” money and put it into everyones savings accounts.

          1. Oh, and raise taxes.

          2. Why not just print the 4 trillion the feds spend every year, and eliminate the taxes part?

            1. Because taxes are the reason we have civilization or something.

        2. I find it weird that my progressive friends get upset about how hard it is to effectively save, know that it’s because of bad policy, but then error out when you point out it’s the logical conclusion of the policy.

          1. That is because all that matters with policy is intentions, and only corporations can cause bad outcomes, in progistan.

            1. Well if they would only go into noble non profits like the fine women I linked to above, they wouldn’t be evil. But they want profits, and thus are evil.

      4. quasi-savings in the form of higher taxes

        Funny. They never let me make a withdrawal at that bank.

      5. Aren’t they already? They’re creating $80 billion a month out of thin air.

      6. I think Obama already said no one needs over 3 million in a retirement account. So really, who needs more than a six month emergency fund (24,000?) in the bank?

    2. he had 2 other gems today:

      blame conservatives for turning him into a marxist…..habby.html
      blame reasonites…..a_cop.html

      1. Yglesias is an idiot.

      2. Best quote:

        You see a rising tide of Rand-inflected moralism about market outcomes and a reduced emphasis on Friedman-style pragmatism.

        Whatever liberals like is pragmatism, whatever conservatives/libertarians like is based upon personal biases.

        1. Once again, it’s all projection. It’s uncanny.

          1. HAHAHAHA! He does it in both articles.

            Since Gillespie writes for Reason, and since Reason is a libertarian magazine, and since the New London Police Department is a public sector entity, Gillespie seems to treat this outcome as obviously absurd and the failure of the victim’s discrimination lawsuit as sad. The department’s stated reason, however, seems reasonably clear and sensible?namely that they think people with such high scores will get bored with the job quickly and leave after obtaining expensive training.

            The cop’s IQ in question was 125. Smart? Absolutely. But the argument in that case that someone with a 125 IQ would inherently get ‘bored’ working as a cop is ridiculous.

            1. Clearly they should just cut the expensive training. Especially since if a cop has no training he can’t be charged!

              1. It’s not “inherently ridiculous” at all. It has a rational basis. People with higher IQ’s tend to become bored more easily than people with average IQ ceteris paribus if the CW is to be believed. It makes sense.

                1. Except that it’s actually the opposite.

                  Smart people are less likely to get bored than stupid people. Which, in the case of a cop, is a great quality since he’d be less likely to do stupid shit to break up the monotony.

                  1. I posted this on the thread earlier, but it’s a Catch-22 when it comes to police hirings.

                    If you hire a smart person to be a cop, you run the risk of them being so smart they can game the system and abuse their authority because they can see the failings in it.

                    If you hire a dumb person to be a cop, you run the risk of them not being smart enough to understand the system and then abusing their authority.

                    Short version: Fuck the police.

                2. I have the personality for police work, according to Meyers-Briggs, but my IQ is a few standard deviations too high. Guess I’ll have to become a superhero instead.

            2. My guess is, if this story were about a private firm that had been successfully sued, we would be reading Reason articles about out-of-control lawsuits and the wisdom of private-sector managers.

              He sure beat the living hell out of that strawman!

              1. How damn dumb do you have to be to think that hiring standards should be identical for public and private entities?

        2. Tom “The Cabbie Whisperer” Friedman would not be my lead-off pragmatism batter.

          1. Nothing’s pragmatic like advocating we become as much like China as possible and claiming that carbon taxes prevent terrorism.

          2. Shikha Dalmia whispers to cabbies too.

    3. But I thought saving is why the economy is still in the dumps.

      1. Look at the savings rate since 1980.

        Our ‘glut of savings’ today is lower than any savings rate we had from 1959-1987.

        Look at 2005. Savings fell to -2% for a short period of time.

        1. The rate is low, but in real terms, that’s a ton of money for them to steal.

          They’re really just junkies for other people’s money. A real junkie will pimp out his wife and rob his children for a fix.

        2. The Fed is a truly evil institution.

          1. Without it the economy would be an endless cycle of booms and busts!

        3. What? you don’t want to earn .005% on your savings, like my bank does? That’s a whole 50 cents on every 1000 bucks!

    4. Higher taxes are “quasi-savings” the way the playing the lottery is “quasi-investment.”

    5. I’m thinking attacking my retirement savings is off the table. Sorry, no can do.

      1. What’s the slogan again? Fuck you…confiscate savings? Is that it?

        1. Please, tax me more, I still have some money left.

    6. Damn the original poster for alerting me to that stupid Slate article. I normally try to avoid Slate lest I suffer a self-induced aneurysm, but I meandered over and couldn’t help but try to address some of the derp in the comments. So by the end of today, I will have gotten little work done.

    7. “I like the metaphor in Tom Friedman’s latest column”

      My retard detector started derping too loudly for me to concentrate after that statement, so I didn’t read any farther.

  7. During a military execution of 13 people in Libertopia Somalia, one of the soldiers carrying out the execution was himself killed by a stray bullet.

    Thirteen being an unlucky number.

    1. But one is the luckiest number.

    2. They thought “circular firing squad” was a valid suggestion, not a joke.

      1. As libertarians often do.

  8. Time crystals and perpetual motion at zero point. If you read the article, (climate scientists take note!) this is how REAL scientists discuss things that they are trying to figure things out when they don’t know the actual answer.

    1. Are they…cubic?

      1. I could barely follow it, but as I read the article, this will fundamentally test whether Relativity’s symmetric view of time or Quantum Theory’s unidirectional view of time is more correct.

        1. I wonder if they’ll go back to an idea someone put forth a couple decades ago about time not existing at all. It was a bit bizarre but some physicists were giving it serious thought. I think the basic idea was that every single moment exists in itself and time only seems to flow because of our perceptions.

          1. It makes sense to me. Every bit/moment of space-time is unique to one location. After all, the earth is spinning, moving around the sun which is in turn moving around the center of the galaxy which is moving away from every other galaxy. Nothing is ever really in the same place in space or time, we just think it is because our relative framework stays the same.

    2. OHH MY GOD!!!

      We are Galifray!!!

      AWESOME, I want Obama to give me a TARDIS!

      1. Where’s my ObamaT.A.R.D.I.S.?

      2. All you should expect from him is a T.A.R.D.

      3. Genetic engineering better work on giving us two hearts.

      4. Hey, maybe they can do a very special episode for Americans, about the Doctor visiting Lincoln and encouraging him to end slavery because the Confederates were actually working for evil aliens or something. They could call it “The TARDIS in the White House”.

  9. Guess who?
    Should we all become Marxists?

    To me that unquestionably looked wrong as of 2009. But in the interim, those Wall Street Journal editorial page tendencies have grown much stronger. You see a rising tide of Rand-inflected moralism about market outcomes and a reduced emphasis on Friedman-style pragmatism. You also see a sharply reduced emphasis on belief in any kind of macroeconomic stabilization policy, in favor of a “let them eat cake slash move to North Dakota” moralism about unemployment. Last but by no means least, it really has become the conventional wisdom among American elites that the appropriate policy response to fiscal imbalance in a time of high and rising income inequality is restore balance by reducing the scope and generosity of social insurance programs.

    1. Last but by no means least, it really has become the conventional wisdom among American elites that the appropriate policy response to fiscal imbalance in a time of high and rising income inequality is restore balance by reducing the scope and generosity of social insurance programs.

      Uh what? Who the fuck is advocating cuts. The reason we are totally fucked is that no one is advocating cuts.

      1. Just ignore the reality that most of the budget does nothing to actually benefit the poor.

    2. Yeah. This is why when feminism went “intersectual” (ie lets also care about race, class, sexuality, etc) it became retarded. Because it began to reject capitalism (to be fair you also see this in 2nd wave movements like Black Feminism).

      The system they always propose to replace it sounds vaguely anarcho-communist, but the problem is that these small communes would require the deaths of millions and be the most tedious fucking places to live ever.

      1. Oh, and the reason I know so much of their bullshit theory: When you argue with them, they can’t be wrong. You must either not understand the theory or be blinded by privilege.

        When it becomes clear that I have a decent rooting in a good portion of feminist theory, they switch to the privilege argument because I am a white, straight, able-bodied, male. This means that I have won, even though they will never admit it, because it is a religion, and their god can’t be wrong.

        1. If you notice, most of them are middle class white girls who grew up being told what special snowflakes they were and how their shit never stunk. Becoming a feminist is one way avoiding any contact with any unpleasant realities about your self or the world.

          1. If you notice, most of them are middle class white girls who grew up being told what special snowflakes they were and how their shit never stunk.

            My buddy and his wife are both pretty much like this. They’re from stable middle-class backgrounds and have never wanted for much, and are borderline marxists now after being in academia their whole adult lives.

            At least before grad school he was open to seeing the reasoning in differing points of view. Now he’s just another talking-points spewing leftist with no imagination.

    3. I love this part

      In summary, I’m not a Marxist. But I worry that political conservatives are going to turn me into one. My view is that full employment and robust systems of redistribution from the more fortunate to the less fortunate are possible.

      Yes. I still believe we can enslave the few to support the many. People like Krugabe are just mendacious. Yglasies is just profoundly stupid.

      1. In summary, I’m not a Marxist.

        If you find yourself writing this, you probably are.

      2. Not to mention the “more fortunate” and “less fortunate” bits. You’re a well-paid writer only because you got lucky, Yggly. Gimme your fucking wallet.

        1. Word is he recently bought a million dollar row house on Capitol Hill. Move over fat ass, I am moving in.

          1. How’s his wife look? Stand aside, smart guy, her asshole is mine now.

            1. He is single. He often claims to have a girlfriend. NTTAWWT but I think there is a bit of gender sexual confusion going on. He is sort of the early episode Mr. Garrison of the Washington media scene.

              1. No, he’s going to end up like the Elmo puppeteer.

      3. Oh, so she’s just a socialist. Zombie Margret Thatcher should be along shortly to whoop her ass and show her how a real woman goes through the world.

        1. She? Was I not the only one who assumed Marcotte?

          1. You were not.

      4. Also, I like how she acts that conservatives are just forcing her into Marxism. Yeah, keep telling yourself that Sweetie.

      5. Why not run the same piece on April 20 as a paean to Nazism? There is no real difference.

  10. Hiring and manufacturing … Not looking so good.

    Why the hell would it?

  11. I bet right. Three arrests in Boston are for “obstruction”.

    1. is reporting this:

      “Tazhayakov, an economics major, had his visa terminated on Jan. 4, but he was allowed to reenter the country on Jan. 20 in New York, the judge said in court. The discrepancy puzzled Judge Day”

      F’ing DHS…how do it work?

  12. Any thoughts on the possible massacre in Nigeria?

    It is always insane to me when I remember that Nigeria is like the 5th largest country in the world by population, just a bit behind Pakistan. Although for either, the words “nation” and “country” are a little suspect.

    1. Xth largest bunch of people and land randomly grouped together under one corrupt government.

      1. Hey! We resemble that remark!

  13. Archaeological evidence shows that the Jamestown colonists resorted to cannibalism.

    Well I can’t wait to see that detail added into the next remake of the Disney film ‘Pocahontas’.


      1. It’s an acronym for all the ways some dude cooked human flesh. He was trying to keep track:


        1. My teacher that taught us about that story served it up practically like a campfire scare story. It was awesome and I will never forget it. I think it was in 3rd or 4th grade.

          1. Mine too, it really is chilling when you think about it.

            1. That was the first thing I ever learned about that made me wish I could go back in time to see what happened.

            2. No shit. All I could think was “what the fuck does that mean?!?”

              Supernatural worked it into an episode, and it is a good episode.

              1. Yes it is good. My teacher also made it into a creepy mystery campfire story.

                1. Didn’t they also work it into the X-Files, though it wasn’t as cool?

      2. Look, you try to write legibly when a time-traveling Balkan psycho is killing everyone with his future magic and eating their corpses.

    2. They were all a bunch of city people, there to make glass of all things, who were suddenly stuck in a strange wilderness. And to top it off, they were too stupid and pig headed to listen or observe the natives. Hey, all of the savages seem to have left the low swampy ground. You don’t think they did that because it is getting hot and there might be malaria and them there swamps do you?

      1. Tis sure that illness is from evil spirits, and proximity to the swamp ensures a goodly supply of leeches.

        1. They actually were not religious. That was Plymouth. But they were not outdoorsman and had no idea how to survive. I think nearly all of the original settlers were dead within just a few years.

          1. The fact that Jamestown does not have a good water source also played a huge role. They picked a truly terrible place to build.

            1. That is because they had never lived outside of a town and had no idea what they were doing.

          2. Well Jamestown, as with most of the America’s, was supposed to be a dumping ground for the social scourge of the day “vagrants.”

            In the 1700s, England experienced a population boom, in part fueled by out-of-wedlock births (not on the level of now but pretty big for the time). Now, what they did with these kids is that the church took care of them until they could be apprenticed off, at age 7 or 8. The Church of England hated having to spend the money this way, and would interrogate women as they went through labor to get the Dad’s name and make him pay some of the cost.

            Well, the problem became that they had too many blacksmiths and not enough towns. So these young men would basically wander the countryside, going town to town. And that freaked England the fuck out as it flew in the face of the established social order, in which every man was tied to some community. Even if he was in Edinburgh, the fact that a guy was a blacksmith from Ipswich meant he had a family and a community to reign him in, while these guys had no ties to anything.

            So the New World was a great place to dump these guys.

            Seriously, if you want a really interesting account of this and law and gender politics (not the fem gen kind) of pre-Revolution Colonial America, I really recommend Anne Orthowodd’s Bastard. The author basically just follows one bastard kid by one woman in Virginia and looks at what it said about sex at the time and kids and a whole bunch of shit.

      2. Have you ever read John Locke’s description of the New World?

        He wrote about how it must be a gift from God, because settlers arrived to find the fields already plowed. I mean, who else could have done it?

        I mean, it is fucking insane how sub-human they believed Native Americans to be.

        1. Yeah so subhuman that one of them famously started fucking one.

          1. Well, man, she was like, really hot!

          2. Maybe he had Welsh heritage?

      3. Wasn’t one of the reasons they starved because they basically tried to run it like a commune?

    3. Are there any good fiction works about Jamestown? Seems like ripe material for a good horror writer.

      1. Well there’s no evidence that it was murder cannibalism. Looks like they just ate the corpses of the dead.

        Of course the reason they were starving is that they were besieged by the Powhatan. Then when Lord De La Warr arrived to lift the siege he put their towns to the torch and stole their food.

        1. Looks like they just ate the corpses of the dead.

          …at first.

          1. Well, technically all the corpses were of the dead.

          2. corpses of the dead

            Nice band name.

          3. Then they got a taste for it and all bets were off after that happened.

          1. I’ve already covered that, ProL. Look up.

        2. One guy was executed for killing and eating his wife.

          1. And then they ate him?

          2. She said “bite me” one time too many.

            Taste my wife, please!

            She cooked very well.

            “Daddy, where’s Mommy?” “Well, sweetheart, there’s a little bit of Mommy in all of us.”

            1. A woman of good taste, to be sure.

  14. During a military execution of 13 people in Libertopia Somalia, one of the soldiers carrying out the execution was himself killed by a stray bullet.

    Circular firing squad?

    1. Standard Libertopian problem.

  15. San Antonio judge has some fun with a strip club ruling.

    1. That is simply em-bare-ass-ing.

  16. Happy May Day!

    I did my thesis on the Chicago Hay Market Riot and why America never really developed a socialist movement like Europe did (current times aside)

  17. http://sipseystreetirregulars……cains.html

    Very long post.

    1. Wow. Thanks for posting. The story of Khy Hak was amazing.

      It never ceases to amaze me how the left ignores the vast crimes of Communism, while constantly flogging the old, dead horse of Nazism. Do we really need to be vigilant about possible Nazis, who are very hard to find and have had zero intellectual respectability for 70+ years? Meanwhile, present-day Communists are far more numerous (and even teach in our schools, for Jeebus’ sake) but supposedly nothing to be concerned about. And anyone concerned is probably a Nazi, anyway.

      1. And anyone concerned is probably a Nazi, anyway.

        Or worse still…. a CONSERVATIVE!

        1. Of course there’s no real difference.

  18. Today is Victims of Communism Day. Take a moment to reflect on how many millions of people were murdered in the name of that ideology. Then despair that there are still plenty of communists in the world, some have just changed their names.

    1. I’m almost disappointed that there was’t a pro-socialist rally on my campus today (that I’m aware of).

      Our student president and other key officials are no-shit hardcore leftists that last year hosted a May Day labor rally featuring some socialist speakers.

    2. I really want to punch people, who wear Che shirts, in the face. Wasn’t there someone on Obama’s campaign that kept a Che flag in her office?

      I think another Obama campaigner stated that she loved Mao?

      1. The Obama + Che lady.

        Anita Dunn was the Obama underling who said nice things about Mao.

    3. I love when communists try to claim that Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et. al. weren’t true communists. I then explain how all of those people knew a hell of a lot more about communism than them, especially highlighting Pol Pot and his theory that people above a certain age had been “corrupted” by the idea of property and needed to be machetted to death.

      1. …highlighting Pol Pot and his theory that people above a certain age had been “corrupted” by the idea of property and needed to be machetted to death.

        Have you read Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions? It’s basically about the philosophical underpinnings of such beliefs, and it’s surprisingly even-handed.

      2. And yet they’ll claim Somalia is “true libertarianism.”

    4. To paraphrase my mom; every day is Victims of Communism Day.

  19. Rest assured everyone, the violence and thuggery hope and revolutionary action of Chavez’s Venezuela is alive and well:

    Several opposition lawmakers injured in brawl on the floor of Venezuela’s parliament.

    1. Wow:

      Outside the Justice Ministry, organizers set up a 30-foot-tall inflatable Chavez balloon with its fist raised in the air. Many wore red T-shirts with pro-government slogans.
      “This government is defending workers’ rights, increasing salaries like it should,” said Juan Ramirez, a 49-year-old employee of the state telecommunications company. “Of course, there will have to be more raises to make up for inflation.”

      Damn those Yanquis and their imperialist inflation machine!

    2. IF there was a fight between Team Red and Team Blue in House and Senate, who would win?

      I think Red on both. Paul and Cruz alone could probably take apart the entire Dem Senate caucus. On the House side, sheer numbers gives the GOP the edge.

      1. Oh come on, this is the Congress, the greatest deliberative body in the world.

        Fights would be settled in single combat. In that scenario who would represent Team Red/Blue?

        1. Well if Gomez wins the MA race, then him. I mean, former Navy SEAL. Imagine Chuck Schumer having his neck snapped with some badass unarmed combat move.

  20. Article about NYPD whistle blowers on Policeone.

    Some comments:

    Posted by BRONXGHETTOCOP on Monday, April 29, 2013 06:36 AM Pacific


    Posted by hwy505 on Monday, April 29, 2013 04:46 PM Pacific

    Serpico once again proves he’s a media hound, and nothing more than a cop-hater who was able to get hired by the NYPD.

    Posted by LBK5-0 on Monday, April 29, 2013 06:02 PM Pacific

    sounds like a lazy ass trying to get back at the PD.

    1. Big city cops are just big city people with uniforms. Rural cops can often shoot well. But I think I could outshoot the majority of the NYPD, and I am not by any means a great shot.

      1. Most NYPD cops can’t hit the broad side of a barn. They only have to qualify once in a blue moon and if they fail they get to keep trying until they succeed.

        1. I totally agree. NYPD cops are taken from the general population there. They tend to be as gun ignorant as any average city dweller at the get go and then learn a little in training, but that’s it.

          Show me your average rural sheriff’s deputy or cop and it’s a different story, but there is no reason to believe your average NYPD cop is any type of authoritah on gunz.

        2. Most NYPD cops can’t hit the broad side of a barn. They only have to qualify once in a blue moon and if they fail they get to keep trying until they succeed.

          They don’t have to hit barns. They just need to fill the alley with bullets until the black guy drops the wallet.

          1. Let’s be charitable and say they need to fill the open, heavily trafficked road until the crazy homeless guy drops the knife.

    2. Disarm cops for a safer America.

  21. Here’s a link to an Austrian School economist, Steve Horwitz, at my alma mater and his love of the Rush……../24/zoomed
    I’m not sure how he’s managed to last so long in academia espousing free-market craziness.

    Also, here are a couple of treasures from a review of Liberal Fascism that he wrote…

    One of the more important aspects of Goldberg’s argument is that he finds in American Progressivism a parallel and perhaps uniquely American development that helps to explain the ways in which the fascist mindset persists in modern American politics. Progressivism’s core tenet was that enlightened leaders and technocrats could and should use the state intentionally to improve the people’s moral and material well-being. This belief clashed with classical liberalism’s reliance on individual choice and spontaneous order under the rule of law. Goldberg documents how prominent Progressives explicitly rejected the rule of law so they could implement their favored policies as determined by both “science” and morality. The Progressives’ belief in using the state to coerce people into preferred forms of behavior characterizes both fascism and contemporary liberal politics, Goldberg argues, and the environmentalist and public health movements on the left provide evidence for that contention.

    1. …and a favorite of mine that gets fantastic dinner party conversation going in my own slice of liberaldom

      Goldberg also devotes a chapter to the Progressives’ connections with eugenics and racism. He points out how eugenics fit nicely into both the Progressives’ and the Fascists’ vision of society as an organic entity that was being sickened by increasing numbers of “unfit” individuals. With the tools of science available to them, the Progressives attempted to repair the “racial health” of American society through state-sponsored eugenic social control, which included the use of abortion. For them, laissez-faire in reproduction was no more acceptable than laissez-faire in the economy. The hay that Goldberg wishes to make of this point is that the contemporary left correctly connects fascism and racism, but wrongly believes that the combination is historically right wing. In fact, the left’s history is one in which racism and racist thinking played a significant role and led to fascistic attempts to put those beliefs into practice.

      1. I read Goldberg somewhere talking about the experience of giving campus talks. Whenever he is confronted by a liberal student, they never offer any facts to refute what he is saying. They instead endlessly talk about how hurtful his arguments are, as if facts don’t matter if they are hurtful.

      2. But the parties switched! /progtard

        1. One way they switched: a century ago, if you wanted racial quotas to restrict who could get into college, you were a “conservative.” If you wanted people judged purely on merit, you were a “liberal.”

          1. I think that would still make you a liberal, it’s just that fascists had to find a new word for themselves after “fascist” became so unfashionable, and there weren’t enough liberals left at that point to defend their trademark vigorously.

            1. One of the more fascinating aspects of American political history is how the “progressive” brand was destroyed in the wake of Woodrow Wilson, so leftists somehow got everyone to call them “liberals.” “Liberals” in turn lost a lot of value by the ’70s, but it’s still with us, though extreme liberals are back to calling themselves “progressives.”

    2. I’m gonna break protocol and recommend the same book twice in the a single Links thread. A Conflict of Visions. Read it if you haven’t. srsly

    1. I mean it is not like the Russians didn’t tell the FBI that they were dangerous or anything.

      It has come down from the top that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. That is a term from the bad old Bush days. Now there is only domestic terrorism and the biggest risk of that is from right wing militia types. When you understand that, you understand real quickly how the FBI managed to ignore the guy whom the Russians warned about and whose license plate read Terrorista #1. Same way the Army ignored their major who was giving professional development courses on the need and duty to kill the infidel.

  22. Ok. Now I know I no longer have to take the word “racism” seriously.

    This has been dubbed “the most racist add in history”.

    1. For Fuck Sake. JESUS CHRIST! FUCK!

      Sorry, angry History major. No, it is not arguable. I get hyperbole, but all I have to do is google that old Calgol “Ancient Chinese Secret” ad from the 70s. Or, like, any number of the ads from about 1890 to the 1920s that sold there products using racist caricature. Of black people. Like any ad for any minstrel show. Here, here is a GIS search for “Racist 1920s ads”:

      Still, I love that Calgol ad. Let’s watch:

      1. He’s not a student, he’s a fucking professor.

        Oh, and the ancient Chinese secret ad? It’s racially insensitive, but I don’t think it’s that offensive.

        I mean, imagine if someone was complimenting a Southern lady about her amazing tea, and then you found out she was just pouring AriZona from the jug. Would that be racist?

      2. It’s Calgon. And it may seem a little politically incorrect today, but for a long time, a whole lot of laundries were run by Chinese-Americans, so it’s not totally insane. Besides, I like the fraud–ancient Chinese secret indeed.

        1. I like how they tried to convince people that water softener was the key to clean stuff.

          1. Who are you to deny the power of ancient Chinese tradition?

      3. I forgot about that Calgon ad! Love it. I’m gonna rip “ancient Chinese secret” into an audio file and use it as a text tone for some of my friends.

        1. My husband–some hot shot! Ancient Chinese secret–we use Calgon!

    2. The funniest part of this is when they have to mention the fact that the ad was made by a black rapper, they say it’s still racist because the rapper uses dirty language. As if that disqualifies him from being black.

      1. The other funny part:

        The family of Emmett Till is seeking to boycott the company due to Lil Wayne’s decision to not apologize for a song (Karate Chop) in which he compares Emmett Till’s face to a woman’s v@gina after he’s had s*x with her (Mountain Dew is sponsoring Lil Wayne’s tour).

        1. I literally laughed my ass off when I read that. Partly because I think its retarded to assume that a company is responsible for the lyrics of every artist they sponsor and partly because the lyrics themselves are pretty fucking funny.

    3. How do they know it’s a “negro goat”?

    4. Have you see the K-Mart add?

      Not racists but a bit racey:

      just google k-mart, ship my pants

    5. Not just regular black people, but the kinds of ratchety negroes you might find in the middle of any hip-hop minstrel show

      Might that be because the ad was “created in part by Tyler the Creator”, himself a “hip-hop minstrel”?

    6. What the fuck is ” s-xually assaulted”?


    Reuters “The Economy is suffering a soft patch”. Nothing is ever really that bad as long as it being bad might reflect poorly on the Black Jesus.

    1. It’s pining for the fjords

      1. that sketch is perfectly apt for his supporters.

        1. The Dead Presidency Sketch is a classic.

    2. Racist! Obama is ‘Messiah’ for all, not just the christfags!

      That’s Black Messiah, infidel!

    1. Let history forget they were our countrymen.

    2. Is there such a thing as terrorism insurance for individuals? Because I want a piece of the fear.

    3. I wanna say that was the Loyalist pop. at the time of the Revolution, but it was sadly lower. A good bit lower.

    4. “4 in 10 Americans are willing to give up civil liberties to fight terrorism”

      By joining the Army then?

    1. They wanted to rape her. Her narrative was right Hyperion. It doesn’t matter if she got the facts wrong.

      1. Ok, but the fact that she posted the offensive posts herself, that could be a problem.

      2. Thank you John.

        See, at least someone learned something from the Duke Lacrosse Case!

        1. But why would anyone lie about that? She must be innocent.

          The proceding is an example of feminist logic, and should in no way be construed to reflect the opions or viewpoints of Reason magazine or it’s commenters.

    2. Yeah that was such a painfully obvious false flag. Of course, they all are.

      Anyone remember the last time a campus hate crime was not later shown to be a false flag?

      1. I can think of a couple. But the victims of them are always conservatives or dissenters from the orthodoxy.

    3. According to a Facebook page that apparently belongs to Lanker-Simons she is a member of the University of Wyoming Gender & Women’s Studies group as well as the school’s chapter of The Nonviolent Communist.


      1. The Nonviolent Communist.

        This year’s oxymoron award goes to…..

        Seriously though, apparently she once pointed a gun at someone.

        1. Yeah, because there is nothing violent about trying to land a totally innocent random person into prison, just for the sake of your sick ideological fantasies.

      2. The Nonviolent Communist. You can’t make this shit up.

      3. The women who made Wyoming one of the first states to give women the vote would shoot her. With their shotguns. From their front porch.

        1. That factoid was one of the most interesting things stressed by my Reagan-worshiping American History teacher in high school. His willingness to challenge the textbook always kept things interesting, since this was in Deep Blue Massachusetts.

          1. Its a much deeper hue of blue today.


        1. “Rape culture” is such a bullshit term. Rape is illegal in our culture and widely condemned by a hugely overwhelming majority, and yet we have a “rape culture”? Way to twist the language for political purposes, babes.

          1. Proof of “murder culture”

            Rape jokes are “proof” of rape culture, right?

            1. There you go. But it’s OK when they do that sort of thing, the way attacking conservative women is not sexism and attacking conservatives blacks is not racism.

    4. (part of her response to her own creation:)

      “Instead of focusing on how angry and turned on me ‘running my mouth’ makes you, perhaps you should listen instead. You might learn something.”

      She must have gotten off so hard after writing that.

    5. To be fair, I don’t know if I am willing to take the cops’ words for it just yet, especially campus cops.

      1. There was a part about how “hot” her running her mouth was. You really think anyone but her wrote that shit?

  24. Are those Obamacare goalposts I hear moving?

    As the president noted at his press conference this week, there will be bumps in the road. Any large program like Obamacare will have a lot of moving parts to fit together. But there are going to be “helpers” to explain things, and the application form has been shortened from 21 pages to 3! A first for a government program, to be sure.

    I guess the bottom line is that we all need a little patience as we see how this program rolls out in our own states. What we need to hold onto is the knowledge that we won’t go broke because of medical bills, we will have a guarantee of a certain level of benefits, and if we already have insurance through our workplace or Medicare or Medicaid, we will continue to keep that coverage.

    The trains will not be wrecked. They will run — kind of like Amtrak — more or less on time. But at least there will be trains!

    Three things:
    1. TOP MEN!
    2. They’re still going with the “it’s too complicated, so just trust us” line.
    3. Is she consciously using a train analogy that connects to a Fascist dictator?

    1. we will have a guarantee of a certain level of benefits,

      That is Obamaspeak for “you will be forced to buy shit you don’t want”.

      1. “That is Obamaspeak for ‘you will be forced to buy shit you don’t want and shit for other people you don’t know.'”

        1. Uh, yeah, that’s called egalitarianism. Look it up, oh genius of the lexicon.

          1. What’s that again, evilitarianism? What is that exactly?

            1. EGALITARIANISM.

              Evilitarianism is the belief that the product of your labour belongs to you.

              1. Labour? You’ve been living near Canada for too long.

                I’m not familiar with your “imagonnatakitarianism.”

                1. My mother was English. And I don’t appreciate your humour.

                  1. And I don’t appreciate your humour.

                    And we don’t appreciate your superfluous use of vowels.

    2. we will have a guarantee of a certain level of benefits, and if we already have insurance through our workplace or Medicare or Medicaid, we will continue to keep that coverage.

      What if your coverage doesn’t meet that guaranteed certain level of benefits?

      1. Fuck you pay me and get better coverage.

      2. Then your company drops your coverage, and it’s into the pool, where your premium skyrockets, or penaltax and no coverage for you.

        Or your premium skyrockets. Isn’t it great to have all these choices?

        90% of Americans demand choice, and strict gun control, and the Dems are working hard for you!

        1. But what if I like my current coverage. I’m pretty sure somebody important said that if I like it I can keep it.

          Or am I having false consciousness and I don’t really know what I truly like?

          1. Yes, and you get to keep your doctor too, as long as you are good for the $2000 a year concierge fee.

    3. At what point did “Sorry, we’re just that fucking incompetent” become politically viable? I’ve been hearing it for several years now, but I can’t pinpoint the roll-out date.

    4. They will run — kind of like Amtrak — more or less on time. But at least there will be trains!

      They will also be overbudget, overpriced, and unsafe, just like Amtrak.

      And you knew it was going to happen eventually.

      Progressives: “Mussolini was the good fascist!”

    5. They did the same thing with welfare. It was meant to (or sold as) lift people up out of poverty. Now, it is meant to alleviate poverty.

      1. No, now it’s meant to sustain poverty.

  25. During a military execution of 13 people in Libertopia Somalia, one of the soldiers carrying out the execution was himself killed by a stray bullet.

    Note to Somalis: firing squads work much better if the executioners stand in a line instead of a circle around the victim. FYI.

  26. New Zealand creates list of unacceptable baby names.

    The list of 77 names reveals one child was set to be called “Anal” before the Department of Internal Affairs vetoed the proposal, while another narrowly avoided being dubbed “.” or full stop.
    Other names on the list included “4Real”, “V8”, and “Queen Victoria”.
    In some cases, parents appeared to have lost any inspiration for coming up with a moniker for their offspring, wanting to call the latest addition to the family simply “2nd”, “3rd” or “5th”.
    The department’s rules forbid any name that might imply a child holds an official title or rank, so “King”, “Duke” and “Princess” were among those that had been turned down most since 2001.
    “Justice” was the most popular, having been rejected 62 times, although “Justus” and “Juztice” also failed to gain official approval.

    It is unclear whether or not Reason Sophia would be acceptable.

    1. The small expanse of water between NZ and their insane comrades in Aussie Land, was apparently not wide enough to stop the disease from spreading. Intelligence has now been completely wiped out in those regions.

    2. I know a Justice, I don’t think she’s caused any rips in space-time.

    3. one child was set to be called “Anal” before the Department of Internal Affairs vetoed the proposal

      I suppose the folks changed it to “Anil”, pronounced “Eye-Gore”.

      1. A buddy of mine delivered a baby girl one time. The parents named her D’Area, pronounced D-arrhea. He did not successfully convince them to change their minds.

    4. […]while another narrowly avoided being dubbed “.”

      That’s racist, full-stop.

    5. “In some cases, parents appeared to have lost any inspiration for coming up with a moniker for their offspring, wanting to call the latest addition to the family simply “2nd”, “3rd” or “5th”.”

      You can pull that off if you go with Latin or Greek. I doubt they would they object to Sextus or Octavius? Put a minimum amount of creativity in your laziness, people!

    6. What would they make of a name like Learned Hand?

  27. Yet another Jezebel writer proves that using basic logic is beyond them.

    Seriously. It’s like he thinks that Budweiser somehow made a magic cup.


      They reach new levels of derp every day.

    2. Fuck their ginned-up outrage. How did this

      However, the world can no longer sit idly by, heedless of the gun-monkey Budweiser because the beer-maker has created the ultimate scourge in barroom mingling: the Buddy Cup.

      abortion of a sentence make it past the editor?

      1. Jezebel has the worst writers on the internet, a fact which doesn’t even seem possible.

        It’s like they troll the blogs of the least talented writers they can find as their sole recruitment tool.

        1. Now, it is clear that the decline of a language must ultimately have political and economic causes: it is not due simply to the bad influence of this or that individual writer. But an effect can become a cause, reinforcing the original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and so on indefinitely. A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be a failure, and then fail all the more completely because he drinks. It is rather the same thing that is happening to the English language. It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.

        2. Or, you know, people could just decide to not use the Buddy Cup, because let’s face it, Budweiser sucks ballz and so does social media.

          So, unless you are already close to retarded and with no taste whatsoever, you probably aren’t going to fall victim to this evil device.

          Of course, if you read Jezebel, you probably will be a victim, of everything.

          1. Also, what are the odds that you will ever use this with someone you don’t know? The issue is that the cup is stupid and no one would ever buy it.

            1. Well, AmBev is a large corporashun, and is therefore inherently evil.

              Corporashunz are always evil, governments, otoh, never, ever evil.

        3. Maybe Tony can get a job there. Nah, mommies basement is too cushy as long as da welfeh keeps rollin in.

          1. Tony ain’t no welfare queen. He’s an affluent living in a gated community. Self-admitted.

            1. Yes, he’s living in the basement of his mommies section 8 apartment in the gated community.

              1. Also, Tony used to brag all of the time here about his important job as a financial analyst. Since he stopped doing that, I am assuming that he no longer works the cash register at Walmart.

      2. Oh. Ha ha ha! Good show old chum! You had me going there for a second!

        Everyone knows that there isn’t an editor.

      3. You don’t really expect Jezebel to prevent an abortion?

    3. Progressive logic: Choosing to hook your own facebook up to a device which will give other people access to your facebook is creepy.

      Allowing the government near total control over your economic and social life means you’re a good citizen.

      1. Well, it’s also projection again. This was written by a dude.

    4. Guess what? If I don’t link that fucking cup with my information, you can’t stalk me after we clink glasses! All that happens is the little red led glows!

      Of course, it might as well be magic as far as he’s concerned.

      1. Everyone knows it’s impossible to not link everything to your social media accounts! The real problem is that there are people who look at the information you publicly provide, and that’s creepy and wrong and it should be illegal if the information provider does not enthusiastically consent.

        1. Seriously, I will probably delete my facebook soon. It has probably been a year since I even logged in.

          1. You’re part of the 4% dip in user logins that the news was talking about. We’ve passed peak facebook. Instagram is temporarily filling in the gap.

            1. If some one wants to talk to me over the internet, I have email. I don’t care about pictures whatsoever and never take them with my phone. If I want to share a link, I will email it to the person who I think will enjoy it best. And for games, I have a whole library on my computer from Good Old Games. As for chat, GChat is preferable. If I’m looking for a girl, OKCupid has its own chat function.

              And, I also have a phone, so just text me.

              Social events? Meet up emails me.

              Facebook may be for some a one-stop shop for all of those services, but none of them are individualized- they get shared with everyone. And you also end up with friends you will never, ever meet.

              Plus, employers won’t be able to find me on Facebook, which given that I started in college is a plus (nothing too bad but a picture of me drunk wearing a goofy hat. Nothing in my hand or anything)

              1. At least at my school Facebook is pretty essential.

                1. I am out of school, and even if I got back in, I just hate face book that goddamn much. I never used it even when I was in school, which may explain my lack of love/social life, but I just find it so fucking inane.

              2. Also, I think I am weird on the picture thing. I never take them, and I don’t care to see the parties, children, dates etc. of others. Or the cool flowers, trees, whatnot that they found.

                Then again, I was never a Nat. Geo. kind of guy. I like text.

    5. It’s his entrance exam into the “community”, right?

      I mean it seems like each article is only designed to find a new, and forgotten/not discussed/undiscovered, way in which every institution is setup to exploit their group.

      Then it becomes a calling card of sorts – that is,if you wish to join them, you will only be truly accepted once you can come up with your original idea of “othering” to prove to all others that you truly do “see reality” for what it is.

      Seems like any other cult:

      Rule 1 – have a marketable, all encompassing, all important framework to which people must filter everything else in their live thru (some call it a philosophy).

      Rule 2 – reward any positive reinforcement to said principles without hesitation. Provide total loyalty to those in agreement and the “leaders” of the “movement”.

      Rule 3 – equally and conversely, punish ANYONE, viciously and quickly, who dares question the philosophy.

      Rule 4 – spread the word – mostly to people “searching for meaning” or those who are depressed or really anyone vulnerable enough to make them particularly susceptible to easy explanations which blame someone/thing else (original sin, engrams, white men). Use rules 2 & 3 to demand compliance to the group.

      After all, the goal is control. Who to blame only differs depending upon the group wanting the control.

      Which tangentially means Jezebel has more in common with white supremacists than they do with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but I doubt they care.

  28. Hiring and manufacturing … Not looking so good.

    Thanks, sequester, for totally fucking up the economy.

  29. I can’t even tell what they’re ragging about now:

    Website Lets Users Rate Escorts Like Yelpers Review Restaurants

    “Some of these websites have actual legitimate ways of means and services that they produce,” said ICE Special Agent David Marwell, “So having these websites, looking into this aspect of the websites, doesn’t necessarily make the entire website seizable or being able to close it down.” That seems to be the problem with most escort sites in general, with heavy references to prostitution but no explicit mention of the exchange itself.

    Uh, how dare they?

    1. I’ve successfully avoided severe diarrhea multiple times

      How does she know?

      1. Diarrhea-repellent rock, of course.

    2. I follow a hooker on twitter, and her response to that was “Or the website lets users rate escorts like people review therapists.”

      Funny that Jezebel purposefully made an analogy that would compare women to food and therefore be the most offensive. It’s a common tactic you see on Jezebel. What the person actually said or did isn’t actually offensive. By creating a headline that barely has to do with the issue at hand, Jezebel, through some strange feminist alchemy, stirs up impotent rage among its readers.

      Rinse. Repeat.

      1. I follow a hooker on twitter

        Wait, what?

        1. …She’s a friend of mine. I’ve never partaken. Maybe I should have explained that better.

          1. Maybe I should have explained that better.

            Gotcha. My first thought is some Bunny Ranch girl tweeting about work, which now that I think about it, has to exist somewhere.

            1. I guarantee you that exists. There are a bunch of porn stars on twitter.

      2. Strawmen are easier to beat up than actual people.

      3. Dude, if you haven’t noticed, Jez’s page view strategy is to troll their readers constantly. If a town of 30 in Alaska refuses to prosecute a rapist, they will be on it like white on rice claiming how it shows just how pervasive rape culture is in America (“Here, so far from civilization, rape culture still thrives, as it does throughout our country.”)

    3. A fascinating site. Many of the women are rather indistinguishable 20-somethings ranging from not bad to pretty attractive, but every now and then there’s someone unusual: a tattooed BBW, a homely and lumpy Hispanic, or a 57-year-old who’s actually not bad for her age. And the reviews are filled with hilarious abbreviations: DATY, GFE, BBBJTCWS, MSOG.

      1. GFE is girlfriend experience. They basically act like it is all romantic and shit.

        Thanks, How to Archer! Actually, the other abbreviations are probably in there too.

        1. In case anyone is wondering:

          DATY: Dining at the “Y” (i.e., she’ll let you eat her out)
          BBBJTCWS: Bareback Blowjob to Completion with Swallowing
          MSOG: Multiple Shots on Goal (i.e. You can cum more than once in the same session for one fee.)

          1. Hmmm, interesting that you knew all of those….

          2. Now THIS is why I come to H&R!

  30. School defends expelling honors student for science experiment gone wrong, says student needs to learn that actions have consequences.

    She’s been Tulpa-ed.

    1. Hey, even Deng Tsio-Ping took his medicine and wore a dunce cap.

  31. “A Portland, Oregon, police officer’s error in loading lethal rounds into a bean bag shotgun, and then firing them at William Kyle Monroe…”


    How many is THEM?

    He mistakenly fired more than one round of buckshot that he thought were bean bags? Bullshit.
    Only a person who has zero experience with a shotgun would fire buckshot and think it was a beanbag, and then shoot again.

    1. Didn’t even notice that! Should have read that more closely.

    2. We’re talking about cops here, not responsible individuals that can be held accountable for thier actions.

    3. Well, he’s either a cold-blooded murderer or an incompetent twit who needs to be fired. There are no other explanations.

      As a side note, when Johnny Knoxville gets shot with the beanbag shotgun round in the first Jackass movie, the terror on his face is palpable. And funny as hell. The bruise that it left was epic. It was only equaled by the jai alai ball stunt in the third one.

  32. Butt chugging is so 2012, the choking game is where its at!

    1. That’s been going on for at least 6 years. It came up when my little brother was in middle school.

      1. There is nothing new under the sun. We were making each other pass out at summer camp in the 70s.

        1. There is nothing new under the sun.

          It was a thing for all of a day in my middle school, but about 6 years ago was when I first saw it referenced as a “panic” issue.

  33. Because it’s been in my head all day. Choctaw Bingo

    And he stopped off in Tushka at that “Pop’s Knife and Gun” place
    Bought a SKS rifle and a couple a full cases of that steel core ammo
    With the berdan primers from some East bloc nation that no longer needs ’em
    And a Desert Eagle that’s one great big ol’ pistol
    I mean .50 caliber made by badass Hebrews
    And some surplus tracers for that old BAR of Slayton’s
    Soon as it gets dark we’re gonna have us a time

  34. Can someone email me to tell me what exactly was deleted from the comments yesterday?

    I think it was Sug — which should be reason enough for deletion — but I’m curious anyway.

    1. Apparently, it was Tulpa whining, and a bunch of his superiors hurling insults at him. I’m not sure why racist garbage like Mallory is tolerated, but insults directed at a known dipshit were not.

    2. I actually still have the tab open on my laptop’s firefox. I will get it to you later when I get back.

    3. If H+R will delete comments, why are there still spam comments?

      1. Well, it’s possible that he specifically asked for them to be deleted.

        1. I ask for spam comments to be deleted, to no avail….

  35. Senator Cruz won’t be running for president after all. So says he.

    Just carry out the original Jackson-Van Buren-Benton plan to rollback the federal government over a 24 year period. 2016: Paul, 2024: Cruz, 2032: Amash.

    1. Yes, please.

  36. Can someone reasonsplain to me why Yglesias is called “Sadbeard” (besides the obvious)?

    1. I just made it up. There was some sad sack picture of him and I called his beard the saddest facial hair in the universe. SadBeard was a natural leap.

      “The Kinda Pirate” is a Simpsons reference. In a daydream, Marge asks the shirtless romance novel hunk with long flowing hair if his earring meant he was a pirate and in an effete voice he replies “Kinda.”

      1. As in “butt pirate.”

        1. You are truly the master of the single entendre.

          1. I am a master of many things… including links.

  37. So I’ve haven’t read all of the comments on the sockpuppet secession thread yet, but I’d like to express how much it horrifies me that people who think the federal government is basically the only thing standing in the way of southern state re-instituting slavery are willing to say “fuck it, let them secede”.

    1. There’s a sockpuppet secession thread?

      When are they going to secede, and like, move to Canuckistan? I am willing to contribute to a moving costs pool.

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